Did someone say wings? Sonic goes boneless; SportsChump reviews

SportsChump.net has been around for quite some time, long enough at least for the site to generate a (bad) reputation.

Because of the site’s longevity (five years and counting) and my occasionally, eye-catching spikes in traffic, I receive the strangest offers.  I regularly receive copies of the latest sports-related books from one of my generous (and patient) publishing houses.  Another company actually wanted me to review their fruit juice (which wasn’t all that bad, it was just a little too cherry).

Sonic guysMy latest suitor is one that perhaps you’ve heard of before.  After all, their commercials are on television every other second and provide a chuckle thanks to the occasionally comical T.J. Jagodowski and Peter Grosz.

That’s right, you guessed it.  The good people at Sonic have asked me to review their latest menu item: the boneless chicken wing.  I must be moving up in the world.  Either that or I look real hungry.

Let it be known that I rarely eat fast food, unless I’m coming home from work at four in the morning and find it absolutely necessary.  However, when Sonic offered me the opportunity to host my own tailgate party with the only caveat being an honest review of their newest deliciousness, who was I to turn down such generosity?

But who would I invite and where would this party be held?  Luckily, some good friends of mine were celebrating their going away party at a local pub I’ve been known to frequent.  This particular establishment did not have a kitchen so I asked the bartender, also a friend of mine, if he minded whether I catered the party with Sonic goodness.

Sonic cashierHe agreed, of course, as long as he got a batch of wings to call his own.  I felt that was a fair trade.

First off, the service at the Sonic was delightful.  The cashier did not seem the slightest bit bothered by the fact that I pulled up to order $100 worth of wings without any advance notice.  Little did she know her smiling face would grace my website.

Sonic’s new wings come in three different flavors: Barbecue, Buffalo and my personal favorite, Asian Sweet Chili.  They also come in three different sizes: 6, 12 and 24.  $100 got me two orders of each of the 24-pieces which were enough to feed my party and then some.  As I walked back into the bar with just shy of 150 wings, I felt like Santa Claus doling out chicken finger goodness on Christmas morning.

It should be noted that my party was comprised almost entirely of service industry people so those I asked to partake of said wings came with a discerning palette.

Here were some of their responses…

Dr. M. – “My new go to tailgate food.  Put that with a cherry lime-aid and it beats any food off a grill in a parking lot.”

Ashley K. – “So delicious and meaty.  Can I have seconds?”

Devin M. – “Harumph, harrumph, harrumph… are you gonna eat that?”

Mandy S. – “I’m so upset I’m moving to Pennsylvania.  Wait, they have Sonic up there too?  Sweet!”

Denise H. – “I DON’T EAT CHICKEN!!!”  Note: Denise’s Saints had just lost in overtime so she was a little cranky.

Nathan U. – “Even with my bad leg, I’d limp up the stairs for more of them wangs.”

Josh M. – “I’ll get to these wings as soon as my customers stop ordering drinks.  Stop asking me questions.”

Ryan S. – “Gargle gurgle gargle gargle.”  Note: It was Ryan’s goodbye party.  He had been drinking a bit.  He seemed to like them though.

Super SonicAll joking aside, I would say about 80-85% of the people I polled generally liked the wings and like I said, this was a tough crowd to please, nothing but service industry folk.  They know good food when they taste it.  Even I went in with a skeptical eye, considering I work in an establishment that has some killer-ass wings.  I also have a sensitive stomach, trying to stay away from overly fried food as much as possible.  Let’s just say these wings did nothing to upset the applecart.

Sonic has done, dare I say, a fairly good job of putting out a quality food product that should definitely rival the boneless wings offered by other fast food establishments.  Dare I say they are even chicken-ier than other fast food boneless wings I’ve come across.  And having chicken wings actually taste like chicken is always a good thing.

My only major complaint was that the packaging wasn’t clearly labeled.  For example, when I laid them all out for people to enjoy, the boxes the wings came in failed to mention which flavors were which.  Regardless, they were all tasty.

So the next time you’re out and about and craving a snack, if you’re passing by a Sonic, give their wings a shot and let me know what you think.  Like I said, you can’t go wrong with the Asian Sweet Chili.

I’d like to graciously thank the good people at Sonic for their generosity and hope they enjoyed this review as much as my party enjoyed their hospitality.

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18 Replies to “Did someone say wings? Sonic goes boneless; SportsChump reviews”

  1. They should have always been, Al.

    I haven’t eaten at either of those in well over a decade.

    Probably explains why I’m still alive and have a cholesterol level under 500.

  2. I like the flavor of the Asian Sweet, also, Chris.

    My problem with Sonic’s wings, and their chicken nuggets, is the breading they spackle on before cooking. I think any type of fried chicken should be crispy… not crunchy, which Sonic’s most definitely are.

