Week Eight standings, Week Nine lines, Game Seven looms

game-sevenAnd so we have it, a World Series Game Seven for all the marbles.

Speaking of marbles, everyone in Chicago is on the verge of losing theirs if the Cubs can actually pull this off.  Expect rioting, baby making and manna from heaven all in one evening.  Same thing goes for Cleveland if they win.

Have two cities ever been more nervous?  I’m guessing the FitBits worn by Chicagoans and Clevelanders registered very little sleep last night.

Ratings for Wednesday night’s Game Seven should be through the roof… as opposed to NFL ratings which have seen a rather substantial decline lately.  The league should personally thank SportsChump for ensuring at least 15 of us are watching because of this contest.

Actually, we are now down to thirteen, ironically about the same percentage NFL ratings are down.  By virtue of only playing one week so far, Kathy F and Kurt have officially been eliminated as they won’t be able to complete ten full weeks.

For those of us still in it to win it, like the Cubs and Indians, it’s anyone’s ball game.

Here are your updated standings:

Fibbs 27 (5 weeks)

SpeedBeagle 12 (8 weeks)

TJ 3 (5 weeks)

SportsChump 2 (7 weeks)

Hanahan 0 (7 weeks)

Kid Sheraton -2 (7 weeks)

KP -6 (7 weeks)

Hank Mac -6 (5 weeks)

Heavy D – 13 (7 weeks)

Meehan – 13 (6 weeks)

Dee Dee – 13 (6 weeks)

J-Dub -13 (5 weeks)

Dr. Milhouse -24 (5 weeks)

And on to this week’s line.  Best of luck to everyone.

Falcons at Bucs (+4)

Jags at Chiefs (-9.5)

Lions at Vikes (-6.5)

Eagles at Giants (-2.5)

Cowboys at Browns (+7)

Jets at Dolphins (-4)

Steelers at Ravens (-2.5)

Saints at Niners (+3)

Panthers at Rams (+3)

Colts at Packers (-7)

Titans at Chargers (-5)

Broncos at Raiders (Pick)

Bills at Seahawks (-6.5)

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10 Replies to “Week Eight standings, Week Nine lines, Game Seven looms”

  1. Screw this. I’m going full homer and I don’t care…

    5 Cowboys -7
    4 Saints -3
    3 Jaguars +9.5
    2 Titans +5
    1 Broncos (pick)

  2. Hoping to get on the positive side of things for the 1st time this Season :
    5- NO-3
    4- Dallas -7
    3 Carolina -3
    2 Pittsburgh +2.5
    1 GB – 7

  3. Pushing the Carolina game hurt, but glad to be back to even. #soyouresayingtheresachance

  4. Sorry I wasn’t able to get picks in this week due to my travels and overall absent-mindedness.

    Stay tuned for updated standing which should be coming directly.

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