Twitter completes my Sunday with Fake Rock and Roll Facts hashtag

I woke up late Sunday morning needing a relaxing day in front of me.

I had worked tirelessly for eight of the Larry Bird bad backlast nine days.  My Larry Bird-like back needed a rest and my Larry Bird-like skin tone was in desperate need of a tan.

So I took the two books I’m currently entrenched in out to my neighborhood pool for some all-natural Vitamin D.

All was fine and dandy, sun a-blazing and birds a-chirping, until I heard a guy from the apartments above blasting some techno music out of his patio doors.  This was about two o’clock in the afternoon.  I thought to myself who the hell jams to EDM (electronic dance music) at that hour, unless of course they were still going strong from the night before.

What was even more abhorrently sacrilegious about his choice of music, aside from the fact that it was soullessly electronic in and of itself, was that it sampled both Led Zeppelin and Yes.  So aside from the incessant aunce aunce that was making my ears hemorrhage on a relaxing, sunny afternoon, I was being subjected against my will to Robert Plant’s likely unlicensed and most certainly, inappropriately placed “Gonna Give You My Love” over… and over… and over again.

I left as soon as my tan lines outweighed the unbearable beats from above.

I came back to the comforts of my quiet home to find a hysterically tasteless and musically-related hashtag trending on Twitter.


At least it took my mind off the aunce aunce.

These, my friends, are the reasons you need a Twitter account, for no other reason than to spend time thinking creatively and making others laugh.

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present the sick and twisted minds behind #FakeRockAndRollFacts.


Beatles and YokoCodeSwitch ‏@Code_switcher

#FakeRockandRollFacts Ono is not Yoko’s real last name. It’s what the other Beatles said when they met her.


Brando ‏@BelBivBrando

#DonaldTrump was the inspiration behind Pink Floyd’s The Wall. #FakeRockandRollFacts


K-Lor ‏@kalorvoe

Foreigner knew what love was THE ENTIRE TIME. #FakeRockandRollFacts


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Now that Aerosmith is getting older they’re rereleasing their hit under the more appropriate title “Walker This Way” #FakeRockandRollFacts


Dean Gloster ‏@deangloster

They only say “All you need is love,” because they assume you’ve already had #coffee. #FakeRockandRollFacts


Bryan Behar ‏@bryanbehar

Pearl Jam is actually the least popular flavor of jams and jellies sold at Knotts Berry Farm #FakeRockandRollFacts


Matt ‏@vipregan

#FakeRockandRollFacts Nickleback is a great band.


Brian Thomas ‏@Kervanderv

#FakeRockandRollFacts Jim Morrison was born in a van, and Van Morrison was born in a gym.


NickG ‏@sub150run

It only takes Gene Simmons one lick to get to the tootsie roll center of a Tootsie pop #FakeRockandRollFacts


Daniel Ashley ‏@DanielAshley13

#FakeRockAndRollFacts In order to be politically correct, Def Leppard originally considered calling themselves “Hard Of Hearing Leppard”

Calvin ‏@GorillaProducer

After failing his Presidential bid, Cruz re-formed his cover band Ted Zeppelin  #FakeRockandRollFacts

Ted Zeppelin


Stephen J. Miller ‏@SteJamesMiller

Before every gig, Mick Jagger makes himself a simple soup with some bread.

It’s only stock and roll but he likes it.



CK ‏@charley_ck14

Meatloaf is Vegan #FakeRockandRollFacts @HashFakeFacts


#1PainInTheAssFan ‏@hernandezsteve

@midnight Little Richard is the biological father of both Lil’ Wayne and Lil’ John #FakeRockandRollFacts


mypatronisisaWampRat ‏@aelmore

Scientists discovered that listening to Rush postpones losing your virginity by 5 years.  #FakeRockandRollFacts


Ryan Ray ‏@ryanray807

#FakeRockandRollFacts Nobody calls Steve Miller the Space Cowboy. Nobody calls him the Gangster of Love. No one even calls him Maurice.



Robyn Your❤️ ‏@robyndwoskin

#FakeRockandRollFacts The members of KISS actually only like to hug.


Andrew Tinker ‏@andrewtinker27

After 1980, Leo Sayer transformed himself into fitness guru Richard Simmons #FakeRockandRollFacts

Leo Sayer Richard Simmons


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Bad Company was actually quite profitable and a pleasure to spend quality time with #FakeRockandRollFacts


Andrew Tinker ‏@andrewtinker27

In Summer 1974, Cher toured Chile with a military themed show entitled August Pinocher #FakeRockandRollFacts #WarCrimesSuck


SpeakatheDevil ‏@SpeakatheDevil

#FakeRockAndRollFacts  David Lee Roth to be honored by R&R Hall of Fame as LEAST Obnoxious Frontman


Im A Ghost ‏@DesMoinesghost

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts all died of smoking related diseases in the mid 90s. #FakeRockandRollFacts


Lincoln Trombone ‏@lincolntrombone

#FakeRockandRollFacts George Michael once opened for Elton John. And I’m not talking about a concert


Just Kevin ‏@kzone8

American Pie was actually made in Japan. #FakeRockandRollFacts


DavidTheNative ‏@DavidTheNative

#FakeRockandRollFacts Billy Joel did start that fire……


Freddie Walker ‏@cuezerdo1957

#FakeRockandRollFacts: Phil Collins Becomes Alcoholic, Changes Name To Tom Collins


RJPerry ‏@RJP757

Chuck Berry and Little Richard lost Rock & Roll to Elvis in an Epic Poker game. #FakeRockandRollFacts


Edison Sanders ‏@1Starkweather

She didn’t really shake him all night long; it was more like 3 or 4 minutes. Then he fell asleep. #FakeRockandRollFacts


jimsaint99 ‏@jimsaint99

Pete Best has no regrets #fakerockandrollfacts


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11 Replies to “Twitter completes my Sunday with Fake Rock and Roll Facts hashtag”

  1. Fake Rock-N-Roll Facts _____ Dr Conrad Murray was never going to provide Botox injections to Michael Jackson . Let’s just leave it at that shall we ?

  2. Took me a while to come up with this one:
    #Fake Rock-N-Roll Facts: Ted Nugent shacks up with Joan Jett and all that we get is Jewel?

  3. HYSTERICAL! 🙂 Cant pick my favorite# cause there are too many of them! You really had me laughing out loud! Great stuff SC. Thx… I needed that!

  4. EDM isn’t nearly as annoying as cars with rooster stickers on the doors and Woody Woodpecker with a cigar and flames stickers behind the wheel wells rattling the block bumping accordions, tubas and trumpets.

    In Cali all we get is regular Mexicans….At least in Florida you get cool Mexicans like Cubans and Puerto Ricans.

    Before the PC police show up, that was a joke…A crude joke, but a joke nonetheless, so don’t get your panties in a wad.

  5. Moose…

    I’m not sure what’s scarier. The visual of Joan Jett and Ted Nugent getting it on or the fact that I had to look up and actually see whether Jewel was the offspring of that get together.

  6. That was actually a good one, Bleed.

    You know my readers have thick skin so I wouldn’t worry all that much.

    Besides, there’s no closed caption in Spanish.

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