Online Poker Sites That Sponsor Sports Teams

pokerThere are strict rules on sponsorships. Tobacco companies and many pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to sponsor any type of team in the world. It is all due to the promotion that these companies get by being sponsors.

Those rules are not in place for betting companies. A number of online poker sites and betting companies sponsor and support sports teams around the world. You likely see them on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. These are some of the bigger companies that sponsor sports teams.

Sky Bet for the England Soccer Team

One of the biggest sponsorships comes from Sky Bet. The company sponsors the whole of the England soccer team, which is the best team out of the four in the United Kingdom. It is important for a well-known company to have sponsorship of that team, because of how popular the English team is. People from all over the world tune in for England’s games, because it has become one of the biggest teams. It is the one that many have eyes on whether they are in World Cup years or not.

Sky Bet offers a range of online betting needs. While sports betting is the most popular, there are now a number poker and game options available. This is because more people are calling out for these options, since they’re getting the attention from people all over the world.

William Hill Sponsors the Scottish Cup

The whole of the Scottish Cup is sponsored by William Hill. While it is not an individual team, it is still an important sponsorship to point out. People all over the world know about the Scottish Cup. It won’t matter how is playing in the games, the name William Hill will be there. That promotion tells people all over the world that the company exists.

Like Sky Bet, William Hill offers a range of needs. William Hill bingo is quickly becoming a popular option for many who like to bet from home. Poker is another growing opportunity that the company has jumped in on. However, sports betting remains its number one priority. There is a great article in poker analysts about poker players sponsoring the brands.

Bet365 taking Over the Asian Market

One of the benefits of the local teams is the international players. Stoke City has a number of players from around the world, including Asia. This is why Bet365 sponsors the team. It has seen more success in the Asian market because of this simple decision.

slotLike many others, Bet365 has grown from just offering sports betting to offering a whole online casino. There are now poker games available on a daily basis, along with video poker for those who prefer that option. There are slot machines, roulette games, blackjack and much more for those who are interested in these games. Bet365 is also a trusted name, which helps it travel the world and take over the different markets.

Still Rules Governing Betting Sponsorship

It isn’t just the case that a poker site or sports betting company can take over the sponsorship of a team. Different countries have their own rules and regulations to make sure there is safety for the individuals watching the games. For example, the United Kingdom has the rule that all companies must be licensed in the UK. If they’re not, they’re not allowed to sponsor any of the UK teams—both local and national.

This can cause problems for the online poker sites. Some of them are registered abroad for various reasons, and means they are not able to benefit through sports sponsorship.

However, other countries have laws that are not as strict. They allow teams and individuals to be sponsored by anyone they see fit. There is a lot of money in choosing the betting companies, since they are fuelled by the sporting industry anyway.

You will likely see a lot of online poker and betting sites when you look into sports sponsorship. These are not just for teams, but the cups and games as a whole.

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