SportsChump’s Second Annual Major League Baseball Division Winner Pick ‘Em Contest

We’ve gotten a very small taste of the Major League Baseball season.  One week in and a few questions have already been answered, we think.

Can the Tigers really be this good?  Can the Twinkies be this bad?

baseball crystal ballThat is for you to determine as I am once again hosting my Major League Baseball pick ‘em contest.  That’s right.  I did it last year and I’m doing it again this year so get your crystal balls out of storage.

The same rules as last year apply:

There are six divisions in baseball, three in the American League and three in the National.  All I’m asking you to do is pick the winner of each division.

Here’s where things get tricky.  Since there are six divisions, you must assign confidence points to each division champion.  So, for example, if you are the most confident that the Detroit Tigers are going to win the AL Central, you would assign them six points.  Assign five points to the team you’re second most confident about and so on until you’ve picked all six division winners.

As your tie-breaker, tell me how many games you think the Tampa Bay Rays will win this season.

league of outsider baseballAll entries must be received by noon Sunday, April 19.

Our winner will receive a SportsChump t-shirt and a gorgeous copy of Gary Cieradkowski’s “The League of Outsider Baseball: An Illustrated History of Baseball’s Forgotten Heroes.”

Best of luck to you all and thanks for playing.


Baseball picks 2015

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28 Replies to “SportsChump’s Second Annual Major League Baseball Division Winner Pick ‘Em Contest”

  1. Doing this one on the fly so to speak…
    NL East – Washington Nationals – 3
    NL Central – St. Louis Cardinals – 5
    NL West – Los Angeles Dodgers – 6
    AL East – Boston Red Sox – 4
    AL Central – Kansas City Royals – 1
    AL West – Seattle Mariners – 2

    Tampa Bay will win 70 games…

  2. Yes – the Tigz are this good! 🙂

    AL East – Baltimore Oriioles
    AL Central – Detroit Tigers
    AL West – Oakland A’s

    NL East – Washington Nationals
    NL Central – St Louis Cardinals
    NL West – LA Dodgers

    Yay for the boys of summer!

  3. Oops – blonde moment!

    O’s 5
    Tigz 6
    A’s 3
    Natl’s 4
    Cards 2
    Dodgers 1

    Rays will win 75

  4. Can the Tigers really be this good? No.
    Can the Twinkies be this bad? It’s worse than you know, bro.

    NL East – Washington Nationals – 6
    NL Central – St. Louis Cardinals – 5
    AL East – Boston Red Sox – 4
    AL Central – Cleveland Indians – 3
    NL West – Los Angeles Dodgers – 2
    AL West – Seattle Mariners – 1

    Tampa Bay will win 72 games…

  5. Dwin, D and J-Dub are all in and yes, Dub, the Twins line was a dig.

    What the hell is going on up there? At least down here we have a built in excuse combining a shitty payroll and a shittier stadium.

  6. AL East-Boston 6
    AL Cent-KCity 3
    AL West-LAA 4

    NL East-Mets 1
    NL Cent-Cubs 2
    NL West LAD 5

    TBay wins only 67 with major housecleaning July31st.

  7. Irish and Bets are both in… and Bets will some ballsy (no pun intended) picks.

    Mets to win their division? Six confidence points on the Sox to win the East? KC and the Angels? Where do you get your information, sir?

    And more housecleaning for the Rays? Who the hell else could they get rid of?

  8. It’ll be hard to do worse than last year, so here goes:


    Toronto 6
    Detroit 1
    Seattle 5


    NYM 3
    Pittsburgh 2
    San Diego 4

    Rays finish over .500 and win 85

  9. Yaz is in… and is the first person among us to pick the Rays to finish over .500. But he also picked the Mets to win that division so there goes that out the window.

    Where is Yaz’s beloved traveling partner, Dee Dee, who we all know will put both six and five points on the Sox and Cubs to win their divisions.

  10. Chris

    Adrian Gonzalez of the Dodgers is off to a flying start . Great , but given that during the postseason , the NL West based franchise (over the last two years) have played like a deer caught in headlights , I am not overly impressed with the team. The Giants remain the team to beat in the NL.

