Twitter and the Republican Presidential debate

Republican elephantNext year, we here in the United States will be voting in a new President.  Whether you like him or not, President Barack Obama’s two terms as Commander-in-Chief will be over.  The Democratic Party likely has their next candidate in Hillary Clinton.  The Republican Party, however, is still looking for the one person who will give them back control of the White House.

Last night, America watched the first organized debate between those looking to fill that role.  From Donald Trump to Marco Rubio to Jeb Rush to Rand Paul, Americans tuned in to see who might become the next leader of the free world.

Millions watched.  The debate’s television ratings matched Game Six of the NBA Finals… and were equally as entertaining.  It was by far the most watched primary debate ever televised.  Republicans eager for change watched to find someone they can believe in.  Liberals watched for the comedic value.

Needless to say, Twitter had something to say about the ten men on stage.  Here are some of the more satirical Tweets from the night that was.


#BBHMM ‏@TheAngryFangirl

I think we’ve reached the point where if you’re playing a drinking game it’s time to just chug. Chug until it all goes away. #GOPDebate


Ben CarsonGeorge Wallace ‏@MrGeorgeWallace

“Dr. Carson, my question’s for you. I’ve had an erection for more than 4 hours…” #GOPDebate


Chloe Angyal, PhD ‏@ChloeAngyal

I’m sorry, why do we let men lead this country? #GOPDebate


Josh Seefried ‏@JoshSeefried

Can we please make this a weekly show?  #GOPDebate


Jeff Dwoskin ‏@bigmacher

Finally a question from Facebook: “In my most recent travel photos do I look fat? I asked for those not to be posted.” #GOPDebate


Maureen Johnson ‏@maureenjohnson

I feel like ten guys are aggressively trying to sell me a used car that they know smells like smoke. #GOPDebate


Chris Illuminati ‏@chrisilluminati

SNL is really killing it with this #GOPDebate sketch


Rand PaulGohar Gazazyan ‏@GoharGB

My ears hurt. Let’s get to the swimsuit competition already. #GOPDebate


Will Bunch ‏@Will_Bunch

If the Mexican government was really “cunning,” it would have bought a tourism ad during the debate #GOPDebate


Doug Benson ‏@DougBenson

“It’s a person as soon as the man buys the woman a second drink.” -M uckabee #GOPDebate


Keating Thomas ‏@keatingthomas

Man, I just can’t imagine why the Republicans haven’t locked up the Hispanic vote. #GOPDebate


Ken Plume ‏@KenPlume

“If it weren’t for me, no one would be talking about me.” – Trump, 2016  #GOPdebate


Trump smirkPresident Trump ‏@Writeintrump

Marco Rubio admitted he’s poor. Like we couldn’t tell that already from his suit.  #GOPDebate


Ari Scott ‏@ariscott

I haven’t seen this many opinionated white men in the same room since, well, I guess since this morning. It’s very common. #GOPDebate


Maureen Johnson ‏@maureenjohnson

This is the best Sharknado so far. #GOPDebate


Aaron Fullerton ‏@AaronFullerton

There should be a monster truck rally intermission. #GOPDebate


Marco RubioDamien Fahey ‏@DamienFahey

If Marco Rubio does a good job answering tonight, his mom says they can stop for pizza on the way home. #GOPDebate


Nein. ‏@NeinQuarterly

Who’s winning the #GOPDebate? According to preliminary reports, anybody who’s not watching.


Hal Sparks ‏@HalSparks

Trumps plan is to write a 13th chapter in the constitution #GOPDebate


Peter Schorsch ‏@SaintPetersblog

“I made a lot of money in Atlantic City,” is exactly what you want to hear come out of the mouth of a presidential candidate. #GOPDebate


Scott Weinberg ‏@scottEweinberg

This is the dullest Viagra commercial of all time. #GOPDebate


CaptainTouchback ‏@CaptTouchback

So far no questions about:

– Confederate flag

– Gay marriage

– Cecil the Lion

– Properly inflated footballs



HuckabeeKevin ‏@RedSoxRedShoes

Let’s take a moment. Applause for a Republican man who said he attended a gay marriage. We’re getting there. #GOPDebate


