Tweeters discuss Warren Sapp’s choice to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday

Warren Sapp HOFPoor Warren Sapp.  The former Tampa Bay Buccaneer/NFL analyst and recently imprisoned Hall of Famer just made himself a bad, bad call.  Sapp was arrested early Monday morning on charges of soliciting and assaulting a prostitute.

Silly Warren.  You should know by now that only current NFL players are allowed to get away with that sort of behavior.

Sapp was in Arizona for the Super Bowl this weekend, with his girlfriend, and for some reason decided it might be wise to get involved in a little extra-curricular activity after the ball game.  Memo to Warren:  masturbation is your friend.

Sapps mug shotSeveral reports corroborated that guests of the hotel where Sapp was staying, or at least where he chose to host various ladies of the evening, heard some rustling coming from outside their door.  Now imagine you’re a sports fan, fortunate enough to be spending a glorious weekend in Phoenix for the Super Bowl, and you open your hotel room door to find Warren Sapp in the hallway standing over a bruised prostitute.

How surprised would you be?  Logically, you’d have to figure that’s one of the least unlikely things you’re bound to experience on Super Bowl weekend, right?

Welcome to the thrill ride that is the NFL, ladies and gentlemen.  As if the game wasn’t exciting enough.

Needless to say, Twitter had themselves another field day at Sapp’s expense.

Enjoy the read.  And as you can see, if you’re on Twitter, you should consider giving these guys a follow.


ChrisHumpherys @SportsChump  

So I know this joke that begins O.J. Simpson, Lawrence Taylor and Warren Sapp all walk into the NFL Hall of Fame…


pwnteam ‏@pwnteam

Warren Sapp hasn’t been this embarrassed since he put on a Raiders jersey.


Benjamin Allbright ‏@AllbrightNFL

So the NFL capped off a year marred by domestic violence… …with a game ending melee, and Warren Sapp arrested for assaulting a hooker.


vivienne finch ‏@vfinch

Did Warren Sapp not see that Super Bowl commercial about violence against women?


Reasonabledoubt ‏@ReasonableDoubt

Warren Sapp solicited a prostitute on the night of the Super Bowl? Still not the worst decision made that night ‏@korkedbats

Warren Sapp has been arrested for soliciting a prostitute. The news here being that Warren Sapp has enough money to solicit a prostitute.


John Fugelsang ‏@JohnFugelsang

This would be a good time for Warren Sapp to consider blaming it on a head injury.


David Tillman ‏@ncludacris

The lesson learned from Warren Sapp and Greg Anthony is men with money in their 40’s would rather just pay for the pussy.


Peyton’s Head ‏@PeytonsHead

I guess Warren Sapp is morally bankrupt too! #zing


SportsPickle ‏@sportspickle

Warren Sapp solicits more prostitutes by 7 a.m. than most people do all day.


Charlie Burris ‏@Charlie_Burris

Warren Sapp was picking up prostitutes while I was driving to work this morning.


Sonny Spoon ‏@Sonny_Spoon_17

If you’re having a bad day you should stop, take a deep breath, and repeat after me “At least I’m not Warren Sapp” #YoureWelcome

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22 Replies to “Tweeters discuss Warren Sapp’s choice to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Tony Dungy would like to give Warren Sapp a letter of recommendation , but his hypocritical @ss is too busy trying to aid Roger Goodell and the rest of the morons within the NFL hierarchy , as they seek to quieten the discontent felt among female NFL fans . Meanwhile , apathetic fans still continue to point to the popularity of the league , because they cannot point to anything sensible , having been done by Goodell to address the issue of the continued player misconduct . Ah well , apathy does take shape in all sizes, among the NFL fan base . As for Sapp , that #hit-head is now deserving of his fate . Beats on his ex-wife prior to their divorce while under Dungy’s tutelage as a head coach , and where the former Bucs’ head coach with his apathy does not a goddamn thing . Yet fans want to give him (Dungy) a pass because of his success ?

    Tophatal …….

  2. Legacy of a horse’s ass….
    Played in one Super Bowl,
    Was arrested at two Super Bowls!

  3. Chump! Wussup bud! Been MIA from here for a while. Hope everything’s well. But yea, Sapp messed it up for himself here. He was doing so well in NFL Network. Sapp was a great personality and now this? Let’s hope he can bounce back. Would hate for his life come crashing down because of this.

  4. Daybreak…

    I actually know reasonabledoubt. He comes into my bar and came up with that Tweet on the fly.

    I guess one could say… I’m his muse. And by muse, that means I pour him a lot of whiskey.

  5. Dungy came to Sapp’s defense, Al? I hadn’t heard that.

    Does this guy ever had an unkind word to say about anyone?

