Twitter celebrates the end of DeflateGate

CN_McQwWsAAe6U-It’s over.  It’s finally over.

Schedule yet another parade in New England.

Thursday morning, we all woke up to the news that the most overrated scandal in all of sports has finally come to an end.  Dare I use the pun that DeflateGate was tremendously… over blown.

I could go on for hours about the mockery of Commissioner Goodell’s judicial process regarding Tom Brady’s suspension and his whole mishandling of the DeflateGate debacle in relation to the league’s other more pertinent issues but why when I can let Twitter do it for me?



Dave Zirin ‏@EdgeofSports

Thank G-d. I can go back to hating the Patriots and Brady again.


Peter Burns ‏@PeterBurnsESPN

Sepp Blatter thinks Roger Goodell is having a couple of rough months.


John Gonzalez ‏@gonzoCSN

It’s nice that something finally worked out for Tom Brady


JJ Cooper ‏@jjcoop36

Amazing that as a Steelers’ fan I’d rather see Brady QBing the Patriots next week than see Roger Goodell get away with his mistakes.


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Jimmy Garoppolo, your 15 minutes are up.  


SportsPickle ‏@sportspickle

NFL opener quiz, @nflcommish. If James Harrison sacks Tom Brady, will you: a) fine Harrison b) fine Brady c) all of the above


TurfShowTimes ‏@TurfShowTimes

REFEREE: Holding, #72, offense. GOODELL: I know the rulebook says that’s 10 yards, but I have decided it’s now 20 yards and a paddlin’.  

CN_H_YPUEAAOViG Michael Abromowitz ‏@FootballExpert

Breaking News: Tom Brady continues to win life.  


Kevin Paul ‏@kevinspaul He’s got Gisele, he’s got rings… he wins Deflategate… Brady might as well run w/ Trump for Prez.  #NFL    


alex ‏@steven_lebron

You can’t spell Goodell without a couple Ls  


Frank Isola ‏@FisolaNYDN

That was time and money well spent by the NFL.  

CN_CoHgUcAAxYpl trey wingo ‏@wingoz

Bounty gate, Deflate gate, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson penalties all overturned.  Time for the NFL to SERIOUSLY revisit their process  


Omari Warren ‏@OmariWarren

I bet Pete Rose wishes Goodell was the MLB commish he would go to court and would get in the HOF!  


Dave Zirin ‏@EdgeofSports

Not endorsing this for reasons I hope – if you follow me – are obvious, but Condi Rice should be measuring for drapes in Goodell’s office. 


Cleet Von Winbush ‏@Cleetsauce



ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Roger Goodell is very quickly becoming Bud Selig.  


Ryan Hinckley ‏@GatorRyan

So drafting Tom Brady in like the 10th round of my fantasy draft was a good idea? 


Stacy Parker LeMelle ‏@StacyLeMelle

I know that Deflategate is the least of the NFL’s problems. Or our judicial system’s. But still.  


Adam Stanco ‏@NaismithLives

How many Patriot fans are currently looking up the word “nullified” on ?  


Michael Felder ‏@InTheBleachers

Nobody puts Brady in a corner.


Bruce Arthur ‏@bruce_arthur

Mostly, I’m relieved that the people of Boston will greet this ruling with the equanimity and grace they are famous for


Doug Kyed ‏@DougKyedNESN

The Patriots should have Brady take one snap tonight. Kneel, drop the ball, and walk off.


Evil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

Innocent until proven Tom Brady


Zach Harper ‏@talkhoops

Guys, I don’t think Jimmy Garappolo is going to start week 1.


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Finally, we can go back to talking about Tim Tebow.

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18 Replies to “Twitter celebrates the end of DeflateGate”

  1. Hysterical posts … almost makes you forget how pathetic & unfair it all is. But great post SC!
    ( I love the Tim Tebow tweet & the Trump tweet…. soooo many great ones! )

  2. Admittedly this got way, way out of control and ultimately became about egos instead of common sense. That being said I am interested in what comes of this with regard to unions and the agreements they themselves negotiate with employers. Like you and everyone else I am ready to shove this aside and play ball. However I am sure anytime punishment is levied against an NFL player it may now head to court…and those players who are serving punishment are probably preparing their legal briefs right now. Because the ruling was about the process…not whether or not it happened. Twitter should have plenty more to say in the weeks ahead.

  3. Funny sh^t!!! I’ll refer back to my post of a few days ago regarding SC needing to become NFL commish & put Deflategate away. Are you sure you’re not really the commish and just letting Goodell take the fall in the press for you? Seems like you got this thing buttoned up quickly after my comment. Too bad Judge Berman can’t button up ESPN’s Chris Berman while he’s at it – I’ll take a 4 week suspension from having to listen to him for sure.

  4. Burnsy…

    Has Law & Order come out with a Brady-Goodell episode yet and is it a two-parter?

    I’m not sure whether I’m surprised or not surprised that Goodell is appealing Judge Berman’s decision.

    Now comes word that Goodell will not be attending the first game of the season?

    Why’s that? Because he has something better to do?

    Have we set the over/under on how many years this guy will still preside as commissioner yet?

  5. Exactly, Moose.

    The only thing more comical about this whole thing would be if Judge Berman told Roger Goodell to go back, back, back, back, to the drawing board, when in all honesty, we all want Goodell…. gone.

  6. Chris

    What did the NFL think was going to happen when Jeff Pash , SVP and Chief Legal Counsel for the league, chose not to give any testimony in the case and simply rely on the evidence gathered in the Ted Wells’ report ? Goodell must be that much of an @ss . The case verdict is unlikely to be overturned in a Federal Appeals Court , based on that alone and the fact that even the NFL Commissioner was less than forthcoming with some of his own testimony. This whole thing has been a complete farce from start to finish and it’s still not over yet.

    Tophatal ………

  7. Has Law & Order come out with a Brady-Goodell episode yet and is it a two-parter?

    It is a two-parter and will be shown during sweeps in the Fall. NBC is pairing it on both nights with The Voice.

    I’m not sure whether I’m surprised or not surprised that Goodell is appealing Judge Berman’s decision.

    Do not be surprised. This goes to the very heart of the collective bargaining agreement. A very bad day for the NFL.

    Now comes word that Goodell will not be attending the first game of the season?

    That IS surprising because I thought he would try to maintain some dignity and stand alongside Robert Kraft in the box…get interviewed, etc. and show he’s not going to just hide out…which is apparently what he is doing.

    Why’s that? Because he has something better to do?

    Maybe he’s watching Law & Order to get some tips?

    Have we set the over/under on how many years this guy will still preside as commissioner yet?

    They need a fall guy but I also don’t think the owners who backed him expected a slam-dunk in their collective face in court. If it was true that Brady would have taken a one-game suspension yet not admit guilt they should have taken that and ran with it. It was so obvious the judge was trying to give the league time to take a lesser penalty, encouraging them to meet and meet again. I should have manned up and blogged the guy was going to walk once I saw the judge encouraging so much discussion before he rendered his verdict.

  8. It’s a sad day when the commissioner has to go into hiding.

    Fortunately none of us give a shit because the games are finally about to start.

    What exactly is so difficult about commissioning anyway? I mean, the sport promotes itself. We’re gonna watch no matter what.

    So don’t do anything stupid, pretty much like you tell all your players to do and let’s just move on from it all.

  9. Much ado about nothing from the get-go.

    Tom makes Charlie Sheen look like he’s losing.

    …After seeing that GIF at least we know Brady ain’t winning any dance contests. Nice to know there’s something he can’t win.

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