SportsChump turns 1000!!! (Amazingly doesn’t look a day over 75)

1000 postsI thought long and hard about what to do for my 1,000th post.  After all, it is a milestone, a career achievement, an event most worthy of celebration.  While so many other blogs fall victim to laziness, disinterest or an abhorrent lack of proper spelling, SportsChump has battled onward and upward to reach 1000.

Damn, that’s old.

So now that we’re here, what do I do to celebrate?  I thought about going over each of my old posts to pick out my greatest hits, my more provocative points or perhaps my favorite one-liners.  But I started the site nearly seven years ago and a thousand posts, well, that’s a lot of re-reading.

I thought about having a roast like my good friend Dub did when he turned 1000.  But that’s been done before.  Besides, after that bloodbath, I’m pretty sure we ran out of curse words.  I also thought about hosting a party.  Each reader could bring a covered dish but nah, air fare and prior commitments would have gotten in the way.

In the end, I’ve decided to celebrate in my own simple way, with the ones that I love and a website that I absolutely adore.

Ya’ know, I got this weird e-mail the other day from a Chinese company that is about to start selling something most likely sports-related.  They inquired about the name SportsChump.  They contacted me about the URL, not to buy it but just to see what other domains they could use since I already own the dot com and dot net.

I got to thinking… what would I sell SportsChump for and you know what’s funny?  I couldn’t come up with a figure.

Sure, I’d probably sell it for the right price.  I’d be foolish not to.  But I wouldn’t be happy about it.  It’d be like a part of me was gone.  One friend recently called it my labor of love.  That’s not entirely accurate.  Another called it my brand I had worked for years to build (SPORTS by Chris HUMPherys, in case you hadn’t figured that out) but I’ll be honest… it is way more than that.

I’ve always called it my diary, my therapy.  That’s what this is, plain and simple.  And this diary now contains seven years of me, with a few, silly sporting events mixed in for good measure.

fangsIf you do the math, 1000 posts in seven years boils down to about a post every two and a half days.  That’s a lot of keyboard caressing along with a whole lot of telling writer’s block to fuck off.  After all, in a world like this, how could we ever run out of things to write about?  With these fangs, you have to know how to kill the bunny.

Without getting too mushy, I’d like to thank every book I’ve ever read, every song I’ve ever heard, every movie I’ve even seen and every game I’ve ever watched.  I’d like to thank every friend with whom I’ve shared a tale or an ale.  It is all inspiration.

I’d like to thank my subscribers, the advertisers, the readers who comment and the readers who don’t.  I’d like to thank the antagonizers, proofreaders and thought-provokers.  I’d like to thank the multiple forums who allow me to post my thoughts and the social media outlets which have helped me expand.  And of course, I’d like to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet.  Otherwise, I’d have a whole bunch of scribbled on bar napkins with no place to put them.

And if you’re reading this of course, thank you!  Raise a glass to the next thousand posts, my friends, and many many more.

Happy birthday to me!

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29 Replies to “SportsChump turns 1000!!! (Amazingly doesn’t look a day over 75)”

  1. Keyboard caressing – that’s what you call it??? Seriously, congrats and thanks for throwing stuff out there for us idiots to jump in on.

  2. Burnsy…

    The Check Engine light has been on for quite some time. I just ignore it.

    Just kidding. I wouldn’t be where I am today without a little preventive maintenance.

  3. Moose…

    Glad you enjoy. In the words of Bruce Willis, “Welcome to the party, pal.”

    And yes, keyboard caressing. You should just hear the clicks.

    Like Edward Scissorhands doing a do or sculpting a lawn.

  4. Liar North…

    Thanks for the support, brother. E’s got us a room with a view for the occasion.

    And good luck to your Panthers this weekend. You’re gonna need it.

  5. congrats chumpy!
    really glad to have you over at dsp, and we truly enjoys reading your posts
    here’s to another 1000!!!

  6. WOW… a wonderful milestone and such a terrific post. BUT its US that should be thanking YOU Sportschump! All the insight, interesting topics and entertaining thoughts you’ve shared with us over these 1,000 posts!!! An amazing achievement !! Okay, I admit my bias, but I’m also a serious “reporting snob” and I can honestly say that your fresh ideas & perspective on things makes a great read. Congrats and thanks for sharing all your creative with us. Look forward to thousands more. A huge SC FAN 🙂

  7. Unlike some of these so-called talk show ‘experts’, Chris actually bets his opinions occasionally. That’s why I’m here. Besides, I enjoy scoping out his hidden rock song lyrics.

    Btw, an example of these phony talk show ‘experts’? JT the Brick. He moved here to Vegas a couple of years ago and preaches sports gambling advice. Oh yeah, he proclaims he doesn’t gamble.

  8. Congrats, Rev!! That is an unbelievable run! I’m one of the thousands who first discovered your suave stylings at foxsports. Since then, I’ve probably read the majority of those 1,000 posts. Sure, some were better than others, but all were real. You never phoned it in, always in for the whole 100. Thanks, Chris.

  9. Well-deserved achievement ! So what about setting a goal of reaching 2,000 ?

    This just in, the city of Los Angeles won’t trying to lure the Buccaneers to relocate . Though it’s still up in the air (way up), as to what the idiots on the St Pete council will do concerning the Rays ?

    Hue Jackson to the Browns and Chip Kelly is the new head coach of the Niners ? Mike Shanahan being interviewed by the Dolphins ? Tell me Jerry Jones won’t be calling on Jon Gruden , asking him to make a visit to Big D?

    Lawrence Phillips dead , due to an apparent suicide in his jail cell ?

  10. I can just see a couple of Chinese guys huddled over a tablet completely misinterpreting wat they’ve fed in an on-line translator? What the fuck are they going with the name “SportsChump?” A new line of Jeremy Lin hair products?

    Welcome to the 1K club, brother. You are officially now a member of the Dinosaur Blog Fraternity.

  11. Bets…

    Thanks for all the support and advice when it comes to wagering over the years, man.

    Much like poker, we can always keep learning.

    And so far in 2016, the wagering outcomes have been kind. I guess if you watch enough sports, huh?

  12. Al…

    I can’t thank you enough for driving my traffic up these past seven years. I’d be willing to say you’ve commented on at least 900 of those posts… if not more.

    You may rub some of my readers the wrong way on occasion but at least it keeps them honest and on their toes.

    After all, we’re here to talk sports… and all things otherwise.

    I’m proud to say I’ve contributed to the conversation.

  13. Thank you (and her) PJD.

    As you very well know, this humble little website contains a part of us all.

    You know, how some people leave half-drank wine coolers in the refrigerator.

    That sorta thing.

  14. “Besides, after that bloodbath, I’m pretty sure we ran out of curse words.”

    PishPosh. That never happens.

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