Steve Harvey robs Miss Colombia of her crown; Twitter robs Steve Harvey of his manhood

Everybody makes mistakes… even Steve Harvey.   Or perhaps, after Sunday night, that last sentence should read especially Steve Harvey.

Harvey miss america

In a contest nobody has watched since Bob Barker stopped hosting it, the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant witnessed a blunder of epic proportions, prompting a few clever people with a Twitter account to get their thumbs in motion.

Upon announcing the winner between the two finalists, Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, Steve Harvey mistakenly declared the wrong participant a winner.  Miss Colombia was supposed to be the first runner-up, which as we know from growing up watching this contest, never made any sense to begin with.  If they had just called it ‘second place’ all along, all of this could have been avoided.

Instead, Miss Colombia got her quick five minutes of fame before she was robbed of her crown quicker than you can say Vanessa Williams.  Harvey ultimately had to tell millions of viewers on live television that he had announced the wrong winner.


As per usual, Twitter had a field day at Harvey’s expense.  It’s a good thing he has a sense of humor.


Baseballism ‏@Baseballism

And the winner of the World Series is the New York Mets! #MissUniverse2015


Chuey Martinez Verified account ‏@ChueyMartinez

I’d like to thank @IAmSteveHarvey for naming me the winner of #MissUniverse2015 !! I wanna thank my mom & everyone for their support…


Eric Wilkinson Verified account ‏@EricWilkinson

Wait. Does this mean I actually won my 3rd grade spelling bee? #MissUniverse2015


family feud


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

This Christmas, re-gifting will now officially be referred to as SteveHarveying #MissUniverse2015


Maranananananan ‏@christiansub



Rodger with a D ‏@Noz4news

There appears to be no truth to the rumor that Steve Harvey has been hired by MSNBC for Election Night 2016. #MissUniverse2015

Harvey elections


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Somewhere deep down inside Al Capone’s vault, Geraldo Rivera is thanking Steve Harvey #MissUniverse2015


Tom Shepherd ‏@TomShepherd92

John Travolta’s probably all like “well at least I didn’t do THAT.” #AdeleDazeem #MissUniverse2015



Los De La Torre ‏@ThatDudeLoski

….and the call on the field is reversed, Colombia was stopped short of the end zone , NO TOUCHDOWN The Philippines win! #MissUniverse2015


Aussie ‏@Outbackexpat

Who’s having a worse day Steve Harvey or Miss Columbia


iLLyNoiiZe ‏@illynoize

Name something that Steve Harvey shouldn’t host..

Miss Universe Pageant

Survey says—number one answer! #MissUniverse2015

Harvey DNA


Dave Pell ‏@davepell

In fairness to Steve Harvey, it’s a giant universe and he successfully narrowed it down to two people.


Rick Aaron ‏@RickAaron

Steve Harvey: The new Miss Universe is Miss Colombia!

Lee Corso: Not so fast my friend! (Puts globe on head)

Kanye DNA



Now I want Steve Harvey to come out and tell me that Forrest Gump didn’t really beat Pulp Fiction.


Big 12 Refs ‏@Big12Refs

Bold of Steve Harvey to admit his mistake immediately. We haven’t tried that strategy yet.


Luke Thomas Verified account ‏@SBNLukeThomas

Steve Harvey is why robots are going to take all of our jobs.

iPhone Miss Universe


Steven Goff Verified account ‏@SoccerInsider

Now that Steve Harvey is done, Sepp Blatter will apologize for announcing the wrong 2022 World Cup host.


Bill Buchanan ‏@BigActionBill

The Steve Harvey thing is the biggest thing to happen at pageant since Sandra Bullock saved everyone from that bomb



Tragic how Steve Harvey’s mistake compromised the integrity of the Miss Universe pageant.


Carlie Lawrence ‏@carlielaughs

Steve Harvey stole Christmas.


Derek Davis ‏@DerekMDavis

The problem isn’t that Steve Harvey made a mistake. The problem is that there are still beauty pageants?

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12 Replies to “Steve Harvey robs Miss Colombia of her crown; Twitter robs Steve Harvey of his manhood”

  1. I’m not a twitter guy but here goes:

    The question is: Who gave me the best hand-job?
    Answer: Mrs. Colombia…wait, hang on a minute – Miss Philippines!!!

    Survey says: 50 votes on the 1st answer, 50 votes on the 2nd answer

  2. Act like a man , think like a lady ? What the ##ck was Steve Harvey thinking ? Cursive writing must have been way too much for him to read .

    Jesus Christ was said to have walked on water and fans of the Buccaneers and Broncos are expecting way too much of and from Jameis Winston and Brock Osweiler.
    Nothing more needs to be said on the issue .

  3. Nice one, Steve.

    Ladies and gentlemen, can we please welcome my new karaoke DJ into the mix?

    Go easy on him, people. He’s an encyclopedia of musical knowledge.

    Plus he lets me sully up his microphones with whiskey breath.

  4. Pretty sure I’d lose concentration up there with all those women too there, Al.

    I’m not sure who’s to blame for this faux pas but clearly Miss Colombia got the short end of the stick.

  5. Chris, he’s laughing all the way to the bank for sure…but this will be his legacy in a world gone “social.” It’s poetic justice in a way…Harvey started a company a few years ago for celebrities where his employees do tweets for them so they do not have to do them themselves. I wonder how many people realize how many stars and athletes don’t even type their own tweets?

  6. Which reminds me, Burnsy.

    I need someone to Tweet out Merry Christmas for me.

    Typing 140 characters can be just so tiresome.

    Can you imagine if someone handed you a card that read “Professional Tweeter?”

    Fuckers probably get paid too.

  7. Well, it wasn’t Steve Harvey’s stick Miss Colombia got . How does Donald Trump feel about this all , as his company owns the Miss Universe Pageant ? Does it bode well or badly for his Presidential aspirations ? And the winner is ___ oh #hit , a recount might be needed in the state of Florida in 2016 if Trump is on the ballot and he’s in a tight race with Hillary Clinton . LOL,LOL !!!

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