Twitter Blatter: Internet has field day with ex-FIFA prez

This just in!  Soccer’s corrupt.

Wait, you already knew that.  That’d be like telling you the sky is blue or Adrian Peterson has poor parenting skills.

In news that came as a shock to no one, FIFA’s Sepp Blatter resigned only five days after being elected to his fifth presidential term.  So much for term limits.

Apparently the heat on Blatter was just too much… and he hadn’t even made it to Qatar yet.  Rim shot please.

Who knows what he took and when but let’s just say the guy doesn’t have much of a fan club.  Twitter rejoiced at the announcement of his resignation.

Here are some of the more celebratory and downright hysterical Tweets that hit the airwaves the day international soccer was (hopefully) changed forever.


Blatts All FolksDanny Baker ‏@prodnose

#Blatter: “I’m 79. It just struck me that I ought to be spending more time with my lawyers. Did I say lawyers? I meant grandchildren.”


J . ‏@The_Wonderball

America has finally managed to successfully remove a dictator without starting a war, or killing any innocent children. Progress! #Blatter


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

I find it ironic that Sepp Blatter stepped down as #FIFA president for secret handshakes in a sport where you can’t use your hands


Ethan Booker ‏@Ethan_Booker

It’s time for Sepp Blatter to take over the NFL and clean that trash heap up.


Scooby FIFAMike Greenberg ‏@Espngreeny

Sepp Blatter looks like one of those college coaches running before the NCAA gets them. Only, in this case, the authorities will follow.


Dave Pell ‏@davepell

The Patriots just hired Sepp Blatter as equipment manager.


Will McAvoy ‏@WillMcAvoyACN

Sepp Blatter is also the worst Bond villain name ever.


Brooks Peck ‏@BrooksDT

Sepp Blatter resigns. In unrelated news, an unknown new candidate named “Blepp Satter” has announced his candidacy.


Steve Braband ‏@stevebraband

If this were 2011, I’d tweet Sepp Blatter’s recent presidency was shorter than a Kardashian marriage.

But it’s not. So I wont tweet that.


FIFA corrupt cartoonJRehling ‏@JRehling

When Sepp Blatter dies, he’ll corrupt Hell.


Ken Plume ‏@KenPlume

Sepp Blatter has announced that the next World Cup will be held in federal prison.


jimgeraghty ‏@jimgeraghty

Sepp Blatter to Accept Management Position in Clinton Foundation


God ‏@TheTweetOfGod

Sepp Blatter is retiring to spend more time with his money.


Mark Ennis ‏@MarkEnnis

Sepp Blatter was re-elected and resigned since the Cavs last played.


Matt Bai ‏@mattbai

I would have liked it if Sepp Blatter had ended his news conference with: “Stay thirsty, my friends.”


Johnny Splendor ‏@HandsUpStudio

All five Soccer/football fans I know should be ecstatic


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4 Replies to “Twitter Blatter: Internet has field day with ex-FIFA prez”

  1. Some pretty funny stuff, but I’ve got to say….international soccer corrupt? Anytime you start talking about “international” sports organizations, corruption is assumed / expected. Hell, as Al (tophatal) would say, we can look at any of our US sports leagues and find plenty of that. I’ll crawl back into my foil-lined basement now and believe that everyone is just doing the best for their league.

    One more note – that was a tough one for the Lightning last night. Not a hockey guy but know you were watching that one.

  2. Still grimacing over that Lightning loss, Moose. Gotta take comfort in the fact that they were whipping that ass for about 45 minutes and have all the capability in the world of doing so again.

    Just have to close. Like Alec Baldwin said, ABC. Always be closing!

    Yeah, so this soccer thing, $40,000 payouts in envelopes? We got in the wrong business, brother.

  3. Those were some solid Tweets, huh, Bleed?

    Just when we thought we had forever gotten rid of AstroTurf, Blatter ok’d the use of artificial turf for the women’s Cup.

    Would like to have been in the board room for that vote.

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