SportsChump’s First Annual $100 NFL Pick ‘Em Giveaway

smiling-100-bill-dollar-56Football season is here and I’m giving away $100 of my money!!!

That’s right, you heard me.  All I’m asking for in return is a little bit of your time prior to each NFL Sunday.  That’s worth a C-Note, isn’t it?

I feel like one of those crazy guys on the late night television pitching you an offer that’s too good to be true except in this case, there is no catch.

$100 of my money will go to one lucky reader.  In the process, you all are going to be part of my little experiment.  You are going to help me prove that gambling on football is very, very difficult.

In the past, I’ve chosen every game against the spread each and every week of the season but nobody out there bets like that.  We bet on the games we feel most confident about… and then we lose.

So, my little football-obsessed guinea pigs, this is where you come in.  To earn your $100, all you have to do is choose more NFL games correctly against the spread than the rest of my readers.  Not only will this tell you how good (or bad) you are at gambling on football games but you stand the chance to win some walk around money at my expense.

Here’s how this will work.  Please read carefully.

Prior to each kick off of each week, I will list the point spreads for each game and maybe a little preview depending on how frisky I’m feeling.  If you’re not including the Thursday night game in your picks, it’s perfectly okay to get me your picks prior to the 1pm Sunday games.

Using the lines I post, you must choose five games each week, listing them in order of confidence, assigning five confidence points to the game you’re most certain, four to the next, then three until you’ve listed all five games.

You will win either five, four, three, two or one points if you pick that game correctly.  If you do NOT pick that game correctly, you will LOSE the confidence points you assigned to that game.  I will keep a running tally of everyone’s score all season long.  The person with the most points at the end of the season will win the $100.

I know everyone is busy so I don’t expect you to enter every week, however, you MUST enter picks at least ten weeks to be eligible to win the $100.  You can pick as many weeks as you like but to qualify, you must pick at least ten different weeks.

It’s that simple, my friends.  I will also be entering my five weekly picks and listing my score alongside everyone else’s.  If I win, not only will I talk trash incessantly for the entire off-season but I’ll be keeping my $100.  If the last two years are any indication, that’s unlikely to happen.  That means one of you will be able to have a little extra spending cash over the holidays.  Be sure to buy me something nice.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this contest evolves.  I’ve never hosted a contest quite like this one before.   I think we’ll be seeing some interesting strategies develop as the season progresses.  Plus I want to see how many of you end up with positive/negative points on the season.

This should be good, so best of luck, ladies and gentlemen.  Let the gambling begin!

Without further ado, here are Week One’s betting lines:

Carolina (-3) at Denver

Tampa Bay (+3) at Atlanta

Minnesota (-2.5) at Tennessee

Cleveland (+4) at Philadelphia

Cincinnati (-2.5) at Jets

Oakland (+1) at New Orleans

San Diego (+7) at Kansas City

Buffalo (+3) at Baltimore

Chicago (+6.5) at Houston

Green Bay (-5.5) at Jacksonville

Miami (+10.5) at Seattle

Giants (-1) at Dallas

Detroit (+4) at Indianapolis

New England (+6) at Arizona

Pittsburgh (-3) at Redskins

Los Angeles (-2.5) at San Francisco

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23 Replies to “SportsChump’s First Annual $100 NFL Pick ‘Em Giveaway”

  1. 5 New England covers against Arizona

    4 Seattle over the Dolphins

    3 Tennesee covers over the Vikings

    2 San Francisco covers over LA

    1 Baltimore over Buffalo

  2. And a question- If a player picks MORE than the required 10 weeks, how will you determine which weeks count toward the contest?

  3. Beag…

    All weeks will count.

    The only benefit to choosing more than ten week is to ideally add more points to your already positive score.

    D and Beag are both in and confirmed.

    Nice work, gang. This should be fun.

  4. Hmm… so I guess this is why we are not having our rubber match? Interesting… well I clearly need to do this and then just post my picks on TWHS. I look forward to winning.

  5. KP…

    I just thought this would be a more worthwhile exercise. Not that I didn’t enjoy doing our picks. And yes, we do need a rubber match.

    It’s just gonna have to wait.

  6. No sweat, Rev. I’m in. I will post my picks soon… and will just do my write-ups and come up with something.

  7. I can only assume you meant this, KP.

    CLE + 4
    HOU -6.5
    NYG – 1
    MIN -2.5
    LAR -2.5

    Perhaps I’ll contribute a week just to keep you on your toes. You know, for old time’s sake.

  8. And here are my official picks for Week One.

    I’d like to wish everyone the best in fighting for second place.

    AZ -6 (5 confidence points)
    NYG -1 (4 confidence points)
    CIN -2.5 (3 confidence points)
    TEN +2.5 (2 confidence points)
    CLE + 4 (1 lofty confidence point)

  9. Pittsburgh (-3) at Redskins PIT easily covers that I could care less who the home team is the Steelers are for real this year (5 CP)

    San Diego (+7) at Kansas City KC may not be able to score a lot, but neither can SD so I like them winning by more than 7. Chargers are 75 to one odds to win the Super Bowl and this game is going to be at Arrowhead against a team that believes they got jobbed in the divisional playoff round last year. (4 CP)

    Green Bay (-5.5) at Jacksonville I have to think GB covers this one. The AFC South is fucking total garbage (3 CP)

    Giants (-1) at Dallas NYG is going to not only cover but I have a suspicion this one could be a blowout if they come out firing on all cylinders (2 CP)


  10. 5 – Pittsburgh to cover
    4 – Green Bay to cover
    3 – Giants to cover
    2 – Arizona to cover
    1 – Bengals to cover

  11. Although I’m most confident in Denver winning 3 days ago, I’ll go with:
    5 Indianapolis -4
    4 NYG -1
    3 TB +3
    2 NE +6

  12. Beer drinkin’ Hank is in under the wire. Welcome to the party, pal.

    That gives us seven for the first week.

    Way to get this thing started, gang.

    I fully expect a bunch more people to join in later weeks. Remember, you need to play at least ten weeks to qualify for the prize.

    Look for my post early next week with betting lines and updated standings.

    Good luck, all, and happy football season!

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