Week Ten Standings, Week Eleven Lines and a Smooth Transition of Power

51wvcehnhmlThirteen people walk into a Las Vegas casino and no, this isn’t another remake of Ocean’s Eleven, which is ironic considering we’re entering the NFL’s Week Eleven.  See how it all comes full circle?

The big news in the NFL this week was a) the Cowboys are now ranked atop pretty much everybody’s power polls coinciding with b) Tony Romo’s unselfish submission of power to his eventual, er… immediate successor, Dak Prescott.  In the words of Stugotz, once you go Dak, you never go back.  At least Tony will get to spend a lot more time on the golf course.

I’m not sure how much of my negative score in this contest can be attributed to counting out the Cowboys out but clearly, they are a force to be reckoned with in the NFC, despite their youthful presence in the backfield.

Speaking of youth, the young and spry Fibbs, who is by no means a Cowboys fan, still maintains a healthy lead but as we’ve seen, one bad week can spoil the whole kibbutz, which I believe is Yiddish for “How ‘Bout ‘Dem Cowboys!”

Here are this week’s standings:

Fibbs +20

TJ +9

SpeedBeagle +3

Kid Sheraton +1

Hank Mac 0

Hanahan 0

Meehan -2

J-Dub -2

SportChump -6

KP – 17

Dee Dee -19

Dr Milhouse -24

Heavy D -31

Don’t lose faith now, children.  There is still plenty of time to see just how miserable we can get our scores.  Remember, aside from one of us winning $100, this is an exercise in why Las Vegas casinos win so much damn money.

Without further ado, here are Week 11’s NFL lines:

Saints at Panthers (-3)

Titans at Colts (-3)

Jaguars at Lions (-6.5)

Bucs at Chiefs (-7.5)

Bears at Giants (-7.5)

Cardinals at Vikings (PK)

Bills at Bengals (-2.5)

Ravens at Cowboys (-7)

Steelers at Browns (+8)

Dolphins at Rams (+1.5)

Patriots at Niners (+13)

Eagles at Seahawks (-6)

Packers at Redskins (-2.5)

Texans at Raiders (-6)

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16 Replies to “Week Ten Standings, Week Eleven Lines and a Smooth Transition of Power”

  1. 5) Titans at Colts (-3) Titanics
    4) Cardinals at Vikings (PK) Vice Popes
    3) Steelers at Browns (+8) Aluminumers
    2) Packers at Redskins (-2.5) Injuns
    1) Eagles at Seahawks (-6) Seagulls

  2. OK, here they are… hopefully better than the previous ten weeks….

    5 – Dolphins -1.5

    4 – Patriots -13

    3 – Ravens +7

    2 – Seahawks -6

    1 – Steelers -8

  3. Damn, that game ended up a push, Hank?

    Good call, I had no idea (since I’m currently mired in the misery of my fantasy football team).

    I’m not saying the odds of a thirteen point spread finishing in a push is unheard of but let’s just say it doesn’t happen every damn week, that’s for sure.

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