The Top and Bottom Ten Things about the 2014-2015 NBA season

nba logoThe 2014-15 NBA season is now a month behind us.  And what a season it was.

It’s been quite an off-season too.  Summer leagues are already in full swing.  LeBron James is holed up in a gym somewhere doing a thousand push-ups a day and obsessing about next year with a picture of Steph Curry taped to his work-out room mirror.  Meanwhile, Golden State still celebrates, the draft came and went, free agents have either re-signed or signed elsewhere, Kobe remains a dick to his teammates and Mark Cuban and DeAndre Jordan continue to have a war of words about their ever so brief summer bromance.  Summer lovin’… happened so fa-ast.

But last season should not be forgotten for it quite possibly shuffled in an entirely new era of basketball.  To officially cap off last season and welcome in the new, here’s a brief top and bottom ten list about the season that was.


Top 10

10 – Anthony Davis emerged as one of the game’s brightest young superstars

9 – Andre Iguodala finally got the recognition he deserved by winning Finals MVP

8 – Paul Pierce reminded us once again why he is nicknamed ‘The Truth’

7 – No more David Stern press conferences

6 – Another season of Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal on the set of Inside the NBA

5 – Russell Westbrook’s ruthless string of triple-doubles

4 – LeBron James continued to rewrite the playoff record books

3 – On one magical January night, we watched Klay Thompson score 37 points… in a single quarter

2 – The Western Conference playoffs

1 – We got to see a brand new team, the Golden State Warriors, with some well-deserving players win an NBA championship for a city that hadn’t seen one in forty years


Bottom 10

10 – Rajon Rondo, once considered one of the better point guards in the league, showed us his true colors

9 – Kevin Garnett returned to Minnesota and did absolutely nothing

8 – No more David Stern press conferences

7 – Kobe Bryant shot 37% from the floor

6 – Kevin Durant’s foot surgery

5 – Tim Duncan is one year closer to retirement

4 – Julius Randle played 14 minutes in a Lakers uniform before breaking his right tibia.  Milwaukee’s Jabari Parker tore his ACL after 25 games.  Both rookies were lost for the season.

3 – We didn’t get to see what Cleveland could do at full strength

2 – The Eastern Conference was an absolute embarrassment

1 – The New York Knicks

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11 Replies to “The Top and Bottom Ten Things about the 2014-2015 NBA season”

  1. Even at full strength the Cavaliers would not have been able to beat the Warriors. Golden State had better depth on their roster and need you be reminded that Steve Kerr can coach and has a better insight on the NBA , than David Blatt will ever be able to accumulate. Idiots bought into the crap that LBJ could single handed will Cleveland to an NBA title . It didn’t happen and LBJ is now 2-4 in Finals’ appearances . Now what ?

    In the West they play ball and the coaching is a great deal better. In the East there is more fecal excrement on display than actual talent and the coaching there is abysmal.

    One more thing we also found out Deron Williams is a fu#king cancer and the Nets’ front office are a bunch of @ssholes.

    Most underrated coach in the NBA is the Celtic’ Brad Stevens. Look at what he was able to achieve with that team .

  2. Al…

    Things certainly would have been more interesting, that’s for sure. Love never got into his groove as a Cav which why I’m inclined to agree with you but the Minnesota Love that was a rebounding and three point machine would have kept Golden State on its heels. And a healthy Kyrie would have at least kept Steph honest.

    I’m looking forward to another stout Western Conference this year and that first Mavericks-Clippers game which should be a doozy, what with Cuban and Jordan going back and forth.

    I agree with you on Stevens. Good coach. That’s why they stole him from Butler.

  3. Other than LBJ , Dellevedova was the only player who played consistently in the Finals . Kerr and the Warriors’ coaching staff out-coached their opposing numbers. Why anyone was wallowing in the James’ fecal matter was beyond comprehension . David Blatt is still learning his craft , while Steve Kerr was in his element . How is it that even you overlooked that very fact ?

  4. #1 – No more David Stern

    I swear to God, if I ever cross paths with that slimy little troll, he will receive a vicious beat down for what he did to my franchise.

  5. But he might have already led the Lakers to one…Or more.


  6. On a somewhat related note, Stern also denied the Magic the injury exception for Grant Hill. The guy hadn’t played in years, clearly wasn’t going to be able to and Stern nixed their request for salary exemption to sign someone to be somewhat competitive.


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