Twitter has field day with Charlie Weis firing

Weis goneFootball lifer Charlie Weis was fired by the University of Kansas this weekend after starting off his career in Lawrence with six wins and twenty-two losses.  Not that Kansas is an easy place to win football games but that’s clearly not the record they were hoping for when they hired the man.

Weis is an easy target (insert weight reference here) which is probably what prompted his name to appear on Twitter’s trending list shortly after his dismissal.  Here were some of the best Tweets from a Sunday afternoon that found Weis unemployed but certainly not wondering where he was going to find his next paycheck.


Carl Banks ‏@CarlBanksGIII

Kansas fires Charlie Weis. 6wins x 22L =$9mil payout. Moral of the story make sure your agent has Talent


Royals Panic Button ‏@Cerner4Royals

Bunting in the first with runner on second and no outs is like hiring Charlie Weis to turn your football program around


weis belichickLarry Beyince ‏@DragonflyJonez

Charlie Weis went from leaving the NFL as a 3x Super Bowl champion OC to getting fired by Kansas.


SportsPickle ‏@sportspickle

Charlie Weis has a decided schematic advantage in collecting unemployment benefits.


Fake SportsCenter ‏@FakeSportsCentr

Wait Charlie Weis coached at Kansas?


WeisTim Ryan ‏@TheSportsHernia

The best thing Charlie Weis has ever done is allow this photo to be taken.


ParadigmShift35 ‏@NAWTADIGM

The headline for firing Charlie Weis should be “You’re not in Kansas anymore” ‏@korkedbats

Charlie Weis went 6-22 in two seasons as head coach at Kansas, which probably makes him the 2nd or 3rd winningest coach in school history.


Patrick Vint ‏@HS_BHGP

My favorite Charlie Weis at Kansas moment is the time they counted the Spring Game as a win on the team’s website


The Solid Verbal ‏@SolidVerbal

Charlie Weis has a decided agent advantage.


Body by Charlie WeisRichard Deitsch ‏@richarddeitsch

“Hello, ESPN? Charlie Weis’s agent here…..”


JB Long ‏@JB_Long

Charlie Weis is now getting paid by two universities NOT to coach their football teams.


Ryan Nanni ‏@celebrityhottub

Charlie Weis for Oakland Raiders head coach. There’s literally no down side.


Brody Logan ‏@BrodyLogan

Charlie Weis has made $65 million in two terrible coaching stints. I’m doing it all wrong.

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4 Replies to “Twitter has field day with Charlie Weis firing”

  1. Fat both, Al.

    What I don’t get is didn’t this guy already have gastric bypass surgery?

    Is he just eating cheeseburgers on top of that?

    I’m pretty sure the doctor gave him some health and dietary guidelines. Did he just toss that paper aside along with his ability to win football games?

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