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George Michael FaithI’ve had it up to here and I know I’m not the only one wearing orange and blue who feels that way.

Gator fans are beside themselves these days.  Their football program is a shell of its former self.  Last season, the school ended the season on a seven-game losing streak which included losses to Georgia Southern and their first loss to Vanderbilt since the days people still thought George Michael was straight.  Seven losses?  Tim Tebow didn’t lose seven games his three years as a starter!

Despite the current state of the program, Saturday proved that at least Gator fans have a sense of humor.

After a near loss to Tennessee, which would have been their first loss to them in ten years, I took to Twitter to find a silver lining.  Thank goodness the internet was there to lend a helping hand.  In the end, the Gators eked out another slim victory but not before Twitter had their way with the Florida coach whose job status appears day-to-day.

Here are a few chuckles I found in the Twittersphere and remember, fellow alumni, with each sub-par performance we get that much closer to a new head of state.  Here’s hoping he’ll be worth a damn.



Zack-O-Lantern ‏@heymynameiszack

Little known fact: Will Muschamp is the patient zero for Ebola.


Jessica Blaylock ‏@JessBlaylock

Ha! Last time the Vols shut out the Gators in the first half was 1955… Another gem to add to Will Muschamp’s ever growing resume. #Gators


NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 14 Florida Introduces New Football Head Coach Will MuschampTyler Jett ‏@LetsJett

Will Muschamp has managed to make football boring.


AJ Hoffman ‏@AJIsTheReal

I’m 34, overweight and need a shoulder reconstruction, but I still have no idea why Will Muschamp hasn’t asked me to be the QB at Florida…


Mike Piellucci ‏@mikelikessports

An episode of Wife Swap in which Brady Hoke and Will Muschamp run each other’s failed programs.


Ryan Nanni ‏@celebrityhottub

Will Muschamp: “Checkmate.” Waiter: “Sir, that’s a ketchup bottle and you’re sitting by yourself.”


Muschamp celebratesWill Muschamp ‏@Will_Muschamp

To me, every first down is like a touchdown.


BurritoBrosShits ‏@BurritoBrosShit

ISIS finds Will Muschamp’s methods shocking and barbaric.


Polov23 ‏@PoloV23

#WillMuschamp is breaking a freak load of #GatorFootball records. Just not the ones we like #ShitIDontLike #UFvsTENN


Mark Schipper ‏@MyTimesProse

Will Muschamp & Mike Stoops should start a coaching school called: How to Yell Loudest & Lose Most.


Will Muschamp ‏@Will_Muschamp

Is Careerbuilder better than ?


Christy puntsRichard Cody Hutto ‏@H_U_T_T_O

What’s the difference between Will Muschamp and a bucket of shit? The bucket


chris ‏@SallasAintFunny

@Will_Muschamp You’re working hard to help Christy’s punt average though. #respect


Daniel Hearn ‏@DHearn91

Just search Will Muschamp on Twitter. You’re welcome


Senator Sunshine ‏@SunshineEmpire

Jesus why won’t Will Muschamp just bench Chad Henne and get it over with.


Hulk muschampJim Kirkland ‏@LilJimKirkland

Will Muschamp: “Need to throw good. Catch football. Play good. We do better next half.” #HulkNotGoodWithWords


Peyton’s Head ‏@PeytonsHead

Will Muschamp: “It’s great to see all these people disappointed.” He’s talking about #Gator fans who want him fired, right?


Matt Harrell ‏@mharrell_8

10 is the fewest points Florida has scored in a win since 1968. If that’s not the most Will Muschamp stat ever, I don’t know what is.


Brett Gallman ‏@brettgallman

The best way to summarize today’s madness: Les Miles, Nick Saban, and Steve Spurrier all lost. Will Muschamp won.

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16 Replies to “MusTweets, nothing but MusTweets”

  1. So Jeremy Foley says Wil Mushchamp’s job is safe for now ? The Gators’ head coach’s season is now floundering around his ears both on an off the field of play . What ever happened to accountability when it comes to the coaching staff holding their players accountable for their actions both on and off the field of play . This is systematic within the schools in the state of Florida with the schools at the FBS Level .

    And what is it with this nonsense about waiting on the NFLPA and the league to be proactive in doing something concerning player misconduct ? These players who are now on the bench (Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy) having to wait for some sort of action by the league and law enforcement are still being paid by their respective teams . Where else can that sort of bull#hit happen ? Definitely not in the real world .

    The Redskins looked bad last night, as Russell Wilson single-handedly shredded their defense .

  2. Al…

    The Gators have a huge three-game stretch coming up.

    LSU, Mizzou and Georgia.

    Those three games will define their season and perhaps how much longer Muschamp remains the coach of this team.

  3. I’m a forgiving soul, Dwin.

    Let’s see what Muschamp does over the next three games. I want to see how he coaches, how he motivates. This is a crucial stretch. He can ill afford to go 0-3.

    This is his fourth full season at UF. So far he’s 15-12 in conference.

    That’s not something we’re accustomed to.

    If or more likely when they get rid of him, who will they have lined up to replace him? Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

    Although I’m not so sure that’s the case here.

  4. It is quite hilarious to listen to gator fans clamor on about the coaching list. Some of the people they mention are just, noway, no shape, no how going to come to UF. If Don Shula was younger they would have him on the list. You can forget about Gus Mahlzan, Kevin Summerlin, Jim Harbaugh (Off to save Mich) and a few others. No reason for some of these people to make a lateral move. Harbaugh will be without a job in a few months but I bet he winds up back in Ann Arbor.

    Chad Morris (OC at Clemson) is my pick to replace Will the Thrill!

  5. Muschamp’s season is all but done . If they go 1-2 or even 2-1 , he still won’t be out of the woods yet . This team has struggled all season long and will continue to struggle . They do not handle any form of adversity .

    So Rex Ryan has a decision to make ? Geno Smith or Michael Vick ? Not unlike the decision voters will be asked to make in Florida concerning the gubernatorial choices ……… incumbent Rick Scott or Charlie Crist . The lesser of two evils ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Only in the state of Florida , is can there be such a comedic element to its sports and life in general when it comes to social issues .

  6. Will’s given us plenty of thrills so far, D. That’s for damn sure.

    What about Mullen? My boys were ‘mullen’ that name around a lot this weekend.

    Are you sure you want to go with another coordinator with no head coaching experience? Heck, Morris was coaching high school football only four years ago.

    Do ya’ think he’s ready for the big time?

  7. Yea, Al. Now comes news that two more Gator players were involved in a physical altercation… over shoes? I know Muschamp can’t patrol these guys 24/7 but how about setting some sort of control over his program?

    Like I said, these next three weeks will be huge.

    Let’s just say I’m not feeling all that comfortable with how things might turn out.

  8. Chris

    Once prop two in Florida becomes legal then perhaps , Mushcamp can have even greater control over the team ? Medical marijuana could then be prescribed for certain members of the team ?

  9. Chris

    Can’t touch the stuff , but I must say this , it does seem to have something that gets the body in sync somehow . As for the Gators their season from hereon-in will be tough. The SEC remains up for grabs and it could be anyone’s given the inconsistency of the play of several teams .

    tophatal ………….

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