SportsChump proudly presents your University of Kentucky Basketball Caption Contest

This one’s gotta sting for Kentucky fans.  38-1.  Ouch!  So close and yet so far away.

Not long ago, I hosted a caption contest.  It didn’t draw much attention.

Coach CalThis one should for it celebrates Kentucky’s now imperfect season.

Along with millions of other college basketball fans who believed the hype, I felt confident that the University of Kentucky would roll through this tournament.  They had the most talent and hadn’t lost a game all season.  They were the odds on favorite to cut down the nets and hoist the championship trophy when it was all said and done.

They did neither of those things.  Wisconsin did them in.

I fully intended to write a piece – after Kentucky had won, of course – about how it was time to start the hatred.  The slicked back John Calipari had done it again by recruiting more McDonald’s All-Americans than anyone else in the nation as he rode off into the Lexington sunset with another national title under his Armani belt.

Well, that didn’t happen and a team with a 67 year old coach and exactly zero All-Americans combined to end UK’s reign of terror.

So to celebrate the fact that the wicked witch is finally dead, I’m hosting a caption contest featuring Kentucky’s most famous and certainly best looking alumna.

Come up with the best caption to the picture below and win yourself not only an undefeated SportsChump t-shirt but the chance to be thankful for the fact that John Calipari did not win another championship and also the opportunity to kiss Ashley Judd the next time you run into her in person.

Just tell her I said it’s okay.  I’m sure she won’t have a problem with that.

Divky V kisses Ashley J

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16 Replies to “SportsChump proudly presents your University of Kentucky Basketball Caption Contest”

  1. ‘”I’m gonna be the BIG MAN on campus….after I bang this DIAPER DANDY. BABY”!!!!

  2. Ashley, “I just took one for the team.”

    While I’m here Chris, I’d like to nominate Kentucky’s Harrison brothers for S.I.’s Sportsmen of the Year.

  3. Did they drop the N-Bomb in unison, Bets?

    The whole thing reminded me of when Clayton Bigsby called the group of white kids driving in the car beside him the N-Bomb for blasting their hip-hop.

  4. “It’s our time to shine baby ,I’ve Viagra in my back pocket , six inches bulging against my thigh by my left pocket , looking to dunk in your goodies . Screw Kentucky ___ I’m all a out screwing you now , baby ” !

  5. Not bad, Dub.

    Not bad at all.

    I may have even considered giving that one the gold but I still have to put a 3X on order for ya’. There’s currently not one in my stash.

    So I’ll just give you honorable mention.

  6. Chris

    Duke gets it done ? Five titles during Krzyzewski’s reign ? What are these naysayers going bit#h and whine about now as detractors of the Blue Devils ? Oh my ! Life must be really pathetic when there’s nothing else left to do but whine . Perhaps one can throw in some cheese with that whine , for all of the apathy being shown by the Duke-haters ?

    A Rod must be bit#hing like a mutha-@@@ker after Josh Hamilton being allowed to play , with the Angels’ outfielder admitting to his use of cocaine and alcohol , with the arbitrator upholding his decision to allow him to play this season . How can they come such a verdict when the Hamilton contravened the clear mandates of his rehab program , yet the arbitrator doesn’t believe the player violated tenets of it ? Hamilton is multiple offender but yet he’s being treated with kid gloves because his issues are somehow viewed as a disease , rather than his actions being willful and of his own volition . No credibility at any level of the game , yet the whining remains about Rose being allowed into the Hall of Fame . Lack of integrity also , but who the hell gives a $hit about that and the message needed to be sent to the kids concerning the game . Certainly not going to be discussed in any great length because of the ongoing apathy .

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