Rams Are Making the Draft More Interesting

The Los Angeles Rams have already made the NFL power rankings for the 2016 season a little more interesting, what with the team having traded to get the top pick in the draft. This move will certainly be something of interest to the NFL as Rams owner Stan Kroenke has just made the NFL Draft, already an exciting event, a little more appealing.


The big report coming from this is that the Rams will keep the draft process interesting by not making an official announcement on whom their big pick will be until the day of the draft. While it is true that moving from the fifteenth pick to the first sounds like something being done to try and grab North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz, the Rams are certainly going to keep the fans guessing.


The Rams have not decided on precisely who they are going to pick in the draft. This is a big point for the NFL as the league doesn’t want the Rams or any other team to leak information on who they are going to pick. This is to ensure that the draft will be even more appealing and that ratings for it will certainly go up.


Peter King of the MMQB website did learn that the Rams are uncertain as to who they will pick. Also, they will not say anything about who they will pick until they are actually on the clock on the day of the draft.


Carson Wentz is still the most likely person to be drafted first by the Rams. Still, that is nothing more than an unofficial guess as to what will happen. The team is going to make things interesting to say the least as they won’t be going far enough to make the final call until late in the process.


Of course, the Tennessee Titans benefit from this as the team will get a large number of picks from the Rams for both this year’s draft and next year’s. In addition, this was a relatively good time for the Rams to make a move as Wentz is still on the table. Of course, the Rams would change their minds about taking Wentz in the event that he was to sustain some kind of an injury before the draft.


If anything, the Rams’ decision not to say anything about their draft choice could be a good favor to the NFL. This is because the draft will certainly be more interesting and more people will watch as they look to see just who the Rams will end up taking. After all, Wentz is not the only person who could be chosen as the top pick in this year’s draft.


Of course, the people of Los Angeles themselves will be thrilled about this. After having been within a team for more than twenty years, the city will certainly want a team that can compete or at least have a good future ahead of it. Getting this top pick certainly makes for a good start.

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  1. Hey Anna, wake me up when Chris comes back. I’ve already OD’D on ESPN and Yahoo.

  2. Understand Chris, but many of her pieces contain blatant errors. It’s OK to wing it if you’re DJT. The fact checkers for him are told to stand down.

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