    The Royals are back to the ways of old _ penny-pinching in terms of the roster. Well, that particular Cinderella Story is now most definitely over . David Glass (owner) might well have been the one-time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Walmart , but as an executive and owner of the Kansas City Royals , he remains a cheap-skate and putz .

    I can’t see how the Angels can win the division (AL West) when Pujols has become a mere shadow of himself and Josh Hamilton would rather snort a line of ‘coke’, get intoxicated, , rather than play with heart for his team .

    AL East: Orioles
    Central : Tigers
    West: Oakland A’s

    NL East : Nationals
    Central : Cardinals
    West : Giants

    Tophatal ………

  11. Rays aren’t off to a bad start either, Al, with two quality wins on the road in Toronto their last two games.

    FYI… I need confidence points for your MLB picks.

  12. Chris

    Here they are :

    AL East : Orioles 3
    Central: Tigers 4
    West: A’s 4

    NL East : Nationals 5
    Central : Cardinals 4
    West : Giants 5

    Can the Rays sustain the pace ? The long-haul will be what counts not the early wins at the start of the season. If they are winning games at a .525 clip or better, then one could view it as a credible season for the team . Less than that , and it’s back to the drawing board , as usual .

  13. AL East – Baltimore (1)
    AL Central – Royals (4)
    AL West – Angels (3)
    NL East – Nats (2)
    NL Central – Cards (6)
    NL West – Dodgers (5)

  14. NL East: Washington Nationals (5)
    NL Central: St.Louis Cardinals (6)
    NL West: Dodgers (4)

    AL East: Orioles (2)
    AL Central: Tigers (3)
    AL West: Mariners (1)

  15. Al…

    My brother.

    Look at your baseball picks.

    I need six teams, each of them ranked 6,5,4,3,2 and 1.

    You have two fives and three fours.

    Pretty sure the instructions weren’t all that complicated.

    Perhaps that Dundee math is rubbing off on you.

  16. Oh I’m here Triple SC…bet your boots I’m stargazing; I am the 2013 MLB Champ after all. Hmm… How can this be 2nd annual contest?
    Anyway, I’ll post my picks soon.
    Just had to say attendance for Yanks at Rays was awful. I know Lightning isn’t playing tonight. I’m planning on a trip to the Trop for my birthday May 9th.
    Dee Dee

  17. I don’t think I’ve hosted it every year, Dee.

    I’ll have one of my assistants check the history.

    Listen, if you’re in Tampa, you need to swing by my bar.

    No more excuses.

  18. Damn auto – correct, I’ve been “strategizing”, not stargazing-lol… well, at least when it comes to baseball anyway. You are correct, my dear Triple SC, I am indeed putting big confidence points for Cubs (pure karma) and Red Sox (pure talent ). Here I am, making it in before April 19th noon deadline:
    AL :
    East: My Red Sox (6)
    Central: Tigers (2)
    West: Angels (3)
    East: Nationals (4)
    Central: Cubs (5)
    West : Padres (1)

    It’s going to be a rough year for the Rays….I sadly predict 67 wins.

    I watched the Yanks @ Rays on tv and noticed all those empty seats, but I will let you know the plans for my upcoming trip to the Trop:)
    Good Luck to all,
    Dee Dee

  19. Before I get disqualified for not entering my own pool, here are my predictions:

    Detroit Tigers in the AL Central for 6
    Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West for 5
    Chicago Cubs in the NL Central for 4
    Boston Red Sox in the AL East for 3
    Oakland A’s in the AL West for 2
    Washington Nationals in the NL East for 1

  20. Dee Dee is officially in with her homer picks and I forgot my tiebreaker.

    I’m going to err on the side of positivity and say the Rays finish at .500. 81 wins.

  21. Chump, a day late and a dollar short have been my motto for so many years why stop now?

    con permiso…

    AL East – Red Sox – 3
    AL Central – Royals – 4
    AL West – Angels -2

    NL East – Braves – 1
    NL Central – Cardinals -5
    NL West – Dodgers – 6

    Rays win 74 and call it good enough

  22. Alright, we’ll let Tree slide for being a day late. I mean, it’s not like he’s gonna win this thing anyway.

    I’ve updated this posted to include everyone’s official picks. Please confirm my secretary got everything right.

    Best of luck to everyone. Except Tree.

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