What the Olympics mean for Sports Betting Fans

Fans of sports betting looking for auspicious betting lines should look no further than the Summer Olympic Games. Friday the 5th of August will host the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympic Games being held in Rio. While the opening ceremony begins at 7:00 pm ET sportsbook users don’t have to wait until then to begin looking for lucrative betting lines. Even though the opening ceremony won’t be held until Friday, there are actually some events being held on Wednesday.  These events include the tournament for Women’s Football (soccer) and Men’s Football (soccer again) tournament which will be held on Thursday. With so many events to choose from there are numerous eye-catching wagers, giving sports betting fans the opportunity to bet on their favorite events. With that in mind let’s take a look at some of the craziest betting lines available for this year’s Olympic Games.

Thursday marks the beginning of the tournament for Men’s Soccer and there are some countries that face staggering odds. Fiji got one of the hardest draws by placing in Group C alongside Germany, Mexico, and South Korea – three countries in which soccer is equivalent to religion. The people of Fiji may be just as passionate about the sport, but the sportsbooks think their skill is lacking, severely lacking.

Odds to Win Men’s Olympic Soccer Group C

Fiji U23 +32500

Germany U23 -185

Mexico U23 +290

South Korea U23 +680

If you think the people of Fiji have something to prove then putting down $100 in order to win over $30,000 doesn’t seem too shabby. Unfortunately being placed with two soccer powerhouses (Germany, Mexico) doesn’t seem to increase their chances. If you happen to be in the minority and think that Fiji can win it all then just wait and see exactly how much you could be winning.

Odds to win Rio 2016 Men’s Olympic Soccer

Fiji U23 +65150

Germany U23 +655

Mexico U23 +2050

South Korea U23 +8050

$65,000 is enough to make even Donald Trump’s mouth water, but unfortunately it also reflects the tremendous odds facing this team. If however soccer isn’t a sport you enjoy, then there’s no need to worry. The Olympics offer a plethora of events, including basketball. Men’s Basketball will begin on Saturday, August 6th with the countries that placed in Group A facing off. This includes the matchups between Australia against France, China against the US, and lastly Venezuela against Serbia. On Sunday the countries in Group B will be squaring off. Those matchups are Lithuania against Brazil, Spain against Croatia, and Argentina against Nigeria. The biggest underdog in those matchups is Nigeria whose odds are pegged at +600 compared to Argentina’s -900 odds. While those odds pale in comparison to Fiji’s, they are staggering nonetheless.

The Olympics provide a stage for athletes around the world, but more importantly it provides an opportunity for sports betting fans to make a pretty penny. While some of the events that are being held aren’t the most thrilling, they still provide a chance at a quick buck. At the end of the day, it’s up to sportsbook users whether they want to cash in on those odds or not.

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