Reasons we love sports, Vols. 5-8: Bartolo Colon’s workout video, Johnny Manziel’s wig and ‘stache, Mike Tyson’s Christmas present and a Buffalo Bills fan’s flaming backside

Here is yet further proof that the insanely wacky world of sports never ceases to provide us with the type of quality entertainment that simply cannot be fabricated.  And you wonder why I watch so intently.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-02-at-12.25.35-PMBartolo Colon just released a new workout video.  For those of you who don’t know who Bartolo Colon is, he’s a robustly rotund, 42-year old pitcher for the New York Mets most commonly known for his triple chin.  I take that back.  It’s not a triple chin.  It’s more like a fat pelican’s even fatter gullet.  That thing is so big Bartolo’s storing fastballs in it for the winter.

Colon is 5’11 yet tips the scales at 285.  So my question to you is… does this workout video include pasta of any sort?  How about a bacon bar?  The only thing more laughable than a Bartolo Colon workout video would be if it featured donut therapy and a CC Sabathia cameo.

Bartolo Colon putting out a workout video is like Johnny Manziel lecturing us on sobriety and timeliness.

Speaking of the soon-to-be-former quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, the ever-partying Johnny Manziel was apparently spotted at a Las Vegas nightclub less than twelve hours before having to report to Browns camp for their final game of the season.

And he was wearing a disguise.

Manziel was allegedly wearing, and follow me closely on this one, a blonde wig, a fake moustache (which hopefully matched the wig) and a hoodie.  He went by the name Billy.

Unfortunately Billy’s cover was blown when he was found playing Wii in the VIP section with Justin Bieber.  Just kidding.  The I-don’t-want-to-grow-up-I’m-a-Booze-R-Us kid was ultimately exposed when he had to pay his bill with his credit card.  Manziel has lied so much about his partying in the past, I’m surprised he didn’t just tell the Browns that somebody had stolen his AmEx.  Heck, they’ve put up with enough of his shit so far, they probably would have believed him.

PulpSeriously, if this guy likes partying so much, he should just buy his own Las Vegas nightclub.  He could call it Manziel’s on the Strip and create a theme based on NFL quarterbacks that never lived up to the hype.  Remember that restaurant scene in Pulp Fiction where people dressed up like famous old movie stars?  In Manziel’s, servers could dress up as Ryan Leaf, RGIII, Tim Tebow or basically any quarterback the Cleveland Browns have drafted since Bernie Kosar.  Now tell me that wouldn’t draw a crowd.

And let’s backtrack for a second.  Enough about gun control.  What about wig control?  Do you mean to tell me that when Johnny Manziel went wig-shopping, the person behind the counter didn’t recognize him, if for nothing else the stale scent of booze on his breath?  Or did Johnny just slip him a fifty dollar bill and say “Sssshhhhh!”

Can you imagine if Manziel played under Tom Coughlin or Mike Tomlin?  The fact that the Browns didn’t cut this guy months ago speaks volumes about the state of the franchise.

Fortunately, the Browns have the second overall pick in the upcoming draft, which they’ll most assuredly waste on another quarterback.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t come with a wig and have a drinking problem.  If so, Manziel’s on the Strip is always looking for quality servers.

As we shuffle off to Buffalo on our tour of the wacky and wild, at last weekend’s Jets-Bills game, another raging alcoholic not named Johnny Manziel (as far as we know – he could have been in disguise again) body slammed himself onto a folding table that was on fire at a pre-game tail gate.  Clearly, this guy must have thought this was a good idea.  The only problem was that by doing so, he caught himself on fire.  Seriously, if you’ve ever wondered why this country is going to hell in a handbasket, you need only watch this video.

Fortunately, several fans with cell phones were around, not to extinguish the poor, drunken bastard’s backside, but to capture the incident for posterity’s sake.  His grandchildren will be so proud.

This ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why we’re about to elect Donald Trump president.

And finally, we have Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion of the world caught once again in a compromising position.

Have you caught wind of this new fad called hover boards, which for the record is nowhere NEAR as cool as the hovercraft Luke Skywalker rocked back in ’77?  Anyway, these things look like what Paul Blart is going to arrest mall shoppers in in the hopefully not soon to be released Mall Cop III.

