Twitterverse welcomes Johnny Manziel to the NFL… the hard way

It was bound to happen.

When Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine finally succumbed to the pressure of an entire city by starting rookie sensation/eventual reality television star Johnny “Football” Manziel over more proven commodity, Brian Hoyer, the internet was bound to explode.

B42NEapCAAAj9a-Tweeters were just warming up their thumbs.

The one they call Johnny Football finally got his first start as an NFL quarterback and let’s just say it didn’t go as well as he would have liked.  The Browns got shut out in their own stadium by a score of 30-0.

I didn’t watch the game.  I was busy watching my Bucs who have quarterback issues of their own.  I’m sure the loss wasn’t entirely Manziel’s fault.  Losses rarely are.  But after the defeat, I did take to Twitter to see what the world was saying about Cleveland’s next alleged savior.  Let’s just say, the Twitterverse wasn’t entirely kind.

To the Twitter machine we go…


Tre9er ‏@Tre9er

I see the Manziel debut went well…


NOT SportsCenter ‏@NOTSportsCenter

Media: “You took some shots out there.” Johnny Manziel: “Yeah, I had some Jack on the sideline.” Reporter: “I meant hits.” Manziel: “Oh.”


GotHeem ‏@BWGotheem

Manziel confirms he forgot to drink 2 bottles of water before bed and take ibuprofen this morning and will not be hungover next week


Meninist ‏@TheMeninism

Manziel BAC is higher than his QB rating



B42DNmVCUAA_Q1gDamon Bruce ‏@DamonBruce

I’m sorry, but that Manziel debut is about the most Cleveland thing ever. #Browns


Jennifer Ciaccia ‏@JenniferCiaccia

That wasn’t a football game. That was Manziel depicting my love life via interpretive dance.


pwnteam ‏@pwnteam

Johnny Manziel’s stats today are looking worse than Cam Newton’s truck.


Mike Goldstein ‏@Mike_Goldstein

the greatest thing about Manziel was the unknown. the worst thing about Manziel right now is the known.


Sulla Black ‏@SullaBlack

I walked from the couch to the bathroom and back which means I now have more yardage than Manziel. -money celebration-


Trafficlight Stecks ‏@Stecks7

Josh Gordon just said Johnny Manziel was good today Josh Gordon is about to fail another drug test because clearly he is on drugs


luke pohjala ‏@LukePohjala

Doing the Money Manziel hand gesture but also playing two of the world’s smallest violins at the same time.


B42gz-FCIAECCTdLauren Zimmerman ‏@LaurenZimmerman

The next time I completely fail at something, I’m gunna throw the Manziel money sign up. Seems obligatory.


ChrisHumpherys @SportsChump 

Of course PacMan Jones wants Johnny Manziel to show him the money. He’s got a strip club to go to after the game.


Tim Dillard ‏@DimTillard

Manziel: “Yeah I’m disappointed in my performance, but I am excited that my money gesture has caught on with the Bengals.”


Steve Gallas ‏@SeveGee

Was that Johnny Manziel, or scrawny armed Rob Lowe?


Brad Henry ‏@bradandabby

It’s a shame to see Johnny Manziel struggle so much. Hate for somebody with that much class fail. #thicksarcasm


Jessica Kleinschmidt ‏@KleinschmidtJD

The best Johnny Manziel joke I’ve seen all day is Johnny Manziel.


John Brejot ‏@jbrejot

Mr Manziel, welcome to the NFL. We’ve been waiting for you. Signed, NFL defenses.


SportsPickle ‏@sportspickle

Tebow and Manziel are going to be awesome together on the SEC Network.

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27 Replies to “Twitterverse welcomes Johnny Manziel to the NFL… the hard way”

  1. He was pretty bad. Lucky for me I have the NFL package so I watched for a little bit before moving on to bigger and better games. He will have serious trouble and his career will be short lived if he doesn’t get a grip on throwing balls up for grabs like he did in college.

    He is also short, like shorter than his bio says which spells doom for him. Yes I know some shorter QB’s can be successful but it is unlikely.

    Speaking of short QB’s…it will be Treon Harris’s downfall at UF. Be prepared for Driskel to start next year 🙂

  2. Manziel eats it… While Tim Tebow sits… The Cardinals are tied for the best record in the NFL and they’re down to their 3rd string QB teetering on the edge of losing home field advantage in the National Conference… And Tim Tebow sits… The Tampa Bay Bucs are tied with the worst record in the NFL and yes, their QBs are healthy… And Tim Tebow sits… If St. Louis had a decent QB to go along with their excellent defense they could have made a run to the playoffs… And Tim Tebow sits…

    I don’t give a hoot in hell how he throws the football, he’s a proven winner… And Tim Tebow sits…

  3. In all fairness to Johnny Football, the offensive line resembled matadors in Spain. If that was Manning(either) or Rivers the results wudda been comparable with one exception. The primadonnas couldn’t have taken the punishment. Such a small sample especially against a very good team. A few more games under his belt and then make the judgement. On the other side of the spectrum we’ve seen instant stars turn to bums…………hello Colin K!!

  4. Ah, someone other than Al commenting on my site.

    So refreshing.

    Here’s what I don’t understand, Irish. The Browns were in the playoff hunt. Then they pull the plug on Hoyer? Don’t make no sense. The only guarantee there was in starting Manziel was that he would do worse.

    I say give Hoyer the chance to finish what he started and if you miss the playoffs, then give Manziel his starts.

    Or does that make too much sense?

  5. D…

    I totally agree on Manziel’s mini-stature, among other things, leading to his downfall.

