SportsChump’s Sixth Annual NFL Over/Under Contest

It has become a time-honored tradition that I begin every annual over/under pick ‘em contest by mentioning those who have come before us and laid waste to the competition.

And so we honor our previous champions:

2011 – Hanahan

2012 – Ravenous* (53 out of a possible 55 points)

2013 – Speedbeagle

2014 – Buck Fenson

2015 – SportsAttitudes

Now that we have that out of the way, I’d like to ask all five of our previous champions, what have you done for me lately?

To paraphrase Spidey’s Uncle Ben, with new season comes new responsibility, one of those being proving their wins were no fluke.

Super Bowl TrophyFor those who have participated before in this contest before, welcome back.  For those of you who are new to the competition, I welcome you.  Even the best betting sites don’t host a contest like this.

The rules are simple.  Every season, Las Vegas releases their over/unders.  That’s the number of games they think each team will win.  Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to select ten teams that you think will reach either over or under that number.  Then assign them confidence points in the comments section below.

So, for example, the Miami Dolphins over/under win total for the season is seven games.  If you are confident that the Dolphins won’t amass seven wins this season – Oh, how I love picking on them  – you would assign them ten confidence points and under seven.  Then assign nine confidence points to the team you’re second most confident will win over or under their projected number.  For your tiebreaker, include how many combined total wins the three Florida teams (Miami, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville) will have by season’s end.

Here are this year’s over/unders:

Arizona Cardinals     10

Atlanta Falcons     7.5

Baltimore Ravens     8

Buffalo Bills     8

Carolina Panthers     10.5

Chicago Bears     7.5

Cincinnati Bengals     9.5

Cleveland Browns     4.5

Dallas Cowboys      9

Denver Broncos     9.5

Detroit Lions     7

Green Bay Packers     10.5

Houston Texans     8.5

Indianapolis Colts     9.5

Jacksonville Jaguars     7.5

Kansas City Chiefs     9.5

Los Angeles Rams     7.5

Miami Dolphins     7

Minnesota Vikings     9.5

New England Patriots     10.5

New Orleans Saints     7

New York Giants     8

New York Jets     8

Oakland Raiders     8.5

Philadelphia Eagles     7

Pittsburgh Steelers     10.5

San Diego Chargers     7

San Francisco 49ers     5.5

Seattle Seahawks     10.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers     7

Tennessee Titans     5.5

Washington Redskins     7.5

In addition to having your name immortalized on this website forever, the winner of this competition will also receive a SportsChump t-shirt and other fabulous prizes.  All entries must be received before the first football of the season is kicked off in Denver on Sept. 8.

I wish you all the best of luck and thanks, as always, for participating.

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32 Replies to “SportsChump’s Sixth Annual NFL Over/Under Contest”

  1. 10 New England Patriots over
    9 Dallas Cowboys under
    8 Green Bay Packers under
    7 Carolina Panthers over
    6 Seattle Seahawks over
    5 Baltimore Ravens under
    4 Pittsburgh Steelers under
    3 Indianapolis Colts over
    2 Cleveland Browns under
    1 Denver Broncos under

    Tie Breaker 18

  2. 10. Seahawks – Over
    9. Cardinals – Over
    8. Eagles – Under
    7. Packers – Over
    6. Patriots – Over
    5. Ravens – Under
    4. Saints – Under
    3. 49ers – Under
    2. Jaguars – Over
    1. Colts – Under

    Tiebreaker: 21 Wins

  3. 10- Philadelphia Eagles UNDER
    9 – New Orleans Saints -Under
    8- San Diego Chargers UNDER
    7 – Arizona Cardinals – OVER
    6 – Minnesota Vikings – UNDER
    5 – Cincinnati Bengals – OVER
    4 – Buffalo Bills – OVER
    3 – Dallas Cowboys – UNDER
    2 – Tennessee Titans – OVER
    1 – New England Patriots – UNDER

  4. 10 – Philadelphia Eagles UNDER
    9 – Cleveland Browns UNDER
    8 – Green Bay Packers OVER
    7 – Atlanta Falcons UNDER
    6 – Arizona Cardinals OVER
    5 – San Diego Chargers UNDER
    4 – San Francisco 49ers UNDER
    3 – Buffalo Bills UNDER
    2 – Washington Redskins OVER
    1 – Miami Dolphins UNDER
    Tiebreaker – 20 Points

  5. Former champion, SpeedBeagle, is officially in and taking potshots at some heavy hitters.

    She has action on all the major players: Over on the Pats, Under on the Pack, Over on both Carolina and Seattle and Under on the Steelers.

    Then she had to pick on poor old Cleveland.

    What would LeBron think?

  6. Joey Mills is also officially in.

    Welcome back, my friend.

    And with only two entries comes our first conflict, Beag taking Green Bay under, JoJo taking them over.

    Joey also the first to say he’s high on the Jags. Trendy pick, sir. Best of luck.

  7. J-Dub is also (almost) officially in. Still need your tie-breaker, sir, but in typical J-Dub fashion, he fires shots at his home team, taking the Eagles to finish under 7.

    We all know he’s hoping he’s wrong. But he won’t be.

  8. Mr. Burns is also back from his sorely missed absence… although clearly his hiatus did not preclude him from reading and collaborating on Dubsism’s Tales of Depression and Sorrow considering these two long-suffering Philly fans both are banking on the Eagles to take a nice steaming dump this season.

    I can’t say I blame them.

    If they both tie for first place this season, I’ll be sending them slightly used Blu-Ray versions of “Invincible” for their efforts.