Josh Comers ‏@joshcomers

You went to a gay wedding? Hopefully not in that suit. #KasichSlam #GOPDebate


Wonkette ‏@Wonkette

Do you hate black people, and how much? #GOPdebate


Richard Deitsch ‏@richarddeitsch

“Show of hands: How many of you plan to see Straight Outta Compton?” #GOPDebate


JebChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Jeb Bush just said we need to take out ISIS with every tool at our disposal.  There are plenty on stage tonight #GOPDebate



Ken Plume ‏@KenPlume

“It was my understanding there would be no mention of my brother.” -Jeb #GOPdebate


CaptainTouchback ‏@CaptTouchback

Governor Christie, did you get your military expertise from Tom Clancy novels? #GOPDebate


Patton Oswalt ‏@pattonoswalt

“Kill people and break things,” Huckabee just described the GOP. #GOPDebate


David D. Burstein ‏@davidburstein

In final moments…”what about the veterans” a great reflection for how our politics have failed to prioritize our veterans. #GOPDebate


Andrew Hall ‏@DudeYouCrazy

Rubio says journey from a bar to #GOPDebate stage is why he’s running. Ironically, I want to run from this debate to a bar.


Alexis Goldstein ‏@alexisgoldstein

“My father worked his whole life in a Breyer’s ice cream plant. I continued his dream by eating that ice cream plant.” – Christie #GOPDebate



This is like the police lineup for the most boring crime ever committed #GOPDebate



Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s Parade of the Unelectables. Let’s do it again soon.

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13 Replies to “Twitter and the Republican Presidential debate”

  1. Ben Carson believes Obamacare has done more to harm African Americans than slavery ? Damn

    La Donald ,. let’s give it up for your call on Mexicans and being able to bring back jobs to America for workers here. Now answer the question, as to why the Trump Organization uses the HB1 Visa Program so voraciously to hire workers from abroad to work in the hospitality area for your hotels based in the US , specifically as concierge and kitchen staff ? As to his economical policy, I would guess he needs to sit down with the Chinese and discuss it at length . Trump is as clueless as they come on economics as he is with regard to anything else concerning the real underlying issues of the country . I hope he’s ready to hire some Hispanics to build his wall along the US Mexican border. LOL,LOL !!!

    Carly Fiorina , Hewlett Pacard overpaid for your alleged expertize as its CEO .

    Seventeen Republican candidates in a room having debate ? Well , well , well . Loony tunes . Democrat candidates having a debate …… snooze-fest.

  2. For some as yet undefined reason I found myself watching this last night. Live TV in early August…it was a smart move to stage this when they did as the ratings seem to indicate. I even caught a few minutes of the “Happy Hour” debate at 5 Eastern between the seven GOP candidates deemed not ready for prime time based on their average ranking from several polls. From what I saw I think a couple of those folks may move up from the “kiddie table” when the next debate comes around. Seventeen people all trying to one up each other was a train wreck I could not turn away from…at least last night.

  3. Can’t wait for he same coverage of the Democrat debate. Oh wait. Hillary is so weak, they won’t have one. A debate will expose her for the fraud that she is.

  4. Burnsy…

    It’ll filter down to the ‘qualified’ few. Whether we deem them presidential remains to be seen.

    I do think down the road, Rubio will present himself as a viable candidate for President.

    We shall see.

  5. Now don’t my comment stop you from posting thought-provoking commentary. My comment was not intended to offend. I know some folks might say I’m just ignoring in the hopes it will all go away but I know that ain’t the case – I’m watching reports of another fracas in Missouri that makes me wonder what people on both sides of the aisle are doing???????.

  6. They’re not getting along, Moose, and they’re certainly not communicating.

    That’s the biggest problem with bipartisan politics.

    Republicans and Democrats in this country are like an old, embittered married couple who can’t see eye to eye on even the most basic of things while watching their marriage go down the tubes.

  7. Hilarious twitter quotes Chumpy… too bad these fools aren’t as funny

    not funny at all how it’s a choice between one of these fools and Hillary… time to head for the hills buddy

    Of course if Trump were’t crazy enough on his own the mere prospect of another 16 years of Bush or Clinton should scare ‘somebody’ into voting for Rand Paul…

    or anyone not named Bush or Clinton

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