    Hot tip at Sonic….. $1.49 Corn Dog!

  3. Chris

    I’m heavily into Cantonese , Szechuan and Arabic style cuisine .

    Is there a backbone to be found on the Redskins’ roster ? It’s time they change the name , because they’re now embarrassing Native Americans with their pi#s poor displays on the field . If that isn’t a sign that it is time to change then what is ? Damn !

    The Philadelphia Eagles have shown they’re overrated and fans believed they and the Cowboys are good enough to make a deep postseason run ? What a joke ! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the living $hit out of the Redskins and it wasn’t even close . Overrated NFC East along with the play within the division . With that being said the NFC South is not a thing of beauty either , not one team with an above , 500 record . What’s that about and how can anyone try to suggest the NFL has been truly great this season with so many awful teams?

    Tophatal ……….

  4. I was okay with the texture, Han.

    I’m okay with either crispy or not.

    Remember, we didn’t end up eating them til we got back to the bar about 20 minutes later.

    I was just impressed that they were meaty.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Chicken McNuggets but I don’t convince myself that I’m actually eating chicken. It’s probably why I douse them in their spicy mustard sauce.

  5. That’s why I took the Bucs in this one, Al.

    They’re not good but the Redskins are an absolute shit show.

    Had a bad feeling about the Eagles in this one too.

    Whaddaya know? I’m actually picking games right one week.

    It had to happen eventually.

  6. Chris

    Great on the picks !

    The agony is now over with Jeremy Foley coming to his senses with the firing of Wil Muschamp . The question now becomes who succeeds departed head coach ? Any thoughts on who you believe is a qualified candidate ?

  7. Chris

    The Tampa Bay Rays have began their effort to clean house as they send pitcher Jeremy Hellickson to the Arizona Diamondbacks . Same old same oh, concerning the thought process in the front office . How the hell are they going to compete within their division much less against other competitors within the game ?

    Tophatal ……

  8. Foley’s wish list of interviewees for the vacant Gators’ job is unlikely to include Dan Mullen or Bob Stoops in spite of the idiocy of the press speculation , both are desired candidates .

    Glad to see the the fire sale has started with the Rays and their trading of Jeremy Hellickson . So much for the thought Matt Silverman was a worthy successor to Andrew Friedman as the general manager of the franchise . Aimlessly heading nowhere are the Tampa Bay Rays with Stuart Sternberg steering a listless vessel . You can’t tell me they will find this trade acceptable ? Clue me in, as to why you believe the fans of the franchise are so knowledgeable ?

    I doubt Billy Donovan saw the loss coming against the Miami Hurricanes ?

    Tophatal ……………..

  9. Chris

    Have the Rays started their annual BOGO (Buy One Get One Free Offer as of yet ? I hear it’s all the rage this time of year ? Good ol’ Tampa Bay Rays up to their ears in their own excreta and then some . An organization bereft of real intelligence and creativity in just about every aspect of the business side of the game of baseball .. They would barely survive without money being kicked in by MLB by way of the luxury tax. Jeremy Hellickson is now with the Diamondbacks . Go figure . How long before they pull the trigger on an Evan Longoria deal ?

    Tophatal ………….

  10. Al…

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Let’s see what I can do about sustaining this success.

    I actually liked Hellickson but he’s struggled as of late. He might not be the same pitcher after surgery. Either way, the Rays still have three solid starters in Archer, Cobb and Moore. They also seem to like Odorizzi and some of the talent they brought in late last season.

    We both know this team can’t afford too many big salaries so they felt Hellboy was expendable.

    Here’s hoping they don’t do anything rash with Zobrist.

  11. Al…

    Foley has his hands full, that’s for sure.

    I’ll have my thoughts on that in an upcoming post.

    Yeah, that was an upsetting home loss to Miami so early in the season. They were playing without Walker but that’s still no excuse.

    I’m still not sold on Kasey Hill as the leader of that team.

    Here’s hoping he’s working with Donovan closely enough so that the coach can instill that leadership gene he has with so many of his point guards in the past.

    If not, we could be in for a disappointing and underachieving season.

  12. Wish I could try em…Who doesn’t like nuggets?…Even if chickens don’t have nuggets. We had a Sonic in Hollywood for a little while, but it closed down…It even made an appearance on Entourage.

    Decent enough fast food…Particularly liked that you could get tater tots. Not many places you can get those out here.

  13. In-N-Out is a whole different level all together.

    Double-Double Animal style is a So-Cal staple.

    Anymore?…I didn’t know they had em as far east as Florida.

  14. When I was still at Florida, Bleed, way back in the day, I lived in the student ghetto, as any good pot-smoking, future blogger/bartender should.

    We had a In n Out literally within walking distance. That and a Krystal too.

    Needless to say, damage was done, not only to their stores but to our intestines as well.

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