Giving away $100 (and picking NFL winners) can’t be this difficult: The Week Six Wake-Up Call

benI’ll be honest.

When I first came up with the idea for this contest, I thought I’d have readers banging down my door.  I mean, I am GIVING AWAY A HUNDRED DOLLARS!

If a guy walks up to you and offers you a hundred dollar bill, you’re going to take it, right?  Either America is not as broke as we thought (sorry, Donald) or nobody here knows how to gamble.

Just to be clear, I’m going to explain the rules to this contest one more time.


Now, the caveat is that you must assign confidence points to each wager.  Imagine I’m giving you $15 to spend each week.  You have to wager $5 on one game, $4 on another, $3 on another and then $2 and $1.  Clearly you’re going to wager the $5 on the game you’re most confident on.

That’s what we’re doing here.  That’s how I’m judging exactly how wrong we are when it comes to betting on football.

And boy, are we wrong.  Here are your standings to date to show you exactly what I mean.

SpeedBeagle 23 points (5 weeks)

TJ 20 points (2 weeks)

Fibbs 14 points (4 weeks)

Kid Sheraton 4 points (4 weeks)

J-Dub 4 points (2 weeks)

Kathy F -3 points (1 week)

Ryan Meehan -4 points (4 weeks)

Kurt – 5 points (1 week)

KP -8 points (5 weeks)

SportsChump – 9 points (5 weeks)

Heavy D – 11 points (5 weeks)

Hank Mac – 13 points (3 weeks)

Dee Dee – 17 points (3 weeks)

Hanahan -19 points (4 weeks)

Dr. Milhouse -24 (5 weeks)

Remember, you don’t have to enter every week.  In fact, if Beagle keeps this up, I might recommend her stopping after ten weeks, which is the minimum one must enter to qualify for the one hundred dollar grand prize.

Now that we have that out of the way, in NFL-related news, Tom Brady is back, Tony Romo is not, Cam Newton is still concussed, Colin Kaepernick is now starting (and perhaps still kneeling) for the San Francisco 49ers, Blaine Gabbert is horrible, Carson Wentz isn’t perfect and Josh Gordon is still in rehab.

Here are your Week Six betting lines:

Broncos at Chargers (+3)

Bengals at Patriots (-9)

Ravens at Giants (-3)

Panthers at Saints (+3)

Steelers at Dolphins (+7.5)

Jaguars at Bears (-3)

Niners at Bills (-8)

Rams at Lions (-3)

Browns at Titans (-7)

Eagles at Redskins (+3)

Chiefs at Raiders (-1)

Falcons at Seahawks (-6.5)

Cowboys at Packers (-4)

Colts at Texans (-3)

Jets at Cardinals (-7.5)

Good luck, everyone!

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14 Replies to “Giving away $100 (and picking NFL winners) can’t be this difficult: The Week Six Wake-Up Call”

  1. 5 Tennessee

    4 Seattle

    3 Pittsburgh

    2 Indianapolis

    1 New Orleans

    (You might want to double check the standings. According to what I have, Fibbs should have 20 points and TJ 14.)

  2. It was tougher this week…let’s see…

    5- Falcons +6.5
    4- Rams +3
    3- Broncos -3
    2- Eagles -3
    1- Cowboys +4

  3. I always knew you couldn’t give away keys in a prison.

    5) Broncos at Chargers (+3) Denver all the way LET’S WIN ONE FOR THE KUBIAK-ER!
    4) Bengals at Patriots (-9) Cin-City Kities and the points, please…
    3) Falcons at Seahawks (-6.5) Sleepless in Seattle
    2) Jaguars at Bears (-3) Jax-offVille
    1) Ravens at Giants (-3) Quoth the Raven Eli-Tard NEVERMORE (taking Baltimore and the points)

  4. Everyone is in and square for the week.

    Beag, I went back and checked your score with Fibbs’ and TJ’s and the only discrepancy I found was where TJ had Oakland minus the points which was actually inaccurate.

    Where did you find something wrong? In which week?

  5. I’ll tell you what. Next week, I’ll post the standings and how I’m keeping track and everyone can check their scores.

    Just to be on the safe side.

    Last thing I need is you crazies beating down my door for a hundred bucks, he he.

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