Lakers Season Review for 2014-2015

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The purple and gold uniform will once again get one of the favorites from the team, Nick Young, as he yet again signs up a four-year hometown friendly contract with Los Angeles Lakers worth $21.5 million. Putting up a great show in the last season, he was all outgoing and happy to get the purple-gold uniform.

However, “Swaggy P” was about to get comfortable and suddenly his phone rang with Kobe Bryant on the other side of the phone. It was nothing than a just simple congratulations message from Kobe to Young. The Los Angeles Daily News Mark Medina quoted that Kobe used some out of the ordinary words for Nick.

“He was telling me to get in the gym and work hard,” Young stated. “They’re already counting us out.”

In the recent history, Lakers have walked through the worst season finishing at a low figure of 22-55. Known as the former free agent, Carmelo Anthony missed them out and Pau Gasol, the big man with money left on the ran to Chicago.

There were rumors that Lakers will use their “Plan B” after not having such brilliant names on their always-big fish side. However, the Laker fans are still scratching heads to figure what actually “Plan B” is.

Signing the guard of Houston Rockets, Jeremy Lin, and the coming second and first round was a spectacular move by the Lakers, but suddenly after that, the Lakers management lost their path, as they seemed panicked by picking impulsive signings. Nevertheless, the purple-gold are in for some reason and they have several things to put on view for the fans.

All of us might be thinking that Lakers are walking off-track now, but Young still hopes to work it out with the team.

“We’ll be fine; they got me,” Young said. “We’re a playoff team. Don’t count us out.”

Everything is at a point where this NBA playoff team seems quite disordered but with an ideal work and with a bit of luck, an injury-free season perhaps can bring them into the spot for final playoffs. Certainly, this will knock some life to Staple Center again. All the things are predictions yet and we are still to know who will go first and who will be last. What’s more important is that having the players who proudly put the Laker dress.

In the related news, the NBA’s five-time champion Kobe Bryant has played quite well against the teams like Los Angeles Clippers and Indiana Pacers.A late jumper from Kobe in a recent match against Pacers has placed them right in the top teams.There are turnovers seen in Kobe but from the team’s point of view, Kobe has hardly done anything wrong in the recent history. At a latest interview with the Serena Winters, Lakers Nation reporter, Kobe said that he needs to evolve and focus more on the stuff around him to set up the guys. May be that is what he was doing with Young by calling him. Kobe said that there are adjustments needed to be done and it is time to perfect another area.

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6 Replies to “Lakers Season Review for 2014-2015”

  1. Chris

    Isn’t Plan B a also contraceptive ? LOL,LOL !! Explains a lot then, when it comes to the Lakers’ season . Abort , abort abort . Nick Young needs all the “cheddar ” he can get, before one of the rappers come and get his woman , Iggy Azalea (Australian [ & a fine piece of @ss]) ! Well at least, the Lakers can be thankful their season isn’t as bad either the Timberwolves or Knicks , both losers of their last fourteen games . Though the Sixers possess the longest losing streak of the season , even though they have now managed to get back on track . Hottest team in the NBA over their last seven games, has been none other than the Detroit Pistons . Who knew that getting rid of Josh Smith would prove to be so positive ?

    So Curt Schilling is unhappy with his not being elected to the Hall of Fame, was because of his political beliefs ( Republican) ? WTF ! Here was I thinking, it was because Pedro Martinez , John Smoltz , Craig Biggio and Randy Johnson were more deserving as their record warrants . Schilling even had the audacity to suggest that Smoltz was elected because he’s a Democrat . Not that he had any proof to begin with but it was supposition on his part . So atypical of an @sshole, without a frigging clue . I suppose Curt thought it appropriate to use political ideology rather than using race ? I mean Martinez is Hispanic , Biggio , Italian American , Smoltz , East European by descent and I’m guessing Johnson part Irish with a tinge of Anglophile also ? Thank God,, there wasn’t an African-American on the ballot who was voted in , because I’d hate to think what disparaging remarks Curt Schilling might’ve made . There’s no room in Cooperstown for n###a’s . But there are Curt .

    Robert Mueller kisses the @ss of Roger Goodell. A tape (Ray Rice assault on Jenay Parker) wasn’t in the league’s possession ____ yet it was, but never found its way up the hierarchical ladder _____ Mueller fails to acknowledge that in his report the tape was there . Then again , Mueller was the FBI Director when the 9/11 attacks took place and because of the agency’s failure and that of the CIA to engage each other with the information provided to them by MI5 and Mossad the attacks took place and we would never know what type of action would have been taken by either agency . So now , we’re suppose believe a piece of crap like Mueller at this juncture, given the league’s ongoing incompetency with Goodell begrudgingly admitting he made repeated mistakes ? This is a league (NFL) filled with @ssholes , given way too much power and without an iota of frigging common sense, with the apathy of fans goose-stepping behind the NFL in all its glory .

    Tophatal …………

  2. Whenever you write about the Lakers, I feel I’m being trolled.

    Really, this is year #2 of about 5 when the Lakers will be irrelevant. The upside for this year is while they are bad, they’re not “Knicks” bad…they’re more like “Utah” bad.

  3. Chris

    No truth to the rumor then , the New York Knicks will have their own reality show on TLC entitled Phil and the Knicks plus 15 & counting ? I believe the broadcast outlet also brought viewers the eponymous idiocy of Jon & Kate Plus Eight ? Show was ultimately cancelled . How many episodes would it take before viewers would likely ” tune out ” from this ongoing train wreck with the Knicks ?

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