    Don’t you get the feeling that Dungy’s the kind of guy that would help you move a dead body if you needed to?

  6. Chris

    Dungy came to Warren Sapp’s defense after the first allegations of domestic abuse . Unfortunately , it wasn’t to be the last , leading to Sapp’s divorce from his ex-wife (Jameika) . Financial woes followed, personal bankruptcy filing and a slew of other personal issues. Amazing track record for Sapp, who’s now a Hall of Fame player. He must feel right as ease, when he meets Joe Namath .

    On a bye note , last we both saw Marshawn Lynch in action, did he appear to have any sort of physical impediment ? He’s certainly not a quadriplegic and he is definitely one of the most effective running backs in the NFL , especially in the red-zone. So explain to me. what led to Pete Carroll’s and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s thinking ? Throughout the game Lynch gave the Patriots more than they could handle, but yet both Bevell and Carroll, felt it appropriate to call a ” pass play ” , when they just needed a two or three yard gain on the ground . A naked female octogenarian could have run the frigging ball in , but leave it to Pete Carroll to show himself to be a dumb @ss . Never mind his idiotic post-game explanation supporting the play and Darrell Bevell. There are no do-overs in the NFL and all of the sniping about Deflate-Gate and Spy-gate. Well , Belichick has an APP for that, it’s called … ” come kiss my cherry-@ss, because I’ve just won my fourth Superbowl ring ” !

  7. Tony Dungy was at the scene of the crime removing the blood stains from OJ’s Bruno Magli shoes . He then helped Kato Kaelin prepare his statement to the police and the latter ones to the press and any other idiot prepared to listen. He also assisted Jenay-Parker Rice , by showing her how to appear humble in front of the press . Hence her retort about everyone picking on her husband , Ray Rice .

    I’d dare say , Dungy would come to the aid of A-Rod, Roger Clemens and even Sammy Sosa, given the right avenue for mass exposure . Hope Solo has Tony Dungy on speed dial and Tiger Woods seeks him out for wisdom and counseling . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! What more needs to be said ? .

  8. If Sapp did have sex with a hooker., would there have been use of the Tampa-Two Defensive strategy as part of the sexual activity ? A lot of linemen , corner-backs and balls in play in the Tampa-Two .

  9. Chris

    Your thoughts on George Karl showing an interest in returning to coach the Orlando Magic, after the firing of Jacque Vaughn ? Good or a bad fit ?

    Tophatal ….

  10. disappointing to say the least
    i like sapp and thought he was great on the NFL network
    overstating the obvious, just poor judgement
    and why bring your girlfriend if you’re going to solicit ho’s?
    now what’s tricky here is that they’re using the term assault and [at least] not [yet] battery
    big difference… at least from a legal standpoint
    and while i agree with reasonable doubt that it was still not the worst decision made that night
    at least pete gets to keep his job
    there may be a lesson there…
    i just don’t know what it is

  11. Al…

    Apparently Karl’s been linked to the Sacramento job.

    At this point, why would lifers like that settle on just above mediocrity?

    I mean, seriously. In a stout Western conference, how long would it take for Sacramento to even be somewhat competitive?

  12. Chris

    Sapp’s learning a lesson ? By what measure do you believe that to be given past experiences of NFL players and their nocturnal activities during the Superbowl weekend ? Hookers come a dime a dozen and they still haven’t learned a lesson . It’s like Tiger and his antics at Windermere . How many hotel rooms in the greater Orlando area are there ? Yet, e and his dumb @ss brings skanks into his home while his kids are there to give ’em (skanks) a slice of the ‘dark meat’ . I guess the education being doled out at Stanford wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be ?

    Given George Karl’s health issues, it’s best for him to remain on the sidelines and not back in the NBA. Do you really believe Karl can handle a petulant @ss like DeMarcus Cousins , should the player go off , as he so often does ?

    As to the woes of the Orlando Magic . Let’s put it this way the front office are not the smartest guys in the world . I mean they built the Amway Center and forgot that the on court talent has to be complement to the actual structure. Great venue, crap on-court talent, with the exception of Nikola Vucevic . I mean what has Oladipo done since he was drafted by the Magic ?

    Tophatal ………….

  13. You know things are bad for the Raiders when they have more talent among Jack Del Rio’s staff of assistants than there is , which makes up their current roster , Can put it anymore succinctly than that ! Especially when the coaching staff in question, could probably beat the current team in a game of seven-man tag football .

  14. I’m no doctor, Al, but if I were the GM or owner of a team and my physicians gave Karl a clean bill of health, then I’d definitely give him a flyer.

    The Magic? That team is unrecognizable. And not good either.

    And I agree, it looks like the Raiders have another year of mediocrity staring them in the face. Heck, they might even settle for being mediocre. That’d be a step up.

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