Gilbert Arenas banned once again Caption Contest

gilbertGilbert Arenas is a former NBA player.  More commonly known for being suspended by the league for bringing firearms into the locker room and then mocking about it in a pre-game warm up, there was a time when Arenas could actually ball.

He just no longer does, at least not in the NBA.  Perhaps he should keep his talents to the fairgrounds and firing ranges where he’s having considerably more success.

Arenas took his children to the Orange County State Fair recently and will now need a new toy room in his house after finding a hot streak on the pop-a-shots.  As we can see from the picture below, Arenas was putting the biscuit in the basket with net-scorching frequency.  Like Kobayashi at an all-you-can-eat-buffet or any of my ex-girlfriends at a complaining competition, Arenas held an unfair competitive advantage.  No word as to whether the Knicks have offered him a contract.

Arenas was subsequently banned from the state park after taking home what appears to be every stuffed animal ever made.  And so we host yet another caption contest in his honor.

The winner of this week’s caption contest will receive the stuffed animal of your choosing (bottom shelf, right side only), some cotton candy, a hayride around the park with the bearded lady and one of those cheeseburgers that have glazed donuts for buns.  Cholesterol screening not included.


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17 Replies to “Gilbert Arenas banned once again Caption Contest”

  1. I would have paid money to watch Agent Zero bring the county fair to its knees with their corrupt games. That said I filled it up one night many years ago at the Disney Boardwalk and they too asked me to leave. You have to shoot the ball high.

    As for the caption: I don’t know any of these kids. #Hibachi

  2. Nice, D. I forgot they called Agent Zero hibachi.

    And you’re right.

    Watching him shoot at will would have been fun as hell. I bet he drew quite the crowd. Almost as much as you did back in the day…. okay, maybe a few more fans, but not much.

  3. OK – here’s a few right off the top:

    ~ I always wanted to be a brain surgeon, but hey, this runs a close second.
    ~ If you can find me in this photo, you can have me for the league minimum (good luck Knicks).
    ~ Name 5 things that don’t belong in this picture.
    ~ Amazing what the threat of bringing my handgun in here got me!
    ~ Take that Javaris Crittenton. Talk about out-shooting me now you punk-ass!
    ~ See NBA, I don’t need you. The street value on these bad boys will keep me in scratch until at least tomorrow – I’m headed for Six Flags next on my national tour.
    And last but not least:
    ~ Wow! When I gave them my 4 dollars to play, I didn’t know that they gave kids as prizes. A kid per dollar – what a deal!

  4. Look at Moose running off at the typewriter. And there’s another name we haven’t heard lately: Javaris Crittenton. What the hell kind of name is that anyway?

    I once went to school with a guy named Thaddeus Vanlandingham. Best name ever. Had a personality to suit the name too. I think we dared the kid to eat the tail someone had chopped off a gecko once. And he did.

    I think taking NBA players to the fair would be fun. A battle of the athlete stars sort of thing.

    Although if it comes to a cotton candy eating contest, my money is on Glenn Big Baby Davis. That kid just looks like he was born to eat amusement park food.

  5. Well at least he wasn’t packing and then shot the stuffed animal to take home with him . Agent 0 former NBA player can take heart he’s not a dentist on a safari hunt in Zimbabwe.

    What’s this about Vin Baker now an employee at Starbucks ? Was a time Baker could afford to own a Starbucks’ franchise outlet , now he’s working one as barista ? What the hell ?

    Legal wrangles in the NFL again ? Brady and his lawyers are vowing to go after the league with both barrels blazing . I’m up for a good laugh at this juncture ! Deflated balls will be the subject of this legal barb and wrangle . What more else this league to prove what an embarrassment this whole spectacle has become .

    Tragic news concerning Tony Dorsett ( Alzheimer’s Disease and CTE – chronic traumatic encephalopathy ) . At the same time the league will deny a member of the Seau family the opportunity for them to accept their father’s accolade at the Hall of Fame ceremony this weekend. Hopefully , the league and Hall of Fame will jointly have a change of heart concerning this.


  6. He Shoots, He Scores!
    Virile, good looking, ex-pro basketball player, looking for love and great with kids. Able to assist in children’s birthday party entertainment, (instruction included for just the right “shot”).

  7. ” I’ve been known to shoot for the ladies, but when I shoot with my gun , I always hit my target . Javaris Crittenton I’m coming for you ni#ga ” !

  8. The crowd was my ex-wife and three kids. $2 got you 3 balls and I didn’t have a single round where I didn’t hit at least 1 ball. Started with little ones and kept trading up until my kids had 3 jumbo stuffed animals. Only cost me about $20. The guy said he thought it was time I left…no joke lol.

  9. Nice work, Mar. We might just have ourselves a winner.

    And let it be known that Mary came up with that response because she’s used to cruising the want ads for just such prospects.


  10. Chris

    Vin Baker is said to have earned over $60 million over the course of his career. How much coke, hookers and gambling must he have been doing ? Baker’s financial consultant must have ties to the adviser for Deuce McAllister (who filed for bankruptcy with debts of over $25 million) after his fall from grace making some asinine business deals.

    I see the Buckeyes have trademarked Urban Meyers’ name ? WTF ! Jim Tressel , granted was a lying sack of $hit while there, but Meyer’s gets this honor, because he wins the first national title under the new format ? No word as of yet, if former Buckeyes’ President Dr E Gordon Gee will have a bust of him placed on the campus . After-all, he did suggest that the SEC was an overrated conference as well as non BCS conferences at the time, shouldn’t be allowed the privilege of being part of the old Bowl format.

  11. Chris,

    How else am I supposed to find such charming sports personalities to chat with?

  12. Just goes to show ya’, Al, that nothing is forever. Booze isn’t even as expensive a habit as some of the other vices out there.

    And who can explain anything that goes on in college football these days? Certainly not me, that’s for sure.

  13. Bleed…

    I don’t know where Waldo is but I can tell ya’ he’s not going to be invited back to that fairgrounds any time soon.

    If they were smart, they’d invite him back and charge admission.

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