Carson Palmer becomes Twitter’s latest victim

NFL: NFC Championship-Arizona Cardinals at Carolina PanthersI’m going to go ahead and rag on Carson Palmer because after the Sunday he had, it’s easy pickins’.  Plus I had money on the Cardinals so I plan on getting my money’s worth.

With millions of Americans having just finished watching two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game duke it out in a modern classic, Carson Palmer followed up their performances by having the worst game of his life.

Palmer turned the ball over three times in the first half, fumbling twice and throwing one interception, causing Twitter to erupt.  His problems continued in the second half, throwing three more interceptions.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, Cam Newton played a nearly perfect game.

Who knows what happens to star athletes who, after having such a great season, play as badly as they’ve ever played when it matters most.  Palmer will look back long and hard at that night but not before we have a few hearty jokes at his expense.

It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for the guy… but what fun would that be?  Here’s the best of Twitter discussing the absolute worst of Palmer.  Some of these are so good they might even give him a laugh… in due time.


pwnteam ‏@pwnteam

Cam Newton gives footballs to kids. Carson Palmer gives footballs to Panthers players.


CaptainTouchback ‏@CaptTouchback

You can take the QB out of the Bengals, but you can’t take the Bengals out of the QB. #CarsonPalmer


NOT SportsCenter ‏@NOTSportsCenter

Cam Newton: “Alright Carson, I’ll give you a fair chance to come back.”

Carson Palmer: “No thanks, I’m good.”


James Harden’s Beard ‏@HardenBeard

Carson Palmer. At least you’re consistent…?!


Ryan Nanni ‏@celebrityhottub

Parson Calmer


Palmer draftedEvil Mike Tomlin ‏@EvilMikeTomlin

Once a Bengal, always a Bengal


JD’s Revenge ‏@SeanTheTerrible

“Can a nigga sit down for a minute?!”  – Cam Newton


The Sklar Brothers ‏@SklarBrothers

Carson Palmer, playing like Robert Palmer…today. #nflplayoffs


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

You know those print outs that Peyton Manning reads on the sidelines, the ones with the opposing team’s defenses?  Carson should try that.


McNeil ‏@Reflog_18

Being a Browns fan is like being the kid in the Panthers jersey sitting front row who doesn’t get a Cam football.

Every week.

Every year.


SportsPickle ‏@sportspickle

Larry Fitzgerald’s QB rating at the half: 39.5

Carson Palmer’s QB rating at the half: 42.7

We’ve got a QB controversy!


Andrew’s Head ‏@AndrewLucksHead

BREAKING: Carson Palmer just threw a towel towards the hamper after taking a shower. It was intercepted by a Panthers locker room attendant.


CZiJozHUsAAvUDTJae AF ‏@BrewStudNo1

Spoiler Alert: In the opening scene of #XFiles tonight, Carson Palmer throws an interception. ‏@korkedbats

Cam Newton gives away a football to every kid in the stands.

Carson Palmer gives away a football to every defensive player on the field.


Kent Murphy ‏@ReaIKentMurphy

Retweet if you’ve intercepted Carson Palmer


Fake SportsCenter ‏@FakeSportsCentr

Local man dies taking shot every time Carson Palmer throws interception


Not Aaron Rodgers ‏@FakeRodgers

Seriously tho Carson Palmer is not the kind of guy I’d wish this game on. Feel real bad for him. Course it’d be hilarious if it were Cutler.


CZiOhWOWYAAR_9QBrian Tong ‏@briantong

Panthers MVP for this game is Carson Palmer. #AZvsCAR


Brian Witherspoon ‏@Spoony29

Carson Palmer has to get kicked out of the Heisman house after this performance tonight. #AZvsCAR


Jeremy Cowart ‏@jeremycowart

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all having a better day than Carson Palmer.


Andrew’s Head ‏@AndrewLucksHead

Carson Palmer has perfected the interception.


Alex Wood ‏@Awood45

Carson Palmer went and pulled a Jake Delhomme tonight on us. Oh the irony.


John Elerick ‏@johnelerick

Carson Palmer has thrown a record setting 692 interceptions in this game!




