Pick Olympic Winners, Receive Fabulous Prizes thanks to Scoutahead

2016_Summer_Olympics_logo.svgRunning a website with the range and import of SportsChump means I get a lot of free stuff, perks of the trade if you will.  Aside from SportsChump being incredibly popular with the ladies as well as on the senior circuit, I also receive a ton of promotional offers via email and carrier pigeon.  Fortunately none of those offers have ever come in the form of a Draymond Green SnapChat close up.

I get free books, free banners, free jerseys; one company even sent me a case of free cherry juice, all to review so that you, my reader, can reap the benefits of said knowledge and use it at your leisure.  I won’t lie.  The free book thing is pretty cool although I’m so far behind on my summer reading, I feel like I’m in the eighth grade again having to cram in the Once and Future King before the first day of school.

Well, this complimentary gift I’m about to share with you is not a book but rather a contest hosted by an all new website trying to make a name for itself.  As you all know, SportsChump is prone to hosting contests and don’t worry, the SIXTH Annual (can you believe that?) Over/Under Contest is coming soon not to mention another weekly NFL Pick ‘Em contest where you can earn $100 of my own hard-earned money just by picking games correctly.

But first… the Olympics.

The good people at a new website called Scoutahead have asked me to inform you of their existence and in doing so are giving us all the chance to win a healthy sum of money just for picking Olympic winners.  Even better news is that their site is Zika-free.

Scoutahead describes their site as “an online platform that delivers a better way to get information through fun weekly polls, personal surveys, and customizable community features.”

But enough about that.  How do you win your money?  According to them, by correctly picking the winners of each Olympic event (41 in total), you can win up to $2500 for 1st place ($1000 for 2nd and $500 for 3rd).  If and when any of you, my most knowledgeable of sports readers, win the top prize, I will expect a thank you card in the mail for the referral.

I’m sure the site would also appreciate your feedback.  Just let ‘em know SportsChump sent ya’.

So let’s show ‘em what we’re made of, gang, and best of luck.

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9 Replies to “Pick Olympic Winners, Receive Fabulous Prizes thanks to Scoutahead”

  1. So this is what selling out looks like

    ….If that was a bad thing or I were a hipster, I’d give you a harder time about it, but hey…I’m a capitalist, so cash in while you can Chump.

    As for the Olympics…Meh. I got Michael Phelps to win it all.

  2. I know it’s not yet an Olympic competition /sport, but a ring of thorns should go to the co#k-sucker from Down Under, Andrew Bogut for his bitching and whining about accommodations at the Olympic Village for his Australian teammates. Last I looked Bogut, was barely shedding a tear for the continued mistreatment of Aborigines in his native Australia , but here he is whining about his woes in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. Another self-indulgent NBA @sshole with nothing better to do and barely recognizable as talent.

    Usain Bolt to repeat his feats achieved in Beijing and London , winning three gold medals in track & field , in all three sprint events (100 m , 200 m and 4 x 100 m Men’s Relay). Simone Biles to win the Women’s All -round competition in gymnastics and to be the most dominant female athlete at the Rio Olympics. Michael Phelps will add to his tally of medal hauls , but he won’t be the biggest story coming out of the games.

  3. Bleed…

    They didn’t actually pay me for the post but are willing to reward me handsomely if I refer the most people.

    And to be perfectly honest, I’d be totally cool with one of you winning the 2500.

    First round’s on you if that’s the case.

    By the way, I have another project in the works but since you’re off the grid, you’re not yet hip to it. Rest assured I’ll be wanting your verbal contributions.

    Will hit you up via email.

  4. Bogut’s been making 12 mil a year. What did you expect him to say about having to shack up in a favela, Al? That he likes the accommodations?

    I’m not sure how many events Phelps will be competing in but I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching.

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  6. No social media = “Off the grid”?

    Let’s just say I value my privacy, unlike all these other attention hound idiots who post endless selfies and Twitter or Instagram a pic every time they eat lunch or pinch a loaf, as if anyone gives a rats ass.

    I guess Andy Warhol was correct when he said in 1968, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”. Hell, the Kardashians have made a career of it. But now, everyone thinks they’re a quasi-celebrity and incessantly post their narcissistic crap online for the world to see all day long. It’s funny to watch, but as of now, I have no plans to join in.

    Sound good though, you know I’m always game to chime in with my twisted thoughts. Email works

  7. Speaking of the Kardashians, Bleed, I am going to see Kanye West when he comes here in a month. I figured, why not. If he’s good enough for Lorne Michaels, he’s good enough for me.

    And yes, re: your contributions to my future endeavor, you are welcome to maintain your anonymity.

  8. Kanye is a musical genius…Problem is…He knows it.

    Dude is an ass hair though.
    I mean, who picks a fight with Taylor fucking Swift?
    That’s gangsta, Yeezy.

    He may be the only person on the planet with an ego bigger than Trump.
    ….Or is it bigger than Kim’s ass?…Now that’s something to ponder.

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