What do you get the person in your life that is too lazy to walk?  A hover board… and of course, a Bartolo Colon workout video.

Someone on Tyson’s Christmas list thought it would be a good idea to buy Iron Mike one of these things.  And Iron Mike thought it would be a good idea to ride on one around the house.  And fortunately for all of us, the person who bought it for him thought it was a good idea to film Mike’s maiden voyage.


If you listen closely, the person who bought Tyson’s hovercrash clearly had more sense not to laugh at him falling down than she did when buying him the present in the first place.

My friends, by the looks of things, 2016 is going to be one helluva year.

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9 Replies to “Reasons we love sports, Vols. 5-8: Bartolo Colon’s workout video, Johnny Manziel’s wig and ‘stache, Mike Tyson’s Christmas present and a Buffalo Bills fan’s flaming backside”

  1. Colon’s workout video may be the most frightening image of them all. Johnny Football trying to cover up his image the most predictible (substance abuse)…the Bills fan trying to become a human Buffalo Wing the most heated (see Johnny Football)…the Tyson hover attempt the most understandable (brain damage). Another wacky few days in the Wide, Wide World of Sports.

  2. Chris

    At forty-one year’s of age , Bartolo Colon can still make hitters miss . Imagine how his wife must feel ?

    So Roger Clemens is a little miffed that a fellow player, says he’s not worthy of being inducted into the Hall of Fame , because his name has been associated with the steroids’ era? LOL,LOL !!!

    Jason Licht , general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers says the reason Lovie Smith was relieved of his duties was because the team wasn’t winning . Let’s see eight victories in two seasons and now Licht’s suddenly clued into what’s wrong ? WTF !

    Rock Riley of Brighthouse Sports’ Network really does need to get a clue and stop being such a pompous @ss . If he’s still jumping on the Jameis Winston gravy train , it’s time for him to get off and stop quoting meaningless stats concerning Winston having amassed over 3,000 passing yards. It means bull-crap when your team isn’t winning . Or doesn’t Riley get that at all ?

    Remind me again, why analysts and fans in the Tampa Bay area are meant to be so enlightened ?

  3. Johnny Manziel’s season has been about as successful as Jeb Bush’s Presidential campaign in seeking the GOP nomination.

    Fake wig and a mustache ? Damn Johnny, things that bad ? To think Bruce Jenner went all the way with a sex change .

  4. Burnsy…

    Listen to the Tyson video again. Did you hear the thud when he hits the floor?

    It’s almost as an impressive of a drop as we’re witnessing in Manziel’s football career.

  5. Al…

    I thought Clemens didn’t care whether or not he got into the Hall. Now he’s changing his tune? I guess everybody wants to be loved.

    Re: the Bucs, I’m not sure I’ve got a whole bunch of confidence in Licht and his decision-making ability although ultimately we all know everything is ultimately the Glazers call. Just when I think I’m going to go out and buy me one of them nice new Buccaneers license plates, they remind me why not to.

    And I guess what I don’t understand, Al, is why the Browns just don’t cut Manziel. It’s not like they have a lot vested in him.

  6. The only way I would pay to see Bartolo the Hutt’s workout video is if it features a bikini clad Princess Leia (from 30 years ago…before she hit the wall) and popping alien frogs like Jake and Elwood do shrimp.

    Johny Manfeel’s next outfit will be as a Dallas Cowboy…Then Bette Ford

    Hilarious that cell “phones” are strictly used for video in 911 situations these days…Though, this clown deserved to be burned a little before actually calling. If we’re lucky, The Donald will deport his ass too.

    ….Wonder if Mike renamed the hover board Buster.

  7. What I don’t get, Bleed, is why Jerry Jones wants this kid so bad, allegedly. Or why any owner would for that matter. What does he bring to the table, other than a bottle?

  8. If they ever find Johnny Football I couldn’t think of a better place to park him than in Dallas. Because…Las Vegas is not going to get a football team in the near future. God knows how many L.A. will get…

  9. Burnsy…

    With Romo probably only having a few years left at a high level, I’m just not sure why wasting a roster spot on Johnny Drunkass would make any sense… unless Jones just wants to sell jerseys.

    The old man is either very smart or very senile.

    I’m inclined to think it’s still more of the former as the guy just got what he wanted. He was instrumental in getting that team to Los Angeles.

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