The Scandalous DJT ‏@AceofSpadesHQ

i’ve got 3000 “Carson Palmer — NFC Championship MVP” t-shirts for $0.25 each.


James Harden’s Beard ‏@HardenBeard

In a Scooby Doo-like ending — Carson Palmer will rip his helmet off to reveal he was Brian Hoyer this whole time. #AZvsCAR


CaptainTouchback ‏@CaptTouchback

So Carson Palmer has the #Panthers Defense in Draft Kings?


Tom Tebow ‏@IamEvilTebow

Great game from Andy Dalton…I mean Carson Palmer


BigHeadSports ‏@BigHeadSports

Carson Palmer is skipping the Pro Bowl.

“Awwwww.” – AFC DB’s

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12 Replies to “Carson Palmer becomes Twitter’s latest victim”

  1. I think all of ’em, Dub.

    Come to think of it, I can only picture Carson’s wife as the red-beret wearing Talia Shire, having to turn her head away from the television as she watches Carson Palboa’s face get beaten to a pulp by CamNewton Creed.

    How’s that for a visual?

    Yo, Adriaaaaaaaaaan!

  2. Carson Palmer is now beginning to make Tony Romo seem like a frigging choirboy . He’s pis$ed at Cam Newton for showboating and then makes allegations as to Newton having accepted money while a college athlete? While Palmer was at USC , it was all about the money for the athletes within the basketball and football programs.

    Carson Palmer is nothing more than a whining little b%$$h. Throughout his NFL career Palmer has never achieved anything of note and now he comes off like a sore loser and malcontent .

  3. I’m still recovering from the whole Championship Game Weekend fiasco…without burdening you with details I thought the AFC game was a joke for a couple reasons…and THEN the NFC game started and made the AFC contest look like a flippin’ classic. Carson, the post-season games actually count more than the regular-season ones. You have to step up your game…and he can begin working on that as soon as he can start walking once more. He took a real beating, physically and mentally.

  4. Chris ,

    Your thoughts on Blake Griffin taking out (punching) the Clippers’ equipment manager during an altercation at one of the team’s practice sessions ? The victim is considering a lawsuit against Griffin.

  5. Al…

    Steve Spurrier used to be criticized for running up the score. He’d have such a huge lead that he’d pull his starters, put in his second string and they would score. What, are they supposed to lay down? How about having your opponent try to stop you or play some defense.

    I don’t have a problem with Cam at all. Heck, that score wouldn’t have nearly been as big had Palmer not gift-wrapped every third pass he threw to a Panther DB.

    If he’s pissed at anyone, it should be himself.

  6. What was wrong with the AFC Championship, Burnsy?

    I mean, aside from the fact that it could have taken place at a senior’s home, I thought it was pretty entertaining.

  7. My thoughts on Blake, Al?

    This is probably going to end badly for him in L.A.

    I’m actually quite surprised by the whole incident.

    I will tell you this. I’m looking forward to TMZ releasing a video of the fight. You know they have their crack staff trying to find whatever video there might have been from any cameras this restaurant has in the parking lot.

  8. Palmer embarrassed himself on the field more than any Twitter troll could have in the free for all aftermath.

    Trade idea to knock out two birds with one stone
    – Blake Griffin for Kevin Love

  9. AFC Championship…Denver had no offense whatsoever and New England had no offensive line whatsoever. Ugly to watch those parts of the game. Not championship quality. If Denver’s defense slipped up but once the Patriots are in the Big Game. What made me angry was going into the game NE knew they weren’t going to be able to run but still wasted plays calling for them. But the worse part was having Brady go back into a non existent pocket fifty times. You had to go into that game with a design Tom was rolling side to side with the snap. There was no way they were going to win dropping back over and over against that D…with their line. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. The Hoodie and Joshie had an awful guaranteed to lose game plan.

  10. Interesting trade scenario, Bleed.

    Although they brought Love in to stretch out the floor. Blakey don’t play that.

    As much as I might want to think I’d rather have Blake, the ball does stop when it gets to him. So much so that even Carmelo is impressed.

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