We come back to you right after this brief message

Hlototees-smiley-face-smily-cute-cool-ade-aid-drink-monster-yellow-neon-hat-highlighter-neon-baseball-cap-trucker-hats-500ello, friends. I’m baaaaack.

A bout with illness landed me in a hospital bed, for a brief while I simply didn’t have the time, opportunity or wherewithal to be creative.  But that’s all changed.

Thank you for your patience.  I’m feeling much better and will return shortly to being as awkwardly creative as possible.

In the words of the Tempations, get ready ‘cause here I come

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16 Replies to “We come back to you right after this brief message”

  1. Chris

    Good to know you’ve overcome your recent bout of ill-health ! I trust the aid provided to you was in line with what you expected ? Not really missed much in the world of sports in great way as it remains all too mundane .

    Changed around the feature of the site but the content remains the same .

    Anyhow , welcome back and here’s to some more insightful commentary , dialog and healthy debates on all things sports’ related !


  2. Aww, D, my little karaoke partner in crime. Thanks for the love and support.

    Sorry I didn’t get to see you in a Gator shirt but the memory of Eye of the Tiger lives on forever.

  3. Chris

    NBA Trade deadline today and then we have the NFL Draft coming up with teams looking to clear cap space and perhaps make trades and also better place themselves in the trade order.

  4. Al…

    I’m gonna officially ask you for the millionth time. PLEASE DON’T POST HYPERLINKS IN YOUR COMMENTS. It slows down my traffic.

    The most intriguing trade option is Dragic. I like him. I think he’s a quality point guard that can give a team a playoff push. I’m hearing the Heat are an option which could make things very interesting come June.

  5. Bout God damned time. I hope Paq knocks that arrogant girlfriend beater the fuck out.

    …But I highly doubt it. Pussy boy Floyd will run and tap the way he always does. He don’t wanna go toe to toe with Manny.
    But I’m hoping Manny catches him with one anyway.

  6. Bleed…

    When you said “arrogant girlfriend beater,” I did a double take. I mean who in sports doesn’t do that these days?

    Have you seen any odds on the fight yet?

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