Twitter reacts to ugly first half of football, douses Seahawks with unkindness

Twitter has a tendency to kick a man while he’s down.  They had no better opportunity to do so than Sunday afternoon when the Seattle Seahawks traveled to Carolina but forgot to get off the plane.

The third of the weekend’s four football games turned into a bloodbath early.  At halftime, the Carolina Panthers led the 31-0 over the NFC team that had been to two straight Super Bowls.  It became evident early there would be no third straight.

Taking to Twitter suddenly became more entertaining than the game itself.

After scoring 24 unanswered points in the second half, the Seahawks made Carolina fans nervous but in the end, the deficit was too much to overcome.

Here are some of the more brutal Tweets that emerged from thirty minutes of football Seattle fans would rather forget.


Faux John Madden ‏@FauxJohnMadden

The Panthers defense is giving it to Russell Wilson more than Ciara


Mike Corcoran ‏@MikeCorcoranNHL

At this current rate, the price of a Panthers touchdown ball on EBay is going to take a significant hit.


Carter Bryant ‏@CarterthePower

Every kid in that stadium will have a ball by halftime #Panthers #NFLPlayoffs


CY8fwvCWMAAc0HQWill Brinson ‏@WillBrinson

Panthers points: 31

Seahawks yards: 17


Dave Zirin ‏@EdgeofSports

In the spirit of non-violence, this game should be called.


Jimmy Traina ‏@JimmyTraina

Just want to thank you for letting me get in the much needed 2pm-4pm Sunday nap, @Panthers.


CY8FSurWUAE-tQgTom Ziller ‏@teamziller

For the first time in his NFL career, Cam is actually being disrespectful.


NFL Memes ‏@NFL_Memes

Dear Vikings fans,

Thank Blair Walsh for saving you this embarrassment.



Faux John Madden ‏@FauxJohnMadden

Macklemore:  “Who’s bird is that?”

*Panthers intercept Russell Wilson’s bird*


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

I don’t want to say Seattle’s window is closing but Cam and the Panthers are certainly giving it a hearty shove in the downward direction.


Ethan Booker ‏@Ethan_Booker

Hitler in the bunker with a pistol and a bullet had a better chance of pulling out a victory than the Seahawks right now.


James Harden’s Beard ‏@HardenBeard

Seahawks fans. Please be sure to exit the bandwagon in a calm, orderly fashion.


Squire Barnes Verified account ‏@sbarnesglobal

What the Seahawks need right now is a DeLorean and a Flux Capacitor.



Bucky Isotope ‏@BuckyIsotope

I bet the Seahawks wish they hadn’t signed up for that “trade teams with the Cleveland Browns” promotion


Adam Bittner ‏@fugimaster24

Charlotte has never seen a bigger wreck than the Seahawks today, and it’s the home of NASCAR.


Bearded Stoner ‏@beardedstoner

Just getting home. Looking forward to cracking a beer and settling in for an afternoon of competitive playoff football!


CY8cxXjWUAEcBtoJason Collette ‏@jasoncollette

Seahawks gained more yards on the ground running back into the locker room than they did all half.


Heidi Wheeler ‏@Heidi_72711

All Seahawks merchandise 50-75% tomorrow


Eric Goodman ‏@EricGoodman

Legion of whom? #Seahawks

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12 Replies to “Twitter reacts to ugly first half of football, douses Seahawks with unkindness”

  1. Seattle still owes me $300 for throwing instead of running the ball last year….Karma is a bitch!

  2. Steve…

    A few years back, had Colt McCoy not pulled himself out of the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME because his damn shoulder hurt, and had Texas actually beaten ‘Bama that night, I would have won my college football pool, a couple hundred to the good.

    Instead a boo boo kept the guy from playing and ‘Bama went on to win.

    Who does that?

    It was at that point on that I knew McCoy wouldn’t amount to anything in the NFL.

  3. Alright – I may have to start following Jason Collette. That was funny! Pats or Broncos? Panthers or Cards? C’mon – gotta hear an opinion from some of your regulars.

  4. Never been a Seahawks’ fan. I’m glad they got punished; they need some humility. Now they can stew another year on the last play call of last year’s Super Bowl.

  5. That’s the whole point of these posts, Moose, to get more followers for the people that deserve the attention.

    I love taking to Twitter for occasions such as those.

    It’s no holds barred, man.

  6. Conrad…

    I think these guys, much like LeBron James after tonight’s beat down by Golden State, is just how difficult it is to get back there year after year.

    Unless of course your name is Tom Brady.

  7. At what point were we going to see a meltdown from either Michael Bennett or Richard ‘ Sherminator’ Sherman of Seahawks during the game against the Panthers ? Bennett with his continued idiocy still can’t live down his remarks about Todd Gurley being overrated (Gurley as a rookie for the Rams finished in the top-ten in rushing yards) and he was playing on an average Rams’ team.

    Is it me but are the Buccaneers more intent on payoff the remainder of the contracts of fired head coaches , than they are in finding decent talent for a mediocre team ? The Bucs had to pay off Jon Gruden , Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano and now Lovie Smith , all of whom we fired with years left on the remainder of their respective contracts . And I am meant to believe the organization have any idea as to what the hell they’re doing much less the fans knowing what the Buccaneers are trying to do other than look mediocre ?

    How much longer will Brighthouse Networks sports’ anchor Rock Riley have his lips pressed firmly against the butt-crack of Jameis Winston ?

    Calvin Johnson seriously contemplating retirement ? See what the league can do to a player when they have an overrated quarterback passing to them ? Matt Stafford says he’ll miss Calvin should he retire ? Is Stafford making that statement because of the number of times he’s mistimed his passess to the wide receiver ? With that in mind, I wonder what the thoughts are concerning Jay Cutler and Tony Romo , if their receiving corps were to announce their retirements ?

  8. Deja-vu ? Another Tom Brady , Peyton Manning , playoff matchup ? Just what the doctor ordered ? Roger Goodell is either happy or just miffed . At the same time, I can’t help but wonder if he’s not entirely p#ssed at the fact, even if the league still tries to go ahead with the appeal against Brady , it would have to now take place after the Superbowl .

    The Patriots’ having to forfeit a first round draft pick in light of Deflate-Gate is like a slap on the wrist . The idiocy of the league is not unique at all , as it epitomizes what is wrong and will remain wrong , as long as Goodell is still the commissioner.

  9. Cam was rubbing it in worse than the Twitter crowd with his juvenile celebratory antics. I think that played a big role in Seattle’s send half push.

    Either way, both teams current “fanbase” is 75% bandwaggoners anyway.

  10. We shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, Al. Manning-Brady has been one of the best rivalries in sports this generation and has gone on for quite some time.

    Here’s the trick. Manning can’t beat Brady but Brady can’t win in Denver so something’s gotta give.

    I will say this though. If Brady wins this one, that should put to bed who’s the better quarterback… if we haven’t put that argument to bed already.

  11. The stats don’t lie , but the real body of work will come down to the rings , four to Peyton’s one.

    We can bi#ch and whine all we want, about Deflate-Gate and all of the other alleged scandals concerning the Pats. Yet, in reality , the NFL and their ongoing hypocrisy are just as culpable in the mess , as the teams involved the repeated scandals we have seen within this league since its inception. That is something fans clearly don’t understand or are willing to admit to, at all. Agree or disagree ? .

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