Twitter hits Geno Smith harder than Ilkemefuna Enemkpali

Jets helmetBoys will be boys.  And Jets will most certainly be Jets.

Jets fans aren’t used to losing hope ‘til midway through the season.  As least this year, they can get through their suffering early.

In the wake of Cam Newton scrapping with fellow Panther Josh Norman, now comes news that Geno Smith was sucker punched by teammate Ikemefuna Enemkpali.  Needless to say, that teammate was called into the coach’s office and summarily released.

According to early reports, the Jets starting quarterback will be out 6-10 weeks with a broken jaw but that didn’t stop Twitter from having a little fun at the QB’s expense.



ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Perhaps NFL coaches should once again remind their players why quarterbacks wear red jerseys in the preseason.


Eric Mirlis ‏@themirl

There are days where I question why I stay a Jets fan. Today qualifies as one.


BurritoBrosShits ‏@BurritoBrosShit

What if someone sucker punched Will Muschamp last year?


Mike Corcoran ‏@MikeCorcoranNHL

The Jets are doing Jet things, it is officially football season!


BigHeadSports ‏@BigHeadSports


Geno Smith saw Cam Newton fighting and must’ve got brave…


Steve Braband ‏@stevebraband

Pro Tip:

Hey Linebacker trying to make an NFL team,

Don’t punch the starting QB and break his jaw.


President Trump ‏@Writeintrump

Roger Goodell can’t believe the Geno Smith incident.  A NFL player actually punched someone who wasn’t a woman or child.


pwnteam ‏@pwnteam

During the fight, Geno Smith threw a punch that went 3 feet above his teammate’s head.


Matt Clapp ‏@sharapovasthigh

God, I wish the Jets were the Hard Knocks team.


Pierre The Pelican ‏@PelicanPierre

The Jets locker room is even more dangerous than being in a elevator with Ray Rice.


Arkansas Fred ‏@ArkansasFred

Fights in training camp are good. Fights everywhere are good. Take a swing at your barista. Dropkick a newspaper box. Punch a car.


Ethan Booker ‏@Ethan_Booker

This is the first time a guy in New Jersey named Geno got sucker punched since yesterday.


Cindy Boren ‏@CindyBoren

Never, never think that the Jets are incapable of surprising you. Just don’t.


Faux John Madden ‏@FauxJohnMadden

BREAKING:  Bears reach out to Jets player that punched out Geno Smith to check availability on meeting with Jay Cutler


nascarcasm ‏@nascarcasm

That’s like the Jetsiest thing ever. #GenoSmith


Jason Smith ‏@howaboutafresca

Geno Smith out 6-10 weeks with a broken jaw from a locker room fight. Or as the Jets like to call it, Tuesday.


Austin Huff ‏@AustinHuff

BREAKING: Geno’s jaw.


Eric Stangel ‏@EricStangel

It’s Vinny Testaverde time! #Jets


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8 Replies to “Twitter hits Geno Smith harder than Ilkemefuna Enemkpali”

  1. Obviously if this happened to a Manning, Brady or Luck jokes wouldn’t be as free-flowing. Excuse my adding on with puns but Geno Smith and the Jets are sitting ducks as “punching bags” for anything out of the ordinary, especially something as “hard-hitting” as this. I don’t know if Geno laid hands on IE before this smackdown occurred or not…but I feel guilt in finding humor in what could potentially be a pure assault situation. Sampling the public opinion coming in…I think a majority of folks think the fact this happened in an NFL locker room is OK or at the very least “understandable.” Fact is if it happens on your street or in your office the perp is being helped into a squad car. Regardless of the power of the NFL to entertain us and operate at almost a god-like level this is at the end of the day contractually a case of workplace violence….an irony considering the nature of the work being done IS violence.

  2. Geno Smith being hit on the jaw or chin . Wow ! Well let’s look at this his stats . How many times has Smith been able to hit a target in full stride , let alone had a completion percentage above 60% in a game ? I say , put Bryce Petty in and to hell with Geno Smith !

  3. That’s the thing though, Burnsy. Something like this would never happen to those guys.

    Although we never thought Brady would be suspended four games for wrong-doing either.

    I heard the altercation was over money but who knows.

  4. Just beautiful Rex Ryan picked up IE. Obviously a two-fold move…he hopes that if he beats the Jets this guy will help them do it so he can hold it over all of New York. He also is clearly lobbying for next year’s “Hard Knocks” coverage. Ryan is always acting out for the media…he has to “yell louder” now that he is in update NY…and not in NYC.

  5. I had so much to write about this and was in WI seeing the PGA. Dang. There are some gems here and love that Pierre the Pelican had something to say.

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