A Rose Garden Party

Knicks token hatI broke out my Knicks hat the other day for the first time in a long time.

Even though I am a native New Yorker, growing up only a short subway ride from Madison Square Garden, I can’t necessarily say I’m a Knicks fan.  After all, it’s not like they’ve given their fans anything to cheer about lately.

That all changed on Wednesday afternoon.

I had heard rumors surfacing about a pending Derrick Rose to New York deal but the NBA rumor mill, while fun and conversation-stimulating, is about as accurate as your local weather forecast.

The last time the Knicks were competitive (I remember when…), I was far more of a Michael Jordan fan than that of the bruising Knicks.  So was basically everyone.  Besides that, rooting for the Knicks and against Michael Jordan just seemed like rooting against destiny.  It didn’t make much sense.

This time the rumor mill bore fruit.  Despite Knicks fans’ general unwillingness to get their hopes up, the city shone bright on Wednesday afternoon and that’s not just because I’m heading up there next week.  Note: more on that later.

The Knicks finally landed another big name to play alongside Carmelo Anthony and with all due respect to the Knicks’ point guards of the past, just by walking in the building, Derrick Rose might already be one of the top five point guards to play that position, in that uniform, in that building.

Derrick Rose injuriesIf he can stay healthy.

In addition to the Knicks last twenty years of sucking, it’s those last five words that are keeping Knicks fans grounded.  After all, that is the biggest question mark with Derrick Rose and has been ever since he shredded his knee after his 2010-11 MVP season.

Either way, Rose to New York is big news.  And in typical Knicks fashion, it’s either huge or hugely devastating.

The Knickerbockers’ best case scenario is that they suddenly and rather un-Knickly-like become playoff-worthy, which by all early accounts and hopefully, unneeded doctor’s visits, they should be.  All you need to make the playoffs in the NBA is two all-stars and the Knicks now have that.

The worst case scenario is that the Bulls, who appeared genuinely somber getting rid of Derrick Rose, got over on their rival Knicks by trading them damaged goods.  Clearly the Knicks and their medical staff have done their due diligence and wouldn’t trade for Rose if he weren’t as close to 100% as possible… but then again, these are the Knicks were talking about.

The Knicks have been atrocious lately, laughingly so for anyone who lives outside the apple.  They have won ONE playoff series this century.  And even though the Eastern Conference is more competitive than in years past, one would have to think that Derrick Rose playing alongside Carmelo Anthony finally gives Knicks’ fans something to smile about.  At this point in their careers, both have to be thirsting for a ring.

CarmeloIronically, Carmelo Anthony is the only top five player in that historical 2003 NBA Draft to not land himself an championship.  Even Darko Milicic, inexplicably chosen before Carmelo (and Wade and Bosh), won a title with the Detroit Pistons, by whom he was drafted.  Carmelo hasn’t gotten anywhere close.

Now I’m not suggesting landing Derrick Rose means New York will win a title.  Far from it.  Heck, that basketball team has been waiting for a title almost as long as the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Cavs began play in 1970.  The Knicks last title came in 1973.

The Knick are going to need a lot more than an injury-free, 2010 version of Derrick Rose to best LeBron James and the people he allowed at his parade.  But at least it’s a step in the right direction.  Speaking of those Cavaliers, their recent celebration included a handful of former Knickerbockers, i.e., JR Smith and Iman Shumpert.  At this point, they probably couldn’t be happier to be in anther uniform.

Derrick Rose now wears another uniform.  They might not be throwing a parade in his honor BUT at least, with one trade, the Knicks are again relevant.  Knicks fans are once again smiling.  It had been so long, I think they had forgotten how to.

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11 Replies to “A Rose Garden Party”

  1. D-Rose in NYC ? Victor Oladipo in OKC ? Robin Lopez is now in Chi-town . Tell me the NBA world hasn’t now fallen off its axis ?

    As and when you’re ready check out the new piece entitled Conclusive . Let me know what you think.

  2. Don’t want to throw water on NYK fan’s parade but it looks like they are working off the Atlanta Hawks formula: let’s be good enough to get in the playoffs every year then flame out against the real contenders.

  3. Al…

    I don’t exactly know what the Magic are doing by trading away their best player, a number three pick, for Serge Ibaka, but I am officially pissed and have handed in my Magic fan card.

    Fuck that.

    Knicks bandwagon, here I come.

  4. Moose…

    The Knicks would have to make the playoffs first.

    Barring injury, that should now be the case.

    Nothing like seeing Wade and LeBron and Carmelo all battling each other in the playoffs.

    We’ve seen surprisingly little of that over the years. I say it’s about damn time.

  5. Well, they’ll sell a shit ton of jerseys anyway.
    They gave up 3 scrubs for a former MVP under 30 years old on an expiring contract. Not a bad risk.

    Whether a big 3 of Melo, Rose and Porzingis is enough to challenge in the east remains to be seen…But I certainly wouldn’t go to Vegas with it.

    Spike Lee probably busted in his Cross Color jeans, but realistically it’s a move with some potential upside, but far from concrete. Hope springs eternal in MSG, but logic says it’s probably more of the same for doormat Knicks fans. But who knows…Phil might have a few more tricks up his sleeve in free agency.

    BTW, I voted for both choices on the poll because they both apply.

  6. At least they’re making a push, right, Bleed?

    I mean how long has it been since they’ve done that?

    Look, signing Rose is clearly a gamble but so is signing anyone. At least they swung for the fences.

    In today’s NBA, you HAVE to have solid point guard play to compete. Here’s hoping Rose can stay healthy enough to give them that.

  7. The lunacy of the Rose trade , makes no sense whatsoever . Derrick Rose has barely averages thirty games per season (regular) over the last three years and the Knicks are willing to pay him over $20.5 million for the upcoming season ? Sheer stupidity to believe this is a worthwhile trade.

    Alex Martins and Rob Hennigan clearly have no idea as to what they’re doing within the Magic front office. Nikola Vucevic is by far a better all-round player than Victor Oladipo. The stats are there to prove it .

  8. Al…

    This is just another case of the NBA’s rich getting richer with GMs really starting to pull their weight.

    I’m really getting tired of Orlando being a laughing stock.

  9. When hasn’t the Orlando Magic been a joke over the past eight seasons ? The front office remains clueless and they have a racial bigot and sexist moron as an owner . Now with the trading of Oladipo they believe they’ll be able to retain Ibaka after next season ?

    Johnny Manziel in trouble with the law once again . Time for his this dumb @ss to be out of the news’ cycle altogether.

    I’d like to thank Tavaris Jackson for offering up a mind-numbing explanation as to why his wife was wrong in calling the cops after he wielded a loaded aimed at her during a domestic dispute where he his wife was unarmed and felt threatened.

    Herschel Walker believes at age 54 , he is still capable to play in the NFL but is more intent on resuming his career in MMA at the heavyweight division under the UFC banner. Given how ludicrous the division has now become , I think Walker might be unto something were he to consider either endeavor. Considering how bad several teams were last season when it came to their rush offense, a fifty-four year old player might be fitting to fill the role needed.

  10. Al…

    I’m starting to believe the Magic won’t be relevant until Rich DeVos divests himself of the team.

    Think about it. The only real success they’ve had has come after landing the top pick in the draft. How much smarts does that take? How about building through the draft without the luxury of the top pick? Show me how to do that.

    And considering the shortage of quality backs in the NFL, Al, how funny would it be if a team actually invited Herschel to training camp. Now that’s something I’d watch on Hard Knocks.

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