Week Seven standings, Week Eight lines and the new sheriff in town

cubs-tribe-pennantThe Fall Classic is upon us, Cleveland Indians versus the Chicago Cubs.  Watch as all the script writers embellish upon the perfect underdog story.

But you don’t care about all that.  Not when there’s $100 on the line.  You want to know where you stand in our season-long pick ‘em contest.  I can’t say I blame ya’.

We saw some more shuffling at the top with one contestant taking a giant leap for NFL-kind.  Nice work, Fibbsy.  Even yours truly has found his way into positive points.  Don’t call it a comeback.  I’ve been here for years.

Here are our latest standings.  The number in parentheses is how many weeks you’ve entered.  Remember, you need ten to qualify.

Fibbs +27 (5)

Speedbeagle +13 (7)

TJ +6 (4)

SportsChump +2 (7)

Hanahan -3 (6)

Kathy F -3 (1)

Kurt -5 (1)

KP -6 (7)

Kid Sheraton -6 (6)

Dee Dee -9 (5)

J-Dub -12 (4)

Heavy D -13 (7)

Meehan -13 (5)

Hank -14 (4)

Dr. Milhouse -24 (5)

And now for this week’s betting lines.  Good luck to all and… happy picking.

Jags at Titans (-3.5)

Redskins at Bengals in London (-3)

Packers at Falcons (-3)

Lions at Texans (-2.5)

Seahawks at Saints (+2.5)

Patriots at Bills (+6.5)

Jets at Browns (+3)

Raiders at Buccaneers (-1.5)

Chiefs at Colts (+2.5)

Chargers at Broncos (-5.5)

Cardinals at Panthers (-3)

Eagles at Cowboys (-4)

Vikings at Bears (+6)

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9 Replies to “Week Seven standings, Week Eight lines and the new sheriff in town”

  1. WTF Speedbeagle’s out of first place AND the Cubs are in the World Series? Well, now I’ve seen everything…

    Jets easy over the Browns (5)
    Oakland over Tampa (4)
    Seahawks over Saints (3)
    Vikings over Bears (2)
    Chiefs over Colts (1)

  2. Time to bounce back…

    5 Vikings -6
    4 Jets -3
    3 Cowboys -4
    2 Cardinals +3
    1 Chiefs -2.5

  3. 5 Chiefs at Colts (+2.5) Chefs
    4 Jets at Browns (+3) Delayed Flights
    3 Vikings at Bears (+6) Vi-queens
    2 Seahawks at Saints (+2.5) Seagulls
    1 Patriots at Bills (+6.5) Overdue Bills

  4. Ok, I actually put more than 5 minutes into it this week. Here goes:
    NE minus 6.5
    KC Minus 2.5
    Jets minus 3
    SD + 5.5
    Tennessee minus 3.5

  5. Alright, everyone is in up to this point.

    And I gotta tell ya’, I don’t have a feel for any of these games.

    So I’m gonna adopt a little “strategery” of my own and since I’m hot, take the week off of picks.

    I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself but there’s nothing at all above that I feel in any way confident about.

    Good luck, gang.

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