  9. 10…. Bengals— Under
    9….. Rams—— Under
    8…. Falcons——-Under
    7…. Steelers—— Under
    6…. Chiefs——– Under
    5…. Lions——— Under
    4…. Giants——- Over
    3…. Pats——— Over
    2….. Cowboys— Under
    1…. Vikings——- Under

    Tie Breaker— 26

  10. 10 Cinn Over
    9 Sea Over
    8 Buff Over
    7 Car Over
    6 Jax Under
    5 Ind Over
    4 NE Over
    3 SD Under
    2 Arz Over
    1 Phl Under

    Tie breaker 20

  11. Han, the person who popped the cherry on this contest is in… and taking some potshots at some serious heavy hitters.

    Under on the Bengals, Steelers, Chiefs and Vikings? Didn’t all four of those teams make the playoffs last year?

    Ironically Han also likes the Florida teams, giving them 26 total wins.

    Han must be hitting the whiskey… or perhaps he’s onto something.

  12. The Heaviest of all D is also in, giving us a total of six entries so far with 11 days left til the season starts.

    For everyone’s information, my service took down their over/unders for the time being. I’m looking forward to seeing how that Cowboys number will change with Romo down.

    Either way, I’ve posted their o/u at nine and that’s what it will stay at for the duration of this contest.

  13. OK, here are my picks:

    10. Arizona Cardinals – (10 wins – OVER)
    9. New England Patriots – (10 ½ wins – OVER)
    8. Green Bay Packers – (10 ½ wins – OVER)
    7. Philadelphia Eagles – (7 wins – UNDER)
    6. Los Angeles Rams – (7 ½ wins – UNDER)
    5. Chicago Bears – (7 ½ wins – UNDER)
    4. Minnesota Vikings – (9 ½ wins – UNDER)
    3. Washington Redskins – (7 ½ wins – OVER)
    2. Jacksonville Jaguars – (7 wins – OVER)
    1. Dallas Cowboys – (9 wins – UNDER)
    Florida Trio – 22 wins

  14. 10. Denver — under
    9. Dallas — under
    8. Baltimore — over
    7. Philly — under
    6. Chicago — under
    5. Minnesota — under
    4. New England — under
    3. Jacksonville — over
    2. Atlanta — over
    1. New Orleans — over
    Tiebreaker — 23

  15. KP is officially in.

    And I’m gonna pass on our contest this year, brother. I have another contest I’m running (stay tuned!) that’s going to take up most of my time.

  16. Ravenous walks in. A mist appears.

    The crowd suddenly comes to a hush and turns to look towards him.

    They recognize his greatness from years past and are intimidated by his presence.

    Welcome back, good sir. And best of luck.

    We bow.

  17. Here are my picks in order of confidence, giving us nine so far on the season. I expect a few more stragglers in before kick off on Thursday so don’t get your hopes up that winning this thing will be easy.

    DAL Under 9
    DEN Under 9.5
    TEN Over 5.5
    NYG Over 8
    MIN Under 9.5
    CHI Under 7.5
    CIN Over 9.5
    PHI Under 7.5
    CAR Over 10.5
    AZ Over 10
    Tiebreaker 19

  18. 10 – Panthers O10. 5
    9 – Cards O10
    8 – Jets U8
    7 – Jags U7
    6 – Lions U7
    5 – Rams U7
    4 – Ravens U8
    3 – Chargers U7
    2 – Skins U5. 5
    1 – Titans U5. 5

    Tiebreaker: 18

  19. Milhouse is in, riding his hot weekend.

    He started off being all loving, taking two teams over and then goes hater the rest of the way, taking his remaining eight teams all under.

    Interesting strategy, sir.

    Let’s see how that works out.

    That gives us ten official entries with two days to go before kick-off.

  20. 10 dallas UND 9
    9 indy UND 9.5
    8 phil UND 7
    7 la rams UND 7.5
    6 sdiego OVER 7
    5 tenn OVER 5.5
    4 jets UND 8
    3 denver UND 9.5
    2 arizona OVER 10
    1 green bay OVER 10.5

    Tie breaker 22 wins

  21. 10 Cowboys – Under
    9 Chargers – Under
    8 Panthers – Over
    7 Raiders – Under
    6 49’s – Over
    5 Steelers – Under
    4 Vikings – Over
    3 Rams – Over
    2 JAGUARS – Under
    1 Titans – Under
    Tiebreaker = 18

  22. Bets is in and I like his picks. That should scare him.

    Tree is also in and is the first among us to pick the Niners over 5.5. I guess he kneels for the anthem too. (For the record, he also likes Minnesota over 9.5)

    Most of us have loaded up on Dallas falling short of nine wins meaning of Dak Prescott come to life, we’ll all be in for some major goose eggs.

    We have twelve official entries with a day to go before kick off.

  23. At the generous invitation of the venerated Ravenous, I humbly join the fray:

    10. Baltimore OVER
    9. New England OVER
    8. Dallas UNDER
    7. Houston OVER
    6. Washington OVER
    5. Seattle UNDER
    4. Pittsburgh UNDER
    3. Arizona OVER
    2. Cincinnati OVER
    1. New Orleans OVER

    Tie Breaker: 21

  24. Do you hear that, gang? New meat!

    Rep, tell Ravenous I’m not going easy on him just for bringing me traffic.

    Good luck to you, sir.

    That gives us a baker’s dozen, everyone.

  25. Oh… Better late than never, Triple SC…
    10 – Jacksonville Jaguars 7.5 Under
    9 – New England Patriots 10.5 Under
    8 – New Orleans Saints 7 Over
    7 – Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 Under
    6 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7 Over
    5 – Green Bay Packers 10.5 under
    4 – Indianapolis Colts 9.5 Over
    3 – Chicago Bears 7.5 Over
    2 – Tennessee Titans 5.5 Over
    1 – New York Giants 8 Over
    Total Wins for my home state’s NFL teams: 21

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