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  1. Everyone who reads SportsChump obviously knows sports is big, BIG business. It ain’t a hobby for those invested. And yet when you see these kind of metrics and stop for a moment to consider how so many people struggle just to stay alive this entertainment industry money becomes more real…and unreal. It’s sobering really. A lot of people note sports is what allegedly gives the lower and middle classes a happy diversion from their struggles to slog through daily life. Think I’d like some of that money shown first and then I’d enjoy sports even more…!

  2. Burnsy…

    Who would have ever thought the Redskins and Texans are worth that much money?

    Think the owners can get their money back?

    I’m pretty sure Redskins fans would be okay with Snyder selling.

  3. Chris…A rising tide lifts all boats for sure…owners love those TV partners and look for their subsequent, recurring “checks in the mail” from the NFL. I saw the other day social media was working hard to help collect money to buy out Papelbon. Washington fans may have a parallel plan in mind to get Snyder to sell.

  4. Alex, I’ll take the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for $1,000 please. And the answer is: “No, thanks – not worth my hard-earned scratch”. Contestant: “Would you buy the Buccaneers for $1,000?” Alex: Oh, sorry, so close…the correct answer was buying the Buccaneers for $1,000 and a lifetime seat at Captain Just’s Crab House.

  5. Still surprised the Houston Texans are valued that high, Burnsy.

    What about Pittsburgh? One would think their branding is close to unmatched.

    No Green Bay either. Do you think Packers stock owners/town folk are looking to sell? Probably not.

    And yeah, Papelbon. I’m guessing he won’t be in our nation’s capital next year. Really would have liked to see that fight develop.

  6. Too bad Papelbon won’t get to bat again this year. I would guess the Nats would have ponied up a secret pool just to see if they could have got the opponent to give him the beanball treatment. What a douche. Wait, so is Harper, but when you’ve got talent, you can get away with it. I give you Bonds as my poster boy for a holes are us

  7. NFL salary cap and all it’s meant to be . Yet at the end of the day, if the coaches can’t show their acumen and the presumed leaders on team can’t lead . That franchise simply cannot win. Just look at the teams to have won the Superbowl over the past ten seasons and who the MVP seems to have been . Makes you wonder if the perceived hype over the NFL is actually necessary .

    The league still wants to press ahead with their appealing the judge’s verdict in the Tom Brady suspension. The earliest a hearing can be heard in the Federal Appeals Court, will be the first week in February , at the time the of latter part of the NFL postseason. Are Roger Goodell , SVP & Chief Legal Counsel Jeff Pash simply that dumb ? Inquiring minds don’t necessarily now need to know , but you really have to wonder what the ##ck the NFL owners have to be thinking at this juncture.

  8. Chris….

    One would think Belichick might want to renegotiate that contract before Brady retires.

    Hey, you need to add a blogroll to your site and then we need to exchange links.

    Whaddaya say?

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