NFL representatives prove they still don’t know how to act

NFL logo BWJust when we thought we’ve seen it all as sports fans, the animals that comprise the NFL have provided us with a whole new level of embarrassment, for you see, we’ve now resorted to grown men duking it out in conference rooms.  The National Football League has become a full-fledged bar brawl.  In what other multi-billion dollar industry can grown, adult men (and I use that term loosely) start a fist fight and have us not be surprised in the least?

Earlier last season, (former?) Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson was suspended by the NFL for mistreating his four year old son, beating him with a switch until the boy showed damage to his groin.  Once admired as one of the top players in the league, Peterson immediately became persona non grata to anyone with a conscience.   He justified his actions by explaining that he himself was reprimanded that way as a child, as if evolution in child-rearing is impossible.  Peterson was suspended in mid-November without pay for the rest of the season.

Charles MansonUltimately Peterson applied for reinstatement; Commissioner Goodell agreed to allow his return for 2015-2016.  But here’s where things get tricky.  Where would Peterson play?  In this day and age of teams increasingly worried about their image, who would take a chance on him?  Even imprisoned Michael Vick got his job back.  As we are all well aware, NFL franchises would sign Charles Manson if it meant he could win them ballgames.

Since the incident and subsequent suspension, Peterson has made it clear that the team who drafted him is not the team he’ll be playing for in the future, particularly after this week. Peterson and his agent didn’t appreciate the fact that Minnesota didn’t have his back when the rest of the world has turned on him.

Enter Ben Dogra, Peterson’s agent.  Apparently, Dogra and Vikings VP of football operations Rob Brzezinski, had themselves a little quarrel at the combines.  The two had to be separated.  Allegedly, current ESPN analyst and former Buccaneer GM Mark Dominik had to separate the two, marking the most productive thing Dominik has done in his NFL career.   As of yet, the Vikings, Dogra nor Dominik have not issued formal statements as to what actually happened.  But oh to be a fly on the wall when it all went down.

Vince MacSo much for diplomacy.  More like SmackDown.  Vince McMahon for Co-Commissioner!

I’m pretty sure these two parties could have come to a mutually beneficial decision without resorting to fisticuffs.  Or is civility too much to ask?  After all, we are talking about the NFL and they have been far from civil.

With the league’s heightened sensitivity to personal conduct, isn’t it possible, if not appropriate, that Dogra and Brzezinski be fined for their behavior?  If Goodell holds players accountable for their indiscretions, why shouldn’t everyone be held accountable?  If they can fine the New England Patriots a half a million dollars for filming opponents’ practices and suspend the head coach of the New Orleans Saints for ordering illegal hits, then why not fine agents and general managers for acting like buffoons?

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14 Replies to “NFL representatives prove they still don’t know how to act”

  1. Chris

    Adrian Peterson has all but told Zygi Wilf he no longer wants to be in Minnesota . Personally , I believe the franchise has been a joke with as its owner and the way he conned the state legislauture to fund the financing of their new stadium without delving into the stupidity of Peterson’s behavior . At 6-4, Peterson didn’t believe his physicality was intimidating enough for a young child without leaving welts all over his son’s body in seeking to reprimand him .

    He (Peterson) makes Vick’s actions seem almost sedate . What a complete fu#k up he appears to be a parent .

    Tophatal ………….

  2. Here’s the thing, Al. We know Minnesota doesn’t want AD or at least the baggage he now brings and AD doesn’t want to play there.

    So let’s move on already.

  3. Chris

    You thoughts on there now being a possibility of three NFL teams in the greater Los Angeles area by 2016 ? With the Chargers and Raiders likely to build and share a $1.6 billion stadium , owners Dean Spanos of the Chargers and Mark Davis of the Raiders agreeing in principal to make this a reality , but we also have Stanley Kroenke and the St Louis Rams all but sure he and the Rams will be moving that franchise into a venue by late next year , how do you see things panning out when there has been no surety that the league hierarchy will allow either of the three teams to relocate as of yet ?

    Personally , I believe Peterson is likely to find an NFL team far sooner than Ray Rice !

    Tophatal …

  4. Do you believe Rajon Rondo has already out-welcomed his stay in Dallas after his tirade against Rick Carlisle ? His productivity has been anemic since the trade from the Celtics to the Mavs. Mark Cuban is an @ss of he believes this incident was simply a misunderstanding between the player and head coach. Both were hurling profanities at one another like drunken sailors all within earshot of an audience of not only the press a but also young kids attendance at the Mavericks’ most recent game.

    Tophatal …………..

  5. That whole fight thing between the VP and Peterson’s agent was all staged. He wants out and will orchestrate anything to make sure that happens. Just trade the piece of shit to Jacksonville already.

  6. What’s the definition of insanity, Al? Isn’t it doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result? So then what gives the NFL any reason to think not one, not two, but three NFL teams could survive in Los Angeles?

    Re: Rajon Rondo, I thought Dallas picking him would help the team but his barking out orders at Rick Carlisle and subsequent suspension as this makes a playoff run doesn’t bode well for any playoff success.

  7. Damn, Mark, and I was hoping for some real fisticuffs. Now that you tell me it was all fake, I’m kinda disappointed.

    I’ve heard the Dallas Cowboys are interested but they already have the best back in the league so why would they blow a whole bunch of salary cap space on AD. He’s not going to come cheap which begs the question, how much of a gamble is he at this point?

  8. Chris

    I’d love to have been within earshot of that exchange between Carlisle and Rondo !

    Repetitiveness is what makes the NFL so mundane and fascinating for some at times .

    So Josh Hamilton has #ucked up again ? Go figure . There’s no drug his dumb @ss won’t try and then hide behind, now his alleged Christian beliefs and inane sobriety to make repeated excuses for his pratfalls . What a ###king waste of time , money and space , he’s been for and with the Angels .

    Tophatal ………..

  9. Chris

    Do you know who Mike Bakajian just happens to be ? Here’s a clue __ quarterbacks’ coach this past season for the Buccaneers . Wonder why they failed so miserably with regard to their offense ?

  10. Yea, Al, in my recent NBA post, I bring up the Rondo-Carlise incident. Can you imagine Rondo doing something like that to Jerry Sloan? Sloan’d knock him on his ass.

    Re: Hamilton, I think the guy suffers from depression. And he clearly needs therapy. Here’s hoping he gets it before he does more damage to himself.

    And Al, Bakajian needs talent to coach.

  11. Chris,

    Rondo enters the Shark Tank and Cuban makes the deal. Hello Mark. Rondo is an average PG at best. Oh also, he can’t shoot worth a crap.
    You gottem Mark, I’m out.

  12. Yeah but, Bets.

    How do you explain the numbers Rondo put up early in his career? Was it just that everyone else had to guard Pierce, Allen and Garnett? Guy was a triple double machine back then.

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