5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Game on the Court

You don’t have to be the next Michael Jordan to want to improve your basketball skills. Alternately, this desire, or drive, could help you become the next MJ. You simply have to want to get better. Once you have that, everything will fall into place … with a little help, of course. Read on for five ways to immediately improve your game on the court. And your game off the court? Well, that’s a whole other post.


  1. Get Some Good Gear


You might need to up your game in everything from your apparel to your basketball shoes. We know this takes money and everyone’s budget is different but you need to make the investment to reap the rewards. Have you ever noticed that you’re more motivated to work out when you feel good in what you’re wearing? There’s a psychology to it, which is why pro teams put so much thought and money into their uniforms and more. Even your feet need to feel good, which is why we recommend Stance basketball socks. Not only are they high performance socks, but also the intense designs will strike fear into the heart of your opponents. Seriously.


Your basketball shoes are probably one of—if not THE—most important part of your basketball gear. Besides, your team will provide the ball and it’ll surely be top quality. But you need to account for your shoes, so you might want to check out something like this list from liveforbball.com. Not only do you need them to give yourself maximum mobility on the court, but a good pair of basketball shoes can also keep you from getting injured. Speaking of injuries, you might want to invest in anything that your body and its impending aches require. Whether it’s a knee brace or a facemask to protect you from another broken nose, these things are key.



  1. The Right Coach


Of course, if you’re at the high school level or below, you likely don’t have much say over this. Your parents might be able to transfer to a school based on the best basketball coach if that’s a possibility but, other than that, you have to play the hand your dealt. However, if you’re going for the college level and you’ve got pro potential, you may very well have a choice. Think about what you respond to the most when it comes to coaching. Is it attitude? Is it supportiveness? Is it grit? Go after what you want, as this person could make or break your hoop game.


  1. Watch Yourself


You might feel as though you’ve mastered your layup or your 3-pointer when you’re in practice but you’re not getting the results you want. Have someone videotape you. Watch it back with your coach and/or others who know the game. Analyze what you’re doing right and doing wrong. Get the tips you need and incorporate them into your game.


  1. Consider a Sports Psychologist


This might sound extreme but if you’re hoping to make this game a profession or, at the very least, play at the professional level, this could be a good call. As with any sport, basketball is a very mental game. You might have everything else down but completely blow your free throws (we’re talking to you, Shaq). It’s important to have every aspect of the game honed in order to succeed. This is where a sports psychologist can step in. Whether it’s breathing exercises, meditation, recovery from injuries, or simply handling the level of competition, this could be the final piece to your basketball puzzle. Not looking to hire a psychologist? Consider taking an online meditation course from Vipassana.com to make sure your brain is on the right track.


  1. Start Talking Smack


We know, we know, this doesn’t sound “PC” but all the basketball greats do it. It’s not only a matter of intimidating your opponents but it’s also about your own confidence. You don’t talk smack unless you’re confident you can back it up so, between those two things, this will get your competitive juices flowing. The right level of adrenaline is key to any game, and this can help you reach your maximum potential. BOOM!


Been looking to improve your basketball game on the court? Follow these tips and watch yourself improve leaps and bounds.

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