Week Six results, Week Seven lines: The more that things change…

peyton-super-bowlRemember how back in Week One we all thought the Denver Broncos defense was going to carry them back to the Super Bowl?  Back then, we also thought the Cowboys and Bills were bad, the Packers and Niners were good and the Steelers would waltz their way into the playoffs.

That’s the beauty of the NFL.  Things change dramatically from week to week.

That’s also the beauty of this contest.  Early on, with a seemingly insurmountable lead, we thought Speedbeagle, the Queen of NASCAR, would run away with this contest.  After all, she was the only one picking games right while the rest of us wallowed in negativity.


All it takes is one bad week, combined with a good week from someone else, to see a change in the balance of power.

That’s exactly what we saw in Week Six, which is exactly why everyone in this contest needs to keep playing.  Anything can happen.

Here are your updated standings:

TJ + 17 (3 weeks entered)

FIbbs +14 (4 weeks entered)

SpeedBeagle +12 (6 weeks entered)

Kathy -3 (1 week entered)

Kid Sheraton -5 (5 weeks entered)

Kurt -5 (1 week entered)

J-Dub – 7 (3 weeks entered)

KP -9 (6 weeks entered)

SportsChump -11 (6 weeks entered)

Dee Dee – 12 (4 weeks entered)

Meehan -13 (5 weeks entered)

Hanky Panky -14 (4 weeks entered)

Hanahan -18 (5 weeks entered)

Heavy D -22 (6 weeks entered)

Dr. Milhouse -24 (5 weeks entered)

Remember, you must enter picks at least ten weeks to be eligible to win the $100 grand prize.  This is Week 7 of the NFL season, meaning it’s not too late to get in the contest for the first time but you must pick every week from here on out.

Most of us are on a good pace to qualify (and finish with negative points).

I’d like to say picking games gets easier from here on out… but I’d be lying.

Best of luck as we continue and oh, at minus 11, I still feel I have a shot to win this thing… as should you.

Here are this week’s betting lines:

Bears at Packers (-7.5)

Giants at Rams (+2.5) in England

Vikings at Eagles (+2.5)

Saints at Chiefs (-6.5)

Redskins at Lions (-1)

Browns at Bengals (-9.5)

Bills at Dolphins (+3)

Raiders at Jaguars (-1)

Colts at Titans (-3)

Ravens at Jets (-1)

Chargers at Falcons (-6.5)

Bucs at Niners (+2)

Patriots at Steelers (+7)

Seahawks at Cardinals (-2)

Texans at Broncos (-7.5)

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11 Replies to “Week Six results, Week Seven lines: The more that things change…”

  1. 5 Bears +7.5
    4 Vikings -2.5
    3 Bills -3
    2 Patriots -7
    1 Browns +9.5

    Greetings from your supreme leader!!! (At least for this week)

  2. I think I’ve seriously gotten my “5” wrong every week but one. That’s pretty uncanny (and bad, all wrapped into one). I’ll have my picks out today or tomorrow morning… maybe I’ll do while filled up with beer to ease the pain of PSU-OSU tonight. Cheers, REV.

  3. 5 Ravens at Jets (-1) Ravens
    4 Colts at Titans (-3) Titans
    3 Browns at Bengals (-9.5) Queen City Kitties
    2 Bears at Packers (-7.5) Packers
    1 Bills at Dolphins (+3) Bills

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