    Re: the Gators, Don’t you think Grier will give both Harris and Driskell a run at that starting spot? I see one of those guys transferring eventually… and it ain’t gonna be Grier.

  6. Alright, that’s one Dwin vote for Manziel.

    Of course, Dwin is getting a little up in the years and probably off his meds.

    Or maybe it’s the Arizona air getting to him.

  7. So Bets, here’s my question.

    If they know their O-Line sucks, why would they throw Manziel to the wolves like that.

    Is that a game they honestly thought they could win?

  8. Chris

    You’re only as good as your last game . The question is …… will this be the last game we’ll actually see played by Johnny Manziel in a Browns’ uniform ? Let’s hope so, for the sake of the fans because the hype surrounding this bozo, simply hasn’t been worth it .

    On a side note , how refreshing is it to see Mel Kiper now saying Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota and his predecessor Jameis Winston , will not amount to much upon their entry to the NFL. Mel’s most infamous statement, was that Akili Smith would become a perennial Pro Bowl caliber player in the NFL.

    Smith’s career flickered like a damp squib , yet year in and year out , a pompous #ss, like Kiper is seen offering his alleged insight and analysis on the collegiate talent within the football landscape . Mel Kiper gives snake oil salesmen credibility .

    Tophatal ……

  9. Cut Manzy some slack. He has been practicing against the Browns defense…. it’ll take awhile to get accustomed to actual NFL defenses!

  10. Chris

    Snake oil ? I thought that’s what he actually used on his hair ?

    So Jon Gruden signs a contract extension with ESPN ? Meanning the overtures from the Raiders were definitely not in his ballpark in terms of a salary or being full control of the team in terms of the personnel decisions to be made. There’s hope for Harbaugh then ? Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie is not likely to relinquish that much control as he and Mark Davis continue to ruin the franchise.

    Tophatal ……

  11. Chris

    Jay Cutler threw three INT’s in the Bears’ loss (31-15) on Monday night. All that while being paid just over $1 million a game. The Bears’ front office and GM Phil Emery must really be onto something concerning the quarterback , if they feel they’re getting a good return on the investment. I hear throw fecal matter up against a wall and seeing what sticks, is equally as beneficial ?

    Tophatal ……………..

  12. Chris

    Another Thursday night game and perhaps the worst of the contests on the regular season schedule . It’s a meeting of two 2-12 teams, when the Tennessee Titans take on the Jaksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field in Jacksonville , Florida . Where will the biggest stench be coming from at the end of the game ? From the St Johns’ River or the odor emanating from the stadium ?

    Jay Cutler’s nine-year career in the NFL has seen him throw 130 interceptions . That’s not only cause for concern , but actually comedic . GM Phil Emery needs to be institutionalized for giving him that outlandish $127 million deal ($54 million guaranteed money) .

    Is your golf handicap higher or lower than Cutler’s annual interception rate , based on the above stat ? Just wondering that’s all . LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL !!!



    Tophatal …………….

  13. Cutler is sat by the Bears’ coaching staff and his replacement is Jimmy Claussen . Can say this’ll be a recipe for disaster? The Bears made their bed , now they can lie in it without Goldilocks ……… but they can count themselves lucky they’re considered Bears. In other parts of the universe they’re now being described as pieces of fecal matter.

  14. Yeah, Al.

    The NFL had to know that both the Jags and Titans would be irrelevant so why schedule this game for prime time?

    And the Bears? They are an absolute mess. But so are about half the teams in the league.

  15. Well, while I think driskel didn’t play well at times I think that how bad he was is over-exaggerated by gator fans. I also think they placed a ton of pressure on the kid and some was unwarranted. 3 OC’s in 4 years, muschamp and a porous pass protecting OL spells disaster. He has vastly superior physical skills to both Grier and Treon. He was just damaged goods really. Sitting last half of season might be the best thing for him. We shall see. I think if he stays and why would he really transfer at this point? We could see him starting…coach Mac will watch him workout and want to fix him I think…Treon will eventually be odd man out behind Grier too. I personally don’t care who QB’s the team. You could have Cher playing QB and if we win I am happy.

  16. First bad news is this, D.

    I don’t think Cher has any eligibility left.

    And I won’t ask why Cher was the first person to pop into your mind when it comes to leading our treasured Gators in the 2015 season. To each their own and we’re not here to judge.

    If I could turn back time.

    That being said, I can see Driskell beating out Treon and perhaps even Grier. For a short while.

    I think Grier, obviously takes over the position, maybe not this year but next. And if Driskell ends up winning the QB position with Grier waiting in the wings, why on earth would Harris hang around? To get no playing time?

  17. I think that is precisely what happens. Driskel starts, Grier plays and Treon goes bye bye. Driskel has legitimate NFL tools if he can figure out his decision making. Maybe Mac can’t fix him and it is all Grier, but I would be shocked if Treon takes another meaningful snap for our beloved Gators.

    As for Cher, she was just the first person who popped into my head that would be as bad as possible at QB. Hey if we win though with Cher at QB all will be well. I like winning.

  18. As I suggested, D, one of those guys will transfer.

    With Treon getting pulled over with some gree-on, he might be the first to go.

    And Cher would never smoke weed.

  19. Yanni Manfeel belongs in that commercial with The Boz and Leinart.

    Dwindy may have a point.
    Think the Cardinals might want to get a hold of Tebow’s cell #?

  20. Now comes word, Bleed, that Manziel is dedicated to his craft and will work his butt off in the off-season. What he’ll be working his butt off remains to be seen.

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