14 Tweets for 14 seconds: Twitter celebrates the dominance of Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is a bad woman.  Think about it.  She would literally kick the shit out of you, me and pretty much every one we know in a matter of minutes.

My stepbrother complains that I don’t write about MMA enough… so here goes.

armbarI’m going to spare us all the “She’s so dominant” comparisons to the other athletes of our time as women’s mixed martial arts has really only been around for what, five years?

Just let it be known that she is, to date, the baddest woman this planet has seen this side of Rosa Parks and my mom.

In her fight last night, Rousey took on previously undefeated Cat Zingano.  The fight lasted fourteen seconds.  It was the quickest defeat in UFC Championship history.  In fact, Rousey’s last three bouts have lasted a total of 96 seconds.

Like I said, bad ass.  Plus she ain’t bad to look at either.

As we geeks are prone to do when major events hit the airwaves, Tweeters took to internet to express their thoughts in 140 characters or less.  To celebrate Rousey’s fourteen second victory, here are fourteen of the more entertaining tweets that went viral shortly after the fight began.


William ‏@WillMcMill

It took me longer to write this tweet than it took for Rousey to defend a UFC belt….


ChrisHumpherys @SportsChump 

How awesome would it be to see Ronda Rousey kick the shit out of the entire set of Expendables 3? Or at least just Liam Neeson?


A-State Fan Rules ‏@AStateFanRules

I did the math. At her current rate, it would take Ronda Rousey 138.5 years to kick every ass in America.


Beezy ‏@beezy430

Crazy that Ronda Rousey fight is an entire Instagram clip.


Shaan ‏@Shaan_Heer

“Ronda Rousey’s fight lasted 14 seconds, the same time the Raiders last on average/year before being eliminated from the playoffs”


Lance Cote-Tenasco ™ ‏@Lancecote

BREAKING: Ronda #Rousey opens as a modest -250 over Jesus Christ.


Christine Tirichkin ‏@hsEmperor_ZarMw

When Ronda Rousey was born the Doctor slapped her on the ass and she broke his arm.#UFC184


Kevin McGuire ‏@KevinOnCFB

Ronda Rousey = Alabama

Cat Zingano = Notre Dame

Do I have that about right?


Bear Savage™ ‏@69ShadesOfGDP

Me: honey what do you want for dinner?

Ronda Rousey: steak

Me: but honey we don’t ha-

Ronda Rousey: I said steak

Me: I’ll be back in 10


Taylor Travis ‏@TaylorTravis15

If I were married to Ronda Rousey, I can honestly 100% guarantee that I would never leave the toilet seat up…


Adel Brkić ‏@AdelBrkic

Rousey takes another poor females arm home to add to her collection


Todd Fuhrman ‏@ToddFuhrman

With Gonzaga’s struggles tonight maybe Ronda Rousey should be the fourth #1 seed.


RUSS BENGT$ON ‏@russbengtson

Ronda Rousey wins fights in less time than it takes Mickey Rourke to change expressions.


jordan wheatly ‏@JordanWheatly

Ronda Rousey fights like a girl. Which is why I don’t hit women.

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16 Replies to “14 Tweets for 14 seconds: Twitter celebrates the dominance of Ronda Rousey”

  1. Rousey’s mother was a world champion judoka and it seems she’s inherited those skills . The fight everyone now wants to see is Ronda Rousey facing off against Gina Carano. I’d say the two are evenly matched in so many ways. Carano has been making a name for herself , in a number of film supporting roles in Hollywood .
    Will be taking in a couple of Rays’ Spring Training games as well as their series against the Boston Red Sox at the Trop during mid to late April . Ought to be fun with a revamped roster and coaching staff headed up by Kevin Cash.

    Tophatal ….

  2. Chris

    A rookie manager , Kevin Cash , his rookie coaching staff and revamped roster . Tell me when was the last time Evan Longoria stepped up to the plate in any instance for the Rays ? Yet he is being paid a King’s ransom and has yet to lead the team with any real authority . Let me pose this question what gives you the impression they will be remotely good enough to win eighty-one games this season ? The roster isn’t that good this season and I doubt a rookie manager , Kevin Cash will be able to lead the Rays to even second place in the AL in 2015 !

    I see the Nuggets made quick work of Brian Shaw ? Now what ?

  3. So by that mark, I’m assuming you think the Rays will finish under .500, Al?

    They still have solid pitching.

    And the Nuggets are an afterthought this year, Al. The West is too tough. No way they stood a chance.

  4. Chris

    If as you suggest , the Rays had solid pitching then explain the results , beyond the mediocrity of the offense and Longoria showing a lack of real leadership throughout the season ?

  5. Al…

    The Rays are seven to one to win that division. They’re over/under on the season is 79 which means Vegas is expecting them finish at or around .500.

    Do you have a problem with that?

  6. Thx for the shoutout SC. Me, Rhonda & Rosa Park, huh? Thats some mighty fine company! I also appreciate your not mentioning the bar fight, Red Sox guy & hospital security. And lets leave it that way, shall we Sir? 🙂

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