Week 13 results, Week 14 betting lines and the help desk is officially closed

Oh, this is getting good.

Like that point of the movie where you know something’s about to happen, you reach down into your bucket of popcorn, your date’s arm clenched around yours and… BAM!!!  The climax!!!

We’re not quite there yet, my friends, but this is getting juicy.

customer-service-desk-walmartAnd before we get to the increasing tightness of this week’s standings, let’s get a few things straight.  This is not a charity case and most certainly not a contest where everyone gets a trophy for participating.  To the victor go my spoils.  So no, you cannot message me mid-week and ask me to change your ill-advised picks.

Once your picks are in, they are in for everyone to see.  I’m not the customer service department of your local Wal-Mart allowing you fourteen days for returns.  There’s $100 of my money on the line and a bunch of dedicated readers battling for it so in the words of a moonstruck Cher, snap out of it!

To the standings we go!  One quick look and you will all finally believe me when I tell you this hundo is still fair game for anyone… except Milhouse.

Good luck, everyone!


Fibbs +21

Speedbeagle +18

Hank of the Pank +16

Kid Sheraton +10

KP +2

TJ +1

Meehan -1

Dee Dee -2

Hanahan -11

J-Dub -13

SportsChump -15

Heavy “I Love Ohio State” D –23

Dr. Milhouse -31


Raiders at Chiefs (-3)

Broncos at Titans (+1)

Chargers at Panthers (-1)

Texans at Colts (-5.5)

Bengals at Browns (+5.5)

Steelers at Bills (+2)

Cardinals at Dolphins (-1)

Bears at Lions (-7.5)

Vikings at Jaguars (+3.5)

Saints at Buccaneers (-2.5)

Redskins at Eagles (PK)

Jets at 49ers (-2.5)

Seahawks at Packers (+3)

Falcons at Rams (+6.5)

Cowboys at Giants (+3)

Ravens at Patriots (-7)

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12 Replies to “Week 13 results, Week 14 betting lines and the help desk is officially closed”

  1. Since I’m not really confident with any of this week’s games, I’m going to protect my points and sit out this week.

  2. And for the record, Milhouse still has a chance. Of course, it means perfect picks for the remaining four weeks.

  3. 5) Redskins at Eagles (PK) Injuns
    4) Vikings at Jaguars (+3.5) Vi-Queens
    3) Broncos at Titans (+1) Titanics
    2) Bengals at Browns (+5.5) Brownies
    1) Ravens at Patriots (-7) Crows

  4. 5 Minnesota – 3.5
    4 Cincinnati – 5.5
    3 Tampa Bay – 2.5
    2 Tennessee +1
    1 Washington pk

  5. Well… didn’t leave myself much choice by not getting home in time for the 1 o’clock games… but if you’re still taking orders, I’ll take the #1 meal, super-sized with these likely horrid late game picks… Cheers, KP

    5 – 49ers -2.5

    4 – Falcons -6.5

    3 – Bucs -2.5

    2 – Ravens +7

    1 – Giants +3

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