Who wants a free MLB Jersey courtesy of SportsChump and Majestic Athletic?

sportschumpI love running my website.

As you all know, it’s my running diary, my voice, my therapy.

Not only that, I get free stuff.

Apparently someone out there is keeping tabs on the grooviest websites in cyberspace because I get free giveaways all the time… and when I get free stuff, you get free stuff.

This time around, the good people at Majestic are offering up a brand, spanking new 2015 Cool Base Jersey that I’ll be able to wear to the Trop to see the Rays lose 90 games this season.  It’s okay though.  Chicks dig an underdog.  In a few more years, I’ll be able to wear my Majestic Rays jersey around town and inspire locals to reminisce about the days Tampa used to have a baseball team.

It’ll be a collector’s item.  What can I say?  I’m a slave to fashion.

Rays jerseyAside from supplying me with a stylishly fresh jersey (and an extra day of not having to do laundry), Majestic is also hosting a contest giving my readers the opportunity to WIN THEIR OWN JERSEY and saving you the rigmarole of running your own award-winning, cutting edge sports website.  (Note: You don’t have to choose the Rays jersey if you don’t want.)

Please peruse their website for more sweet deals and FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

All I need are 100 people to click on this URL.  Find the drop down box that mentions you were referred by SportsChump.net and you will be eligible to win your own free jersey.  That’s right.  One of my lucky readers will be wearing a brand new Major League Baseball jersey just for visiting their website.

Everybody say “Thank you, Majestic.”

I’d like to thank Majestic Athletic once again for their graciousness in hosting this contest.  May the most deserving reader win!

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11 Replies to “Who wants a free MLB Jersey courtesy of SportsChump and Majestic Athletic?”

  1. Boom – done! Sorry, I won’t be choosing the Rays jersey, but I suppose you already knew that!

  2. From the way my Giants are starting off the year I don’t suppose they’ll break their every-other-year syndrome… Love to have a jersey to match my hats and wind breaker though…

  3. Dwin…

    Majestic told me if I get 100 people to sign up, one of them is a guaranteed winner. Otherwise, you all get entered into the pool with everyone else.

    I told them getting 100 shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve also asked them to keep me updated on how many were referred by the Chump.

  4. Dodgers, size L.
    Thanks Majestic & thanks to the Chump. It’ll go great with my SportsChump Tshirt.

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