basketball-for-reelsThe NBA season is once again upon us, my friends.  I was saving this Twitter hashtag for just the occasion.

Thanks to the twisted minds of Chris Hardwick and Comedy Central, we can now take our basketball and our movies, mix ‘em together and get… #basketballmovies.

Your job should you choose to accept it is to come up with a spin on a movie title and make it in some way basketball-related.  As you’ll see below, some of these hashtags are so silly, they’d make even a 76ers fan smile.

For those of you without a Twitter account, here are some of the more hysterical Basketball Movie Tweets.  Feel free to add more in the comments section below.  Oh, and be prepared to laugh out loud.



B White Man’s Burden @ESLBarry

The Girl with the Dramond Tattoo



Phil in Tacoma @pjgreen

The New Orleans Pelican Brief

#BasketballMovies @midnight


Elsa Waithe @elsajustelsa

Home Malone #BasketballMovies @midnight


Glenn Wiens @GlennWiens

Grant’s Hill’s Have Eyes  #BasketballMovies @midnight


introcut @introcut

2001 A Space Jam Odyssey @midnight #basketballmovies


her royal buffness @hrylbuffness

The Mailman Always Loses Twice #BasketballMovies @midnight


R Kelly ‏@SimmieNeutron

Splash Brothers @midnight #BasketballMovies



Shannon Moorer @ShannonMoorer

Broke Backboard Mountain #BasketballMovies



Jermaine Warren @iamjermainew

Mary floppins #BasketballMovies @midnight


Psalmy ‏@PsalmyLove

21 Shump Street #BasketballMovies



Lisa Lemon @mseric

Shaquille A Mockingbird  #BasketballMovies @midnight


Shannon Moorer @ShannonMoorer

Magic Mike. #BasketballMovies



Lisa Lemon @mseric

Terms of Endorsement  #BasketballMovies @midnight


The Sklar Brothers Verified account @SklarBrothers

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragic #basketballmovies @midnight


Rick G. Rosner @dumbassgenius

The Silence of the Laimbeers

#BasketballMovies @midnight



Jono Zalay @JonoZalay

Larry Birdcage #BasketballMovies @midnight



Eric Jackson @airickjackson

Caddy Shaq #BasketballMovies



Rick G. Rosner @dumbassgenius

Hakeem Olajuwon Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

#BasketballMovies @midnight


Bryan Behar @bryanbehar

When Harry Met Salley @midnight #BasketballMovies



Bryan Behar @bryanbehar

He’s Just Not That Into Utah @midnight #BasketballMovies


NickG @NickGthinks

The Bridge on the River Kawhi Leonard #BasketballMovies @midnight


Eddie Mujica Verified account @mooheekah

Blake’s on a Plane #BasketballMovies @midnight



Tim Kelly @TimKcomic

Lebrontourage #BasketballMovies @midnight


TJ Wharry @tjwharry

Honey I Shrunk The Point Guard #BasketballMovies @midnight



(((CalviNWA))) @calsquared

The H-O-R-S-E Whisperer  #BasketballMovies



The Grim Rieper @RiepTide1999

P.S. I Love Yao




Mr. Brightside @Will3K85

Craig Sager and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat #BasketballMovies @midnight



J.K.Callaway @realJKCallaway

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Never Gets Called #BasketballMovies


ChrisHumpherys ‏@SportsChump

Mamba Kings #BasketballMovies @midnight


9 Replies to “#BasketballMovies”

  1. Ya know what, D?

    I’m not too sure this site format allows people to post pictures in the comments section… which kinda sucks. I’ll ask my web guy.

    But now I have this image of George Muresan in FAO Schwartz jumping up and down on that floor piano with Robert Loggia.


  2. The Basketball Cryaries

    Starring Danny Ainge and Vlade Divac

    …With a guest appearance by the Michael Jordan meme

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