Week Nine standings, Week Ten Lines and the biggest upset yet

trump-tower-vegasWe interrupt my little, travel excursions for our regularly scheduled bad gambling habits.

I must say, I’m impressed.  Whereas I once thought gambling on football was difficult (heck, we didn’t even know who was going to be president!), you guys have proven me wrong.  Out of the thirteen people still eligible to win this thing (this election is not rigged), 7 of us are at zero or positive.

That, my friends, is a pretty impressive showing.  I’m not saying we’d all get kicked out of Trump’s Las Vegas casino for winning too much but the pit bosses would most certainly have their eyes on us for beating the house at their own game, which is kind of what Donald Trump did in these elections.

But enough with all the political rhetoric, let’s talk about the polls that really matter.   With plenty of season left, here are the current standings.  At the halfway point, this is STILL anybody’s ball game.

Fibbs +26 (6 weeks in)

TJ +12 (6 weeks in)

SpeedBeagle +6 (9 weeks in)

Kid Sheraton +2 (8 weeks in)

SportsChump +2 (7 weeks in)

Hanahan 0 (7 weeks in)

Hank Mac 0 (6 weeks in)

Meehan -2 (7 weeks in)

KP – 6 (7 weeks in)

J-Dub -13 (5 weeks in)

Dee Dee -14 (7 weeks in)

Heavy D -20 (8 weeks in)

Dr Milhouse -24 (5 weeks in)

And here are this week’s betting lines…

Browns at Ravens (-9.5)

Texans at Jaguars (+1.5)

Chiefs at Panthers (-3)

Broncos at Saints (-2)

Rams at Jets (-2)

Falcons at Eagles (-1)

Vikings at Redskins (-3)

Packers at Titans (+2.5)

Bears at Buccaneers (-1)

Dolphins at Chargers (-4)

Niners at Cardinals (-13)

Cowboys at Steelers (-2.5)

Seahawks at Patriots (-7.5)

Bengals at Giants (-1)

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11 Replies to “Week Nine standings, Week Ten Lines and the biggest upset yet”

  1. I haven’t decided on the rest yet but I’m taking Cleveland right in the middle at my number 3 pick.

  2. 5) Broncos at Saints (-2) Geldings
    4) Vikings at Redskins (-3) Injuns
    3) Bears at Buccaneers (-1) Pirates
    2) Dolphins at Chargers (-4) Static Electricity Sparks
    1) Seahawks at Patriots (-7.5) Seagulls

  3. 5 Pats
    4 Giants 
    3 Bucs
    2 Jags
    1. Steelers

    My best friend and her husband are at the Cowboys / Steelers game and my husband and I are at the Jags game; both made possible as gifts from our sons…super sweet!

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