Compose campaign slogan, win fabulous prizes

Rarely do we talk politics here at SportsChump.  This isn’t the venue for that.  I’m not here to ram my political opinions down your throat nor do I want anyone else doing the same.

trumpHowever, since next year is an election year, I thought we’d engage ourselves in a little political humor.

One familiar face is taking the Republican Party by storm.  His name is Donald Trump and as of yet, he looks to be the leading candidate to earn his party’s nomination.

There’s another cult of personality in the sports world that for some reason we can’t seem to get enough of.  That man’s name is Johnny Manziel.

John JohnAfter being demoted to third string for his famed and filmed extra-curriculars, we knew he wasn’t going to play in last Monday’s Ravens-Browns game yet he was all ESPN could talk about.

Since he draws so much attention, who better to be Trump’s 2016 running mate than Johnny Football?

This ticket is bound to get voters out to the ballot box one way or another.

Surely I gest but since politics has become such a joke in this country, I thought I’d hold a contest celebrating the absolute absurdity of a Trump-Manziel ticket.

Trump Manziel

Here’s your task should you choose to accept it.

The reader who comes up with the best campaign slogan for Trump-Manziel 2016 will win one free comb over, free entry into one of Las Vegas’ finest casinos, the chance to never again play for the Cleveland Browns and the opportunity to make an absolute fool of yourself in public.  If onlookers question your behavior, just tell them it is part of the contest.  I’m sure they’ll understand.

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13 Replies to “Compose campaign slogan, win fabulous prizes”

  1. For me, the first thing to come to mind is…

    Trump-Manziel 2016: At least they’re not fucking a Kardashian.

    There, now that the tone has been set, let’s have some fun, people.

  2. A hit and a miss by both
    ,,, Donald Trump wants to build a wall , while Johnny Manziel’s career has now hit a wall .

    In the background , Tim Tebow can he heard laughing while thinking to himself , why not me ? (Presidential candidate while playing up my career in the NFL as an athlete)

  3. How about “Egos Are Us”

    Or “Support Trump / Manziel – we are not just another pretty face’. Whew…both of them are butt ugly.

  4. Is that even possible, Bleed? I hadn’t heard that.

    It’s time for John John’s agent to strike while the iron is hot. This could be this kid’s only pay day.

    And if Jerry is committed to signing him, it might be time that he too, should be committed.

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