Week 12 lines, Week 13 standings and the finish line approaches

finish-lineAlright, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty.  With Fibbs only one week away from qualifying, this thing is hardly a wrap.  Kid Sheraton, Hanky Panky and Speedbeagle are keeping the boy from New York City honest.  TJ isn’t far behind either.

Those are all actually some impressive scores considering how poorly Milhouse, Heavy D and I are doing.

But all is not lost!  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Here are this week’s standings and betting lines.  Good luck to all as we head towards the finish line!


(9) Fibbs +28

(*) SpeedBeagle +13

(*) Kid Sheraton +13

(8) Hank Mac +13

(9) TJ +8

(8) Dub +0

(7) Meehan -2

(*) KP -3

(*) Dee Dee -5

(8) Hanahan -8

(*) SportsChump -18

(6) Dr Milhouse -31

(*) Heavy D -36

Betting Lines

Cowboys at Vikings (+3.5)

Broncos at Jaguars (+4.5)

Chiefs at Falcons (-4)

Texans at Packers (-6)

Eagles at Bengals (+1.5)

Lions at Saints (-5)

49ers at Bears (-2)

Rams at Patriots (-13)

Dolphins at Ravens (-3)

Bills at Raiders (-3)

Buccaneers at Chargers (-3.5)

Redskins at Cardinals (-3)

Giants at Steelers (-6)

Panthers at Seahawks (-7)

Colts at Jets (+1.5)

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17 Replies to “Week 12 lines, Week 13 standings and the finish line approaches”

  1. The week of the dog for me.

    5 Giants +6
    4 Broncos -4.5
    3 Dolphins +3
    2 Rams +13
    1 Panthers +7

  2. Zero…I’ve achieve gambling equilibrium. I’m Zen, muthufuckas!!!!

    5) 49ers at Bears (-2) Kaepunists
    4) Cowboys at Vikings (+3.5) Plowboys
    3) Redskins at Cardinals (-3) Injuns
    2) Colts at Jets (+1.5) Unpiloted Drones
    1) Eagles at Bengals (+1.5) WKRP in Northern Kentucky

  3. 5) Steelers (yeah, I’m picking against my own team. I’m disloyal, but I’m also fucking really smart.)
    4) Dallas (Should be an easy win for them the way Minnesota’s been playing lately)
    3) Washington I like to cover
    2) Oakland (why the fuck not?)
    1) Tampa

  4. Not Sure about the Rest but Putting the Vikings up in the middle of the pack at the number 3 spot this week.

  5. My bad. Cut/paste error… here they are:

    5 – Lions +5

    4 – Panthers +7

    3 – Bucs +3.5

    2 – Patriots -13

    1 – Texans +6

  6. 5. Broncos 
    4. Raiders
    3. Dolphins 
    2. Eagles 
    1. Falcons 
    Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous Sunday! I love living in Florida!

  7. I’m going to allow Fibbs’ Vikings pick only because he chimed in Thursday afternoon to put it in the three hole prior to that game kicking off.

    Everyone else is in and looking good. That’s because I haven’t started tabulating scores yet.

    And yes, Hank. Having to pull for the Cowboys is always tough. Speaking of Indians, looks like FSU got Michigan in the Orange Bowl. That should be a nice one.

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