Week Four, weak performances: And the beat goes on

broken-recordIs anybody really surprised?  I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record but gambling ain’t easy.  (Note: Kids, records are things that your parents used to buy, made of vinyl.  You’d put them on your “record player” and they’d play music.  Occasionally they would skip and repeat the same lines over and over again, hence the expression “sounds like a broken record.”) 

The football gods have gone ahead and made the Vikings, Broncos and Eagles undefeated while reigning MVP Cam Newton and last year’s NFC Champion Carolina Panthers can barely muster a win.  That’s okay, with the pounding Newton’s noggin is taking, he won’t remember much of 2016 anyway.

The next person to make sense of this NFL season will be the first.  In fact, after four full weeks of betting on the NFL, I don’t think the good Dr. Milhouse (sshhh, he’s my bookie) and I have cashed a single ticket.  That’s okay.  It can’t possibly get any worse… or can it?

Here’s a look at our standings.  SpeedBeagle still sits at the top but her lead is dwindling.  We had a newcomer from one our local sports forums go unbeaten in his first week (someone should warn him it won’t be that easy from here on out) and at the very bottom of our list, we have Hanahan who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Las Vegas any time soon.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present your Week Four Standings:

Speedbeagle +18 (4 weeks entered)

Fibbs +15 (3 weeks entered)

TJ +15 (1 week entered)

J-Dub +3 (1 week entered)

Kid Sheraton +1 (3 weeks entered)

Kathy F. -3 (1 week entered)

Kurt – 5 (1 week entered)

Ryan Meehan -9 (3 weeks entered)

Dr. Milhouse -11 (4 weeks entered)

SportsChump -12 (4 weeks entered)

KP -13 (4 weeks entered)

Hank MacKnew -14 (2 weeks entered)

Heavy D – 18 (4 weeks entered)

Dee Dee -18 (2 weeks entered)

Hanahan -32 (3 weeks entered)

Remember, folks, the game is simple.  Pick me five games against the spreads below and assign each one of them confidence points.  You must enter picks at least ten weeks to be eligible to win the $100 High score wins it all.

Good luck this week and remember to do the exact opposite of what I do.  That seems to be the only way to make a profit.

Arizona at San Francisco (+4)

Houston at Minnesota (-6)

Tennessee at Miami (-3.5)

New England at Cleveland (+10)

NY Jets at Pittsburgh (-7)

Washington at Baltimore (-3.5)

Philadelphia at Detroit (+3)

Chicago at Indianapolis (-4.5)

Atlanta at Denver (-6)

Buffalo at Los Angeles (-2.5)

San Diego at Oakland (-3.5)

Cincinnati at Dallas (pick)

NY Giants at Green Bay (-7.5)

Tampa Bay at Carolina (-6)

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21 Replies to “Week Four, weak performances: And the beat goes on”

  1. I went perfect in my first week. No way I can sustain that, but I’ll give it a go…

    5. Chicago +4.5

    4. Buffalo +2.5

    3. New England -10

    2. Oakland -3.5

    1. Minnesota -6

  2. 5 Minnesota
    4 Chicago
    3 Buffalo
    2 Philadelphia
    1 Cleveland

    And you still have my Foghat’s Greatest Hits 8-Track

  3. Anyone looking to get rich? Bet the opposite of my picks! Hell, it’s not even gambling if it’s a sure thing!

    5— Patriots
    4— Vikings
    3— Bills
    2— Lions
    1— Chargers

  4. Alright, so far, everyone is officially in.

    Fibbs, D, Teej, Beag, Kid Sheraton, Dubs and Han.

    Dubs, I’m not giving you that 8-track. You said it was a gift.

    And Han, don’t sweat it. There are still so many more points to lose.

    My picks will be up shortly.

  5. Indy, AND giving points? Did the storm blow a stop sign through your head?

    Keep that Foghat tape. It’s just “Slow Ride” on a loop anyway. But this is why I still won’t let you borrow my Debbie Boone albums.

  6. I’m a gluten for punishment, here goes:
    5 NE -10
    4 Phil – 3
    3 Denver minus6
    2 Oakland minus 3.5
    1 Washington plus 3.5

  7. Hanky Panky in under the wire. Good to see you last night and congrats on your ‘Noles.

    And ironic that you’re a gluten for punishment since your girl has a gluten allergy.

  8. Can’t lose if ya’ don’t play.

    We’ll see what happens with the makeup of that LSU game.

    It may need to be played.

    And even if not, there’s too much money involved to just let that one not happen.

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