Packers vs Vikings NFL Week 11 Preview

Pay Per head line providers are anticipating the upcoming slugfest of rivals Packers and Vikings for NFC north Supremacy as a close one. Currently the line for week 11’s game is at Pick ‘Em, a clear sign that this game will be a tight and hard fought to the final seconds of the game. The Packers need to turn things around fast if they want to reach the playoffs, and the Vikings want to take a win that will make them the top dogs of the division and inch them closer to the NFL Playoffs.

Ever since coach Ditka donned the Packers sweater in that damn commercial, Green Bay has been on a three game losing streak. This came as a major blow to their aspirations as they were regarded by a large portion of the sports betting world as the favorites to prevent the Patriots from becoming back-to-back champions. They preseason and their first couple of games help to secure that idea, however after three consecutive losses the Packers went from Super Bowl contenders to a team that might have to fight for a Wild card spot. Pay per head oddsmakers still consider that the Packers can turn things around and this Sunday is the perfect time to do so, versus the Vikings a team that currently holds the number one spot on the division. A win for the Packers means that both teams will have the same record.

The Vikings have been on putting on an interesting season; lead by Adrian Peterson the league’s leader in rushing. So far AP has 961 yards with at least 20 carries in three consecutive games, and he is the major threat that the Packers must neutralize if they wish to have a chance. On the Quarterback position, Teddy Bridgewater returned against the Raiders and while performing adequately, he did seem like he was not at a 100% just yet, his performance is going to be key come this Sunday. As for the Packers, offensively and defensively they have looked bad in these past few games. Even Aaron Rodgers is going through a slump, at this point of the season against their division rivals; they need for Rodgers to go back to his former self.

Pay per head gambling software providers will very likely continue to have this line as PK almost until kick off. But we do see the line shifting ever so slightly to the Vikings, this type of games bring out the best in both teams and it will be very interesting and exciting to see how they are going to manage it. It will be a tough game, but in the end, Teddy Bridgewater might not be as precise as he must be in games like this, and Rodgers will have an awakening that will carry the Packers to victory in this game. The final score is going to be Packers 24 Vikings 17.

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4 Replies to “Packers vs Vikings NFL Week 11 Preview”

  1. Come on Anna do some research. Pay per head outfits simply clone the odds from established sportsbooks. We refer to PPH sites as clone joints.

  2. To clarify………Pay Per Head Shops are not bookmakers. They are facilitators. Some are mindless bots.

  3. Chris,
    After all the verbal jabs I give Tophat, I must commend the positive he preaches. The NFL is run by a shoemaker. Yesterday was a fine example of selective penalty calling.

    Example 1. Adrian Peterson was getting into it with the Packer LBs. In a macho move he takes his helmet off. NO PENALTY

    Example 2. JJ Watt committed the same no-no. NO PENALTY

    Do they just enforce these things on marginal players? Last year it was called late and cost the Browns a game. Again on a non-star.

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