Your NFL Year in Review and the Winner of the Fourth Annual SportsChump Over/Under Contest revealed

Suddenly, I don’t feel all that bad and it’s not only because I happened to win my college bowl pick ‘em pool. Thank you, Danny Monteau for another fabulous tourney.  It’s just too bad I couldn’t do the same when it came to properly predicting the pigskin in the professional ranks.  As it turns out, few of us could.

coin flipAs most of you patient folks know, I participated in a rather humbling exercise this year, a season-long NFL pick ‘em contest against a fellow blogger, some readers and a quarter.  I finished with dreaded under 50% accuracy.  But a look back at our over/unders contest shows that none of us fared much better in what turned out to be a bizarre and fairly unpredictable year for the NFL.  How unpredictable, you ask?  Well, of the four years I’ve been running this contest, the combined scores were the lowest yet.

We’ll get to that in a minute.

Sure, some of the traditional mainstays like the Steelers, Patriots, Colts and Packers all fared well but most of the teams we thought were going to be good were absolutely horrible.

San Francisco’s over/under was 10.5.  They were nowhere close.  New Orleans’ over/under was 9.5.  They were nowhere close.  The Falcons were supposed to win at least eight games.  They’re currently looking for a head coach.  The Titans and Buccaneers were predicted to win seven games apiece.  They didn’t combine to win that many.  And then there were the Bears, those woeful, woeful Bears.  Again… nowhere close.

Speaking of nowhere close, neither were any of our picks.  Well, one person was.  And he shall soon take a bow and receive the fabulous SportsChump prize pack he was promised months ago.

I pride myself on having a website full of knowledgeable sports fans.  Let’s just say, this year, we all probably could have broken down a little more game film.  With a possible 55 points to be earned, the majority of us had under half that and only half of us nailed our ten point team right.  That’s supposed to be the outcome we were most sure of.  Like I said, it was an unpredictable year.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby present this year’s final standings in reverse order and remember these are out of a possible 55 points.

Dee Dee… 5 points (She’s obviously been watching way too much baseball)

Zbignu… 19 points (Clearly too distraught about the Gators football season)

Joey Mills… 19 points (Back to the drawing board for JoJo)

SportsChump… 20 points (Hey, my mom outpicked me in Week 17.  What can I say?)

Yaz… 22 (Too many baseball trips with Dee Dee)

Steve Holler… 24 (No wonder Deadspin fired this guy)

Heavy D… 28 (Equally as distraught about the Gators football season)

Speedbeagle… 29 (She won this contest last year so we’ll give her a pass)

Ronbets… 32 (Better luck in the sports book, my friend)

Jed the Glutton… 32 (Clearly too busy drinking craft beer to pay attention to the NFL)

Hanahan… 32 (Another previous winner.  What’s with all these NASCAR fans winning my football pools?)

CDR… 34 (Okay, now we’re finally getting to some respectability)

KP… 34 (This guy whipped my ass all season so I guess I have to be nice to him)

Ravenous… 36 (Another former winner of this contest, this guy clearly knows his football)

Dwin… 42 (Another second place finish.  Always a bridesmaid, never a bride)

And your winner, with a cool 45 points on the season, he only missed one slot, which was his ten-pointer, I would like to congratulate Buck Fenson.

Buck, take a bow for the jealous bunch.  Be sure to email me your particulars so I can get you out the goodies.

Thanks to all for participating. Stay tuned for further contests as I have a new batch of SportsChump gear that Santa stuffed down my chimney.

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8 Replies to “Your NFL Year in Review and the Winner of the Fourth Annual SportsChump Over/Under Contest revealed”

  1. Nice job Buck. Picking winners on your resume qualifies you for NFL referee status. You can now pick up flags. Seriously, you da man.

    Now Chris, I’d like to ask you a ? Wtf was Fatboy Christie doing in JJones’ suite yesterday? Lobbying for TX $$ for a run at Hilary? Hugging JJ after the Romo TD. He needs to renew his SAG card.

  2. Bets…

    Never mind the fact that that’s one of the more awkward white bro-hugs we’ll ever see. Who do I hug first? Gee, I don’t know. Well I missed this guy so let me now over hug him on the second go round. That was definitely not a P Diddy commercial. I’m looking forward to the ensuing Saturday Night Live skit.

  3. You want heckling, Chris?

    Congrats Buck on your over/under victory. Your victory is almost the number of wins your Saints had this year. Now get back on the forum and start posting!

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