SportsChump announces winner of Second Annual MLB Division Winner Pick ‘Em Contest

So you think you know everything about sports?  Try entering one of my pick ‘em contests.

Papelbon chokes HarperIt’s belittling.

Before we get to the winner of this year’s MLB Divisional Pick ‘Em Contest, let’s take a brief look at some of the surprises from the baseball season, of which there were plenty, and I’m not even talking about Washington Nationals players choking each other out.  After the season they had, it’d be more surprising if they didn’t resort to violence.

At the beginning of the year, the majority of us, and pretty much everyone else on the planet, thought Boston, Washington and Detroit would run away with their divisions.  That didn’t happen.  In fact, Boston and Detroit finished dead last.  And Washington was so displeased with their season, they just fired their manager.

But those weren’t the only surprises this baseball season.  First of all, none of us picked the Rangers to win the AL Central.  They did.

Rangers win divisionOnly one of us, Yaz, had the Blue Jays winning the AL East and only two of us, Ronbets and once again Yaz, had the Mets winning the NL East.

With Yaz picking two of those divisions correctly, you’d think he’d have won this thing.  You’d be as wrong as you were in picking the division winners.

Here are your final standings in reverse order.

The big stink award goes to Dee Dee who got zero points.  That’s correct, Keystone Heights’ biggest baseball fan didn’t pick a single division winner correctly.  At least she still has her Chicago Cubs future in play.  For now.

In second to last place, we have D who put far too many eggs in her Detroit Tigers basket.  She got the Cardinals and Dodgers right but only wagered 2 and 1 points on them respectively for a grand total of three.

In third to last place, yours truly who only nailed the Dodgers winning their division correctly but wagered five points on ‘em.

Afterwards we have J-Dub with 7, Irish with 8, Yaz and Ronbets each with 9, Cardsshark with 10 and Dwindy with 12.

(Remember this is out of a possible 21 points, people.  Just sayin’.)

Finally, two people tied for first place with 15 points… but we can only have one winner.  To the tiebreaker we go.

Both Captain Tree and Dr. Milhouse earned 15 points but all-knowingly, Dr. Milhouse picked the Rays to win 81 games.  They won 80.  Tree’s tiebreaker was 74.

So to my good friend, fellow contributor and whiskey drinker, I congratulate you on knowing more about baseball than anyone else…. according to the internet.

And thanks for saving me the postage on the prizes.   I have a copy of Gary Cieradkowski’s “The League of Outsider Baseball: An Illustrated History of Baseball’s Forgotten Heroes.” and a t-shirt with your name on it.  I believe you know where to pick them up.

Thanks all for participating and as always, stay tuned for further opportunities to win more free stuff and prove once again how little we all know about sports.

2015 MLB Division Winners

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13 Replies to “SportsChump announces winner of Second Annual MLB Division Winner Pick ‘Em Contest”

  1. Yup – definitely put all my winnings on Detroit….Motor City Kitties through & through, but they brought me heartbreak since the All Star break! You don’t even want to know how despondent my Dad! Here’s to 2016 & hopes that we can find a bull pen somewhere this off season!


  2. If I were Detroit, I’d have done everything possible to ensure Leyland stayed in that dugout until he had one last World Series ring…. then allow him to ride off into his chain-smoking sunset.

  3. I want in next year (assuming I live that long). How about another contest after the “bullshit” wild-card play-in games are completed for either league and / or WS champ – everybody would have to pony-up quick though to get in.

  4. Ha ha, crap, I came on here to see how I did and apparently I forgot to send in picks for this one. Probably better that way…

  5. Congrats to both Dr. Milhouse and Captain Tree for a job well done. I also liked Kevin’s comment about checking on his results only to find he didn’t submit picks. That sounds like me. And for Moose…thanks for being politically correct in referring to the wild card games as “bullshit.” That further confirms my awarding of the 2015 Shlabotnik Award to that ass-hat format instead of the Washington Nationals…who indeed should still have yellow police tape around their offices right now…conducting a formal investigation into how the hell they didn’t make the post-season.

  6. Al…

    The fun quickly ended for the Yankees last night.

    How about that Keuchel line?

    Six innings, three hits, seven strikeouts, one walk, no earned runs?

    I’m guessing Yankee Stadium didn’t intimidate him all that much.

  7. Yea, Burnsy, I’m inclined to agree with you and Moose about the one-game wild card.

    The one-game playoff had excitement in the past because it was for teams that finished with a tied record.

    So now you’re telling me four teams that are clearly qualified to make the playoffs after a 162-game season get only one game to advance? That doesn’t make much sense. But what about Bud Selig’s tenure made any.

    Either add an additional series (best three of five) or eliminate it all together.

    Perhaps Korbel is sponsoring the wild card games. There’s friggin’ champagne everywhere.

  8. Chris

    A Rod’s bat got as empty as his syringes, after his use of ‘roids.

    Cubs overwhelmed the Pirates.

    So Matt Barnes gets into a minor scuffle with Derek Fisher ? This all happened after Barnes got into Fisher’s face , because the Knicks’ coach was teaching Matt’s wife how sink three-pointers ? Who knew Fisher liked to have a woman handle his balls, but he can’t coach his team to a winning season ? What’s up with that ?

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