Buster Barnett and his two women

“You know we’ve got to find a way, to bring some lovin’ here today.”

-Marvin Gaye, What’s Goin’ On


My buddy J-Dub has a series of posts he calls “Signs We Are Near The End Of Civilization.”  These posts traverse a number of topics that range from petty to disturbing, some that have to do with sports, all of which have to do with the fact that we are sprinting towards the finish line of “civil”ization as we know it.

hmmmI’ve discussed a number of these things that make you go hmmm myself.  They’d be laughable if they weren’t so damn telling.  For example, I get that we need metal detectors in schools.  It’s just sad that we do.

You see, the main difference between Dub and me is that he’s a realist.  I’m an idealist and always have been.  What’s that old Winston Churchill line that goes if you’re not a liberal when you’re young then you have no heart and if you’re not conservative by the time you’re older, you have no brain?  Well, call me the scarecrow.  I’ve always believed, and still do, that we can coexist without a) randomly smacking the shit out of one another and b) doing things that warrant you having the shit smacked out of you.

It all seems pretty simple to me.  Perhaps I’m drinking different water than everyone else.

Years ago, I wrote somewhat jokingly about a fantasy sports league where the athletes you drafted would garner points if they raped, murdered, took performance enhancing drugs, drove drunk, got into a bar fight, recorded a rap album, etc.  The post was inspired right around the time news of Michael Vick’s dog ring broke.  It seemed that with every passing day, athletes kept finding their way into more unimaginably despicable situations.

Times haven’t changed much since Vick.

Athletes beating women has become commonplace.  DUIs continue at alarming rate.  Athletes are routinely jailed and suspended for who knows what.

Now we have a story with so much wrong to it that I don’t even know where to begin.  And I thought a catfight breaking out at Macho Camacho’s funeral took the cake.

BusterMeet Buster Barnett.

I had never heard of Buster Barnett until an unnamed source sent me a TMZ link explaining what went down with his two women.

Buster Barnett was a tight end who played for the Buffalo Bills back in the day, clearly not the most famous Bill to land himself in trouble with the law but a pretty famous Bill nonetheless.

Buster Barnett had himself a wife.  And a girlfriend.

Now he has neither.

The reason for that is because his mistress of three years kidnapped his wife, shot her and then committed suicide.

Yeah, this is going on in our world.

Gentlemen, have we learned nothing from Lorena Bobbitt?  I get that people stray and sex lives lose their luster.  Trust me.  I have my own long history of infidelity.  But it might be time for us to pop Fatal Attraction back into the DVD player the next time we feel like putting our business where it doesn’t belong.

Barnett’s mistress kidnapped his wife, took her for a ride in her SUV at gunpoint, driving from Georgia to Alabama as police chased after them then fired her weapon on Barnett’s wife and then on herself.

I’m speechless.

Can I be the first to just shake this planet and ask repeatedly “What the fuck is going on?”

Let’s go back to square one, shall we?  Husbands, if you have a wife, don’t cheat on her.  Wives, you do the same.  If you feel like straying, discuss it with your partner or better yet, don’t get married in the first place.  And for goodness sakes, don’t kill anyone.  Aside from being wholeheartedly immoral, it also happens to be against the law.  If your husband cheats on you, kick him in the nuts or something.  Then bang one of his friends.  Those techniques were successful retribution long before guns were invented.

Alright, it’s time for me to stop reading the disturbing articles that people send me.  Now if you excuse me, I’m going back to my bubble.

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14 Replies to “Buster Barnett and his two women”

  1. Another old saying comes to mind… That woman is nuttier than squirrel shit!

    Using a weapon on another person for anything other than protecting yourself and/or your family is just outrageous! This isn’t the first time and unfortunately, based on the kind of people running around on this planet, it won’t be the last…

  2. I still have not got past Hector Camacho being dead. I had no idea or just don’t remember. I honestly can’t believe people get that outraged by something they can’t control. Sad state of affairs in this world. Is it football season yet?

  3. Damn. Hadn’t heard. That’s brutal.

    I never understood people getting mad at the “other woman” or “other man”…They aren’t the ones the promise of fidelity is made to. Shouldn’t the disappointment be levied against the one who cheated on you?

    I’ve seen it happen over and over but don’t understand it.

    If my woman cheated on me, (God forbid) I wouldn’t want to hurt the guy…Men are men, a dog is a dog and the always shit on the rug eventually…I’d be hurt, but I’d hope they truly love each other because I’m out. She’s yours now dude.

    Trust is the most valuable commodity shared between humans. Especially your life mate. Once that’s broken you either forgive or move on…Personally, after 20+ years of marriage, I’d move on….But by no means would I physically hurt him or her.

    …Though, if it were someone in my inner circle of male friends that it happened with, it might change things a bit and a vicious beating would be in order…But certainly not murder.

  4. “Husbands, if you have a wife, don’t cheat on her. Wives, you do the same. If you feel like straying, discuss it with your partner or better yet, don’t get married in the first place. And for goodness sakes, don’t kill anyone. Aside from being wholeheartedly immoral, it also happens to be against the law. If your husband cheats on you, kick him in the nuts or something. Then bang one of his friends.”

    SC – That has to be one of the best paragraphs ever written about infidelity and I’m taking a leap of faith that you don’t have a psychology degree. At the risk of sounding perverted in the eyes of some – just find a spouse that doesn’t have a problem with the concept of an “open marriage”. I give you Will & Jada Pinkett Smith as the poster children of the concept although there are thousands if not millions of “normal” folks doing the same.

    On 2nd thought, I would make your last sentence go like this…”Then bang one of his friends – just make sure he’s got looks and money.”

  5. Dwin…

    Sad story and not one I tried to make light of in any way.

    Not sure what the hell’s going on with us but the mere fact that Donald Trump is the leading GOP Presidential candidate should tell us that this country is a little off kilter.

    And that’s putting it politely.

  6. Soon, D. Soon.

    Hey, I think we’re getting the Lillians gang back together for Tennessee weekend. And there will be a Beaver sighting. I think the game actually falls on his birthday.

    Prepare the air mattresses.

  7. Moose…

    Isn’t that the ultimate revenge?

    Like I said, I’ve had my fair share of looking elsewhere in my day. Even acted on it plenty.

    But damn, these things happen. No sense getting bloody over it.

  8. Nothing like a woman scorned .

    How bad is Tiger Woods’ game ? Twelve months ago he was still ranked in the top ten of the world golf rankings and now he’s slumped to two hundred and fifty-eight in the world ? ‘nough said .
    Woods’ game seems to be based on his recent track record and relationships with women. Cheated on ex with strippers and p#rn stars . Hooks up with Lindsey Vonn and then cheats on her with his massage therapist. His balls and 9 iron are getting the job done off the course . Yet he can’t get his balls within an inch of a hole , where it matters most and that’s on a golf course . LOL,LOL !!

    Nate Karns becomes on the second Rays’ pitcher to hit a home run in a regular season game and it’s in a game where the team actually won . Imagine that, since the introduction of intra league games between the AL and NL .

  9. I am ready for UT weekend.

    Tophat, I saw that Tiger was rumored to have been with Amanda Dufner, who recently got divorced from Jason Dufner about the same time Lindsey Vonn kicked Tiger to the curb for cheating. If so, that is just way low, even for Tiger.

  10. Tennessee weekend sounds fun, D, and dangerous.

    Yea, I had also heard that about Tiger. But should it really surprise anyone at this point that he broke the bro code?

    I guess at this point, golfers are still happy that he brought so much attention to the sports, jacking up tourney purses and all but I wonder, if they took an anonymous poll, how many would just like to see him gone already.

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