Base for your Face Caption Contest starring Buster Posey

We haven’t had a good caption contest in a while.  I’ve been too busy not watching baseball to post one… which is ironic considering baseball is the subject of our latest contest.  With photo ops like this, I may have to tune in more often.

Sliding is an art form.  Some baserunners master it others fail miserably and get ridiculed in caption contests as a result.

Buster Posey is not necessarily known for his base running skills.  While he’s not the most lumbering catcher we’ve ever seen, he’s still a catcher and they don’t run the bases with the greatest of ease.

Case in point Buster Posey on Monday night.  In an extra inning affair, Buster made it from second to third on a base hit but his slide into third was, shall we say, less than graceful.

Posey got a face full of base.  Who said baseball wasn’t a contact sport.  Fortunately, the only injury he suffered was the shame he felt when returning to the dugout to receive a little razzing from his teammates… and you.

The person who can come up with a caption to the photo below will receive a personalized copy of he never to be released “How To Slide In Three Easy Steps” by Gerald Dempsey Posey III, some dirt to go with it and one very fresh slice of humble pie.

080816 buster posey

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33 Replies to “Base for your Face Caption Contest starring Buster Posey”

  1. Don’t bother me…I’m eating
    I hate it when the base gets in the way….
    Ok, who moved the base?
    My bad…I was having flashbacks to my ol’ slip n slide days.

  2. Pretty sure you were a little more adept at running the base paths back in your day although … we all have our moments.

    This one just happens to be Buster’s.

  3. We haven’t seen a ballplayer’s face that deep in the clay since Josh Hamilton got confused when they put down a fresh chalk baseline.

  4. Posey: Waitress! What’s up with this? I asked for gravy on my base!


    Come on everybody – this is San Fran! Everybody knows you’ve got to take one in the face from time to time to keep your mate happy.

  5. Posey got hurt during that slide. No not his face but his right wrist. He took alotta ribbing during that extra inning victory from teammates. He’s not in tonight’s starting lineup.

  6. Wow, so basically all it takes is a silly, little caption contest to bring out the freaks? I’ll keep that in mind and will post some more often, he he.

  7. Just out of curiosity, Guest, do you have any idea who is the active leader in stealing home plate?

    Think anyone currently playing in the game even has two?

  8. I was so fast I hit myself in the head with the ball sliding into second base after hitting a line drive up the middle.

    No idea who might be the active leader in steals of home, Chris, but I don’t imagine, as you wrote, it’s more than two. I’ll have to spend some time doing some research.

  9. Guest…

    If I were to tell you that Ichiro Suzuki is the active stolen base leader with 507, would you be impressed?

    I was when I found that out.

    As far as stealing home, I’m still looking for that information.

  10. Trouble with Ichiro’s stats is I never know if they’re including his stats from his days playing in Japan.

    That said, in response to your question, I can’t say I’m surprised; however, I am impressed by the number, assuming those are MLB numbers only.

  11. According to Baseball Reference, Guest, those are all in the Majors.

    Did you know, in his rookie year, Ichiro actually led the league in SBs with 56?

    That ain’t bad. Although I miss the days when Vince Coleman, Rickey Henderson and Lou Brock would steal 100 like it was nothing.

  12. Funny thing about Ricky Henderson: I always thought, watching him stroll from the dugout, he looked like he was in pain, almost limping. But after he put bat on ball, wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get down the line quicker, or out of the batter’s box faster.

    I’m with you, Chris. I miss the days when guys stole 100 bags a year. Seems a lost art today. A guy steals 20 today and fans and announcers rave.

  13. Best lead-off hitter ever was Rickey?

    I think between the classic ballplayers of the 70s and the steroid era of the 90s, there were a lot of great baseball players in the 80s that we kind of just forgot about.

    Rickey Henderson was definitely one of ’em.

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