Get a Film Drunk: The Hashtag

Film wine rackI love cinema.  I love alcohol.  I also love a good hashtag.  Who ever thought one little character key, aka our friendly neighborhood ‘#,’ would change an entire nation’s vernacular?

When I came home late one night to find #GetAFilmDrunk trending, I felt compelled to see what the hell that meant.  As usual, Twitter did not disappoint.

As a professional bartender, I obviously had to throw my hat into the ring.  I think you’ll find some pretty interesting creativity worth a chuckle or two.  These guys are definitely worth the follow.

The best #GetAFilmDrunk entry into the comments section below receives a drink on me the next time they walk into the pub.



HoekomSoPodcast ‏@HoekomSoPodcast

Beer and present danger #GetAFilmDrunk


Mick T ‏@Wheezyridermick

No Southern Comfort For Old Men #GetAFilmDrunk


Sean O’ Donovan ‏@henriksen1

#GetAFilmDrunk ‘Honey, I pissed my pants.’


starz ‏@cdhstarz

Indiana Jones and the Shirley Temple of Doom #GetAFilmDrunk


Jim Browning ‏@revelstokejim

#GetAFilmDrunk Tequila Mockingbird


Robert Eburne ‏@RobertEburne

Partial Recall #GetAFilmDrunk


Susan Bernstein ‏@velvetbarstool

The Magnificent Seven and Seven #GetAFilmDrunk


Chuck U Farley ‏@beckdrinker

Whisky Business.



Ingrid ☄✨ ‏@ingridpv_93


The Hungover Games


i-Kouk ‏@ikouks

I forgot what you did last summer  #GetAFilmDrunk


Jade storms ‏@greentempest88

The Hunt for Red Oktoberfest #GetAFilmDrunk


Big Mama BertiCat ‏@LittleBertie01

Schlinder’s pissed.



Jeni:P ‏@jenibens

James and The Giant Peach Schnapps #GetAFilmDrunk


Ian Wienert ‏@unrulyian

Atlas Chugged



Rebecca Throckmorton ‏@Rebecca_Throck2

#GetaFilmDrunk “Last of the Mojitos”


Mr. Ross ‏@rossbruce

Magic Mikes Hard Lemonade #GetAFilmDrunk


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

The Treasure of the Sierra Madras #GetAFilmDrunk


Richard Johnson ‏@dickj0hnson

There Will be Bud #GetAFilmDrunk


Not Robert Griffin ‏@Pseudo_RGIII

50 Shades of Grey Goose #GetAFilmDrunk


Blame Big Government ‏@BlameBigGovt

Straight Outta Captain Morgan #GetAFilmDrunk


Christian Schneider Verified account ‏@Schneider_CM

The Muppets Make a Manhattan #GetAFilmDrunk


Tim has issues ‏@LaptopShopWH

#GetAFilmDrunk What’s Fermenting Gilbert Grape


Neal Dewing ‏@Neal_Dewing

Honey, I’m Drunk…the Kids? #GetAFilmDrunk


Maureen Castriotta ‏@mcastriotta

Chariots of Fireball #GetAFilmDrunk


jon gabriel ‏@exjon

How to Drain Your Dragon #GetAFilmDrunk


Dr. Schadenfreude ‏@PoliticsOfFear

Bill and Ted Kennedy’s Excellent Adventure. #GetAFilmDrunk


David-Damien Mattia ‏@DaveMattia

#GetAFilmDrunk    The Importance of Being Ernest and Julio Gallo.


Ed Morrissey Verified account ‏@EdMorrissey

Glenfiddich Glen Ross



Just Bibi ‏@BibiCheret

#GetAFilmDrunk Mad Max: Blurry Road


Hexbass ‏@HexbassMusic

Can’t Remember The Titans.



Jake Tapper Verified account ‏@jaketapper

Love In The Time of Colada



Troll Cat ‏2@2p2TrollCat

Star Wars: The Empire Drinks Jack #GetAFilmDrunk


(((Pip))) @pippapip

One Fell Over The Cuckoo’s Nest  #GetAFilmDrunk


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

A Beautiful Mind Eraser #GetAFilmDrunk


Fränkie/Mölly ‏@thatsmellsfishy


When Harry met sidewalk


Jared Shroyer ‏@jaredshroyer

Kegstand By Me.  #GetAFilmDrunk

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9 Replies to “Get a Film Drunk: The Hashtag”

  1. Cabin Fever in the Woods
    Whiskey in the Willows
    Jameson and the Giant Peach
    Eternal Moonshine of the Spotless Mind
    PBR We There Yet
    The Perfect Dark and Stormy
    Tullamore Dew the Right Thing
    Belvedere Hunter

  2. The Thomas Crown Royal Affair
    Gone With the Hurricane(popular on Bourbon Street)
    The Road to (a) Singapore Sling
    Paper Moonshine
    (Scotch on the) Rocky
    This is Beer on Tap

  3. From Here to a Long Island Iced Tea
    The Moon is Blue Curacao(that one is banned in Boston)
    The Old Man and the Seagrams
    Bonnie and Clydesdales

  4. So far so good.

    How the hell did I not come up with Tullamore Dew The Right thing, Doc.

    I must be slipping.

    Also love the Perfect Dark and Stormy.

    What rum drinker wouldn’t?

    Also love the Thomas Crown Royal Affair, the Old Man and the Seagrams and Bonnie and Clydesdales.

    Nicely